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  1. Now it’s confirmed. anyone on the 07.15am Birmingham to Perpignan flight in the Wednesday???
  2. France v England. Jamaica v Scotland Wales v Ireland ???
  3. Heads up to anyone who is thinking about making the trip over to Perpignan on 23rd October. Flights from Birmingham to Perpignan £4.99 on the Wednesday morning and back from Perpignan to Birmingham on the Sunday afternoon £5 , £9.99 return with Ryanair.
  4. Keep an eye on social media tomorrow. Dates venues will be confirmed. But it’s 23rd October in Perpignan. All will be officially confirmed tomorrow
  5. Just what I’ve seen. Could very well be in England though. Maybe Paul can shed some light ?
  6. Fixture announced tomorrow now. Hearing maybe more then 1 England game in France ,, ????
  7. Believe tomorrow the game will be announced
  8. I’d imagine 6pm local time. Still nothing confirmed about this anyone know when it’s gonna be confirmed.
  9. I think if you are fully vaccinated you don’t need to have a test to enter France. You just need to fill a form locate thing out and have a test before you come home and then a test on day 2 but no quarantine needed.
  10. Booked my flights 3 weeks ago. Out Wednesday from Birmingham to Perpignan back Sunday Perpignan to Birmingham. £25 return.
  11. Cheers Paul. already booked myself. But got a few mates wanting to book when it’s all announced.
  12. Any more news on this Paul? If it’s going ahead or when it’s gonna be announced etc ?
  13. I’ve already booked flights and hotel. Couldnt resist at £25return direct to Perpignan. And get 2 free flight changes included in the price aswell so not losing out on anything if it don’t go ahead.
  14. Flying direct to Perpignan from Birmingham Paul. Just hope it’s the right date and the game goes ahead.
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