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  1. it won't be vs AUS, can be pretty sure on that. They need to play one game outside the heartlands though, lots of stadiums around the 20-25K mark in London
  2. going to make 2 predictions here... 1) Leigh will not score 100 2) York will score less than Leigh.
  3. Fev will win this, they usually make Finals so I fully expect them to win quite comfortably in the end
  4. Will be NZ,more chance of playing aliens from Pluto than Aus coming over. For any of the Pacific Islands, RFL would need to fund them,they would not be able to afford a tour without a lot of financial backing to be able to come over. So it has to be NZ. Now I would also play France and make it a triple header, but then I know thats crazy talk
  5. If London's mgmt are serious about London getting into SuperLeague, then yes we shold be putting scores on Barrow and Haven like we did in the last 20 years (2000-2019). But the current london set up, no I think we would struggle to beat top half L1 sides
  6. we just have to hope he stays Thats always the worry for London, will they get homesick after 2 or 3 months
  7. I expect we will not be waiting until May for our first win, but the jury is out if he will be able to attract good enough players for challenging the playoffs I also expect less fans next year than this year at games, be very interesting to see what the ST pricing will be seeing that London was selling tickets at £6 per game from late July onwards
  8. London over rated here, I would have something like Toulouse Fev Fax Widnes Barrow Batley York Keighley, Sheffield, Bradford London Whitehaven, Team that comes up Newcastle
  9. London will never stop being run like a Joke until we have removed the existing CEO, and thats not going to happen. London will finish around where they are today next year, a long way from the playoffs,but also good enough not to be relegated. I do fear for Newcastle however. On Bulls, I would expect you to be above London, but still a way from the playoffs.
  10. We will finish next year roughly where we finished this year. But with attendances between 500-800 max. Nothing has been announced yet which would bring fans back, I think most of the very few ST holders will not bother renewing (why would you buy a ST when you have 12 weeks of no home games (I don't count games in Ebbsfleet as home games), then tickets will be a basement prices (£6 a game),owing to the panic of the potential of a sub 500 gate vs Tolouse. I don't see any positives yet for next year, yes we have a better coach, but we lost the last 3 games, we should be beating Barrow and Haven easily, and I'm not seeing anything. But we do have 4 months for the club to surprise me before the new season starts.
  11. Just cancel the game as a 0v0 draw. After all nothing on the line for either club
  12. Extending the wire kit into 2023 as it was so popular with the fans
  13. If you still have the current CEO then repeat of this year without the boost of the first 2 match attendances, which would mean <1K gates. No match day experience, so not using any of the "facilities" on offer. I'm sure the experience at a Wimbledon game is fantastic, but for London, the two times I've been its been a souless hulk with a worse experience than Ealing (no food for veggiess ffs). Yes if you play at a football ground they need a few weeks in June to relay the pitch, but London was kicked out for over 2 months, and had to play 2 games in Kent, complete nonsense. I suspect that on the field next season will be marginally better that this season, with London being in the same bucket of clubs as Sheffield, Bradford, Widnes, too good to go down, but not good enough to challenge for the playoffs. On the plus side they might get more shirt sales if they bin the wannabee wire kit and go back to black. I do fear for newcastle however, I could see them filling one of the relegation slots next year, alongside who comes up with Keithley ( I expect Keithley to be a possible dark horse for the playoffs next year).
  14. Dont forget the cost of a Pint.... West Yorkshire about £3 I would guess West London about £7 if your lucky, can get up to £10 in some places.
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