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  1. Yes it was Lyles. We used to take bets on weather they would get us there before kick-off or break down. They broke down 5 times that I can remember, in the late 60's early 70's.
  2. Cliff Williams was the scrum half, who we signed from Swinton in a player plus cash deal for Stan Gittins.
  3. Looks the part. I hope we can keep him for the full season.
  4. Plus Morton, that's 4 wingers. Centres and props should be our priority now.
  5. Might have been better away. Our number of away wins this seasons must be our best ever since the club was formed. Saved a fortune though not going to Odsal.
  6. I'm sure Wardy's signing is imminent!
  7. Good squad, but we seem to have lost all our centres. Any news of Levi?
  8. does that 'signed from' indicate therefore that as he was on contract to us and we have paid him contractual payments, that they should in all fairness (SL? Fair?) pay a transfer fee?
  9. If this was in his clause, we shouldn't have let Gilbraith return. Were nearly as bad off for centres as last year now.
  10. Must be some money in it for us.
  11. Ford's rubbish he spouted his a sign he his scared of loosing his job! A fantastic performance from all 17.
  12. Listening to Ford's comments sounds like he his worried for his job.
  13. Keep us informed if the book gets published. I bet there is some great stories in there, and I would love a copy.
  14. Broughton, Bucannon, Logan, Brown. Tonks, Kaye, Moreton. Some we know about, some we don't!
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