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  1. Nowt worse than losing to the hairnets! I know we’re a “team in transition” but we’re severely lacking in defence and must find some line speed. I hope we can keep Astley and give him plenty of game time. Get Andrade and Arnold fit and we could enjoy this season yet!
  2. Where is Jamie Abram next season?
  3. agreed. Shame about Barran tho
  4. We seem to be a long way behind Swinton on recruitment this year but I guess we have to buy into the long term rebuild. Shame Littler hasn’t signed a long term contract tho
  5. Barran, J Abram and pick would be good business. I always liked Hutchings but I thought he left us mid season due to lack of games?
  6. Come on let’s have some announcements! Anyone heard a juicy rumour or two?
  7. Sorry I missed what sounded like a constructive meeting. I hope they arrange a follow up soon
  8. I think that’s right Littleboro, dare I say we’re taking a more prudent approach given the RFL uncertainty.
  9. There’s some truth to that. All very good players though and need replacing. no 7pm announcement today- has anyone heard any rumours?
  10. Shame we’ve lost some of the strike we had with Bridgey and langers. Fingers crossed we replace them with quality
  11. I hope barran signs on now. He would get some great experience
  12. We could play at Old Trafford but if the team are sh*t who would bother going?!
  13. I don’t see a problem with whitebank for one season. If it’s cheap and we can invest heavier in playing staff to push for promotion then why not?
  14. Depending on how big tonight’s signing is, I may need to change my answers!
  15. I think he’s a good signing for us. Brings some real pace and comfortable at full back or wing
  16. You won’t please everyone on this forum John but I for one am delighted to have you on board! I also appreciate the fan engagement and will drop you a line later for a survey Cheers
  17. But that doesn’t sound half as dramatic?!
  18. Brilliant. Time will tell but it sounds like a high calibre appointment to me
  19. Decent signing. Will be interesting to see Littler’s signings making a mark on the team
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