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  1. When will this year’s edition be available through kindle? I can see previous years but not 2021. Cheers
  2. It wasn’t from there but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t both originate from the same place. Perhaps I was confused in any case, has O’Connor gone on loan? Looking forward to Leeds challenging again this year. They have their best squad in years IMHO.
  3. Sorry, I realised that but I thought I had actually seen his name mentioned as going on Dual Registration specifically.
  4. Is Gannon going on dual registration or loan? I thought I read he was. Good prospect.
  5. Dallimore has stepped down. Not officially ‘retired’ but has personal circumstances that mean he won’t be able to commit to his contract. Very honourable of him and still working with the club. Would love to see the Cumbrian sides go well.
  6. Thanks for the explanation as sad as it is to read.
  7. Me too. I think he will, otherwise what is the point in bringing him over. Mourgue looks a great talent and it would be a shame if he ended up elsewhere.
  8. No harm done. Genuinely wishing Catalans all the best for next year, just with a bit more of a French accent mon pote.
  9. I wouldn’t argue with much of that. It’s been a great joy to watch Casty, Bosc, Gigot and others. Personally I would like to see them have more French lads playing but as you say they wouldn’t be where they are on that basis. Be interesting to see how Toulouse get on both results wise and in developing French first team players.
  10. Catalans are a genuine big club, my responses were for Heavy Wig who seems to have gone all Donald Trump with facts.
  11. That’s a great stat. One to be proud of. How many French first team regulars can we expect to see running out for Catalans next season? By the way I would love the answer to be a lot higher than it will be.
  12. Ah I see, I knew this went on in junior games but I didn’t know how common it was to have fans run the line tbh. Yeah I agree, if they are all going to cheat then why bother anyway.
  13. Interesting. I am not condoning abuse of any officials but it never ceases to amaze me the abuse that referees get when the touch judges appear to offer little support.
  14. Which ‘homegrown’ Catalans players have Saints poached? How many players have Catalans signed that have come from Wigan’s academy? There will be as many of them in Catalans first XIII next year as have come through Catalans own set up. I have spent many great times in the Pyrenees and was made up when Catalans started out, Catalans have done phenomenally well to reach a Cup Final and Grand Final but the number of homegrown first teamers after all this time makes me despair. You are attempting to pull Saints up with some interesting facts, not sure where you have got these from. You’d better let Saints know that no lads have signed up from the academy to the first team squad this year, just in case they start publicising that they have.
  15. Don’t be ridiculous. Compare the make up of the squads and have a proper think.
  16. Are you saying, as a referee, that you can’t trust touch judges or is that a typo?
  17. Yeah I am sure there was something going around involving the Johns Brothers and Sonny Bill Williams. I am no fan of the current Samoa coach but they were effectively touting for a job he was still employed in! Seemed a bit wrong to me, lacking class.
  18. Fitbits currently for me. I did have a very strange period of adverts with people wearing rabbit ears! I thought everyone saw the same adverts so slightly confused why these might be targeted if that is true . Still better than Union being advertised on the threads!
  19. Yeah when I referenced NRL clubs that was one that came to mind but I wasn’t sure how official that was…whether it was just on commentary that I heard it.
  20. Great Brilliant re-signing by Saints IMHO. Agreed that he will be captain before long.
  21. Blake Austin who is as Portuguese as Lachlan Coote is Scottish. Truthfully I blame Wayne Bennett for playing him and others out of position.
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