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  1. I'm led to believe you get your discount code from the club shop, you can sign up here and apply the code. I've read that if you are a Virgin media subscriber the discount may not apply so caveat emptor. I got it for £65 for the year with a different code which I think has now expired but if you trawl through Featherstone Rovers fan page on facebook you might find it and it may still work. (It worked for me and I used it later than its supposed expiry date)
  2. If you're on the Fev Rovers fan page on Facebook there is usually info on there about the Nut Bus. I used it a few times last year and it's very reasonable, the furthest I went was to Oldham and I think it cost £14.
  3. I've asked on twitter how to apply for the free ticket, but they're a tenner so I might not bother applying and just pay
  4. It seems to me, a harsh punishment, only 2 people were allegedly involved, no third party to corroborate what happened either way. If it occured, it was a reaction to an unexpected event which resulted in an off the cuff the remark, which is unsavoury but not highly derogatory unless the other person was in fact disabled. Would this have happened if the words D**khead or W*nker been used? If I'm completely alone in thinking the alleged insult wasn't worth an 8 match ban let me know and I'll delete this post
  5. https://twitter.com/westyorksrl/status/1471127485999898632?s=21
  6. https://twitter.com/mywakefield/status/1465296495805177859?s=21 Funding given the green light
  7. I think if we get off to a good start, we are in with a very good chance of winning promotion, my worry is, with a new coach coming in and making changes we may struggle early in the season, lose a bit of confidence and then continue to struggle thereafter
  8. https://www.totalrl.com/featherstone-rovers-appoint-new-assistant-coach/
  9. It's Locky https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/news/locky-locked-in-for-2022-mOZMM/
  10. https://twitter.com/fevroversrlfc/status/1451068975882850304?s=21
  11. Jake Sweeting leaves for Dewsbury Rams
  12. What specific and tangible benefits do Toulouse bring to Super League that Featherstone don't? I'm confident that the SL chairmen would rather have 500/1000 Fev fans through the turnstiles than whatever nebulous benefits Toulouse will bring
  13. If you had a business in or around the Featherstone area would you like to be associated with the success of promotion?
  14. In all honesty this is nub of it. Both teams bring different things but both will be a novelty. Hypothetical benefits that one club bring over the other are just waffle in the wind, no-one knows how things with pan out. Whoever wins the day deserves to be there, I just hope it's Fev..
  15. I hope the new shirts are more flattering to those of us with middle age spread
  16. I think Halifax will be the sternest challenge since we faced TO
  17. Great result today, congratulations
  18. 1. Ferres 2. Holmes 3. Halton Difficult to choose as no one really stood out for me
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