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  1. I think you will sell out on the Sat, and probably between 20-25K on the Sun The issue is that people will only watch the one game, they are unlikely to stay the entire day. So even if you sell 27K on the sat, you will probably see less than 10K in the ground when London vs Hull kicks off. Your not going to see a full stadium at any time, even if they sell out
  2. What will happen is that people who do go will just watch the game featuring their team..... And no neutral fans will bother to attend..... Will somebody please tell the RFL leadership that just because the NRL is based in 2 cities (Syndey and Brisbane), with a few outying clubs like Melbourne and Canberra.... Having the RFL in two area's like Gtr Manchester / Meryside and Yorkshire is not going to work lol
  3. Looks like the only way to get the cycling fix is by discovery+ which is not as good IMHO when it comes to cycling Very sad right now
  4. I was cleaning out some old trunks this morning and found My Green Quins RL season ticket book. Brought back some old memories of the days of Dorn and McLindenm and Chris Melling..... I miss those days....
  5. I really don't think we should be planning an Home England game next year in the Autumn. Nor a roses event either at the end of the season. After all there will be no International Games in England in 2025 and 2026. I actually think a lot of people won't even notice
  6. So if say Torquay who play in National League south was promoted to National League, they should get funding from the FA to travel to places like Gateshead?
  7. I'm not singling out specific clubs But if a Club cannot afford to travel nationally, it should not be in a national league, and should not be considered ready for promotion to a national league until it can prove it can afford to play in such a league.
  8. True, but what happens if Cornwall get promoted into Champ. Would they be expected to fund the likes of Whitehaven or Widnes travel to cornwall BTW Champ clubs I am not picking on specific champ clube here, just trying to give examples. I am not insuating in any way that Widnes for instance would ask for this, but that there might be some clubs in the Champ would would expect travel to cornwall to be funded, and if a club cannot afford to travel to cornwall it has no business being in the top tier of a Professional League
  9. SO what we are saying is that RL has its regional level league at Champ and not league 1. So outside of the top league we are a regional league. So we need a champ north and a champ south then, and splt the championship/ Because if the likes of Bradford or York or Swinton are not willing or able to travel to any part of england, how can they possibly be a candudate for the SL?
  10. So all sports go regional at some point in the pyramid 1) Football goes at L6 2) Union goes at L4 Looks like now RL wants to go regional at L3. So if L1 teams complain about travelling out of the North,then you need a L1 North and L1 South, with the champions of both promoted into Champ. Yes this means weaker teams from L1 South will get into Champ potentially, but you need a way for League 1 south teams to get into Champ if you are to grow the game
  11. Yea but that might have been eying the NRL market... Remember we are small players in the RL world. NRL is where the money is.
  12. because its a huge money maker in terms of the Tonga v Samoa game alone
  13. Which was my point in an earlier post. I really feel we should just not have an England international at the end of 2024 as there is just nobody suitable to play. If we play France it would be a one off in france, and SH based england players are not going to spend 18 hours in economy class flying back to play in it
  14. Because we are not going to be playing Aus, NZ, Tonga or Samoa next year in any circumstances. So when you remove those 4 teams as an option to play. What do you have left from an International point of view? Is there a better option out there. Forget Aus, NZ, Tonga, Samoa. Thats not happening next year
  15. I just do not see any option which does not lose RFL money. You could argue even if Samoa came over the RFL could have lost money. I don't see any of the SH based England players coming over to the UK to play in any game which is not an England International. If the aim is to get England some games, the only way I see this is for England to join PNG, Fiji and Cooks in the Bowl comp as the 4th team and play the games vs PNG and Cooks in PNG, and play Fiji in Fiji. Then the final if they make it (they should). PNG and Fiji on there home pitches would be more of an hit out for an england team than any game in the NH. Any other game (Origin type game, game vs France) do mid season only using NH based players.
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