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  1. If this was in his clause, we shouldn't have let Gilbraith return. Were nearly as bad off for centres as last year now.
  2. Must be some money in it for us.
  3. Ford's rubbish he spouted his a sign he his scared of loosing his job! A fantastic performance from all 17.
  4. Listening to Ford's comments sounds like he his worried for his job.
  5. Keep us informed if the book gets published. I bet there is some great stories in there, and I would love a copy.
  6. Broughton, Bucannon, Logan, Brown. Tonks, Kaye, Moreton. Some we know about, some we don't!
  7. Two good things after today's game. One, that we were not aloud in and two, we don't play London away.
  8. Drigdog


    Bulls will be upset at less than 700 or are they exempt, due to being a Super League team 10 years ago!
  9. Now that League 1 has started up again, do you think that some of our fringe players should be given a few games out on loan, to bring them up to speed. With Ineson, Senior, Hogg, Sanderson and Rettie hardily having had any game time, apart from the friendlies, sending a couple of them on loan might help. Plus it would give Craig an idea as to how they are progressing.
  10. I will make it four in a row Leak Gilmore Manning
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