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  1. Looking forward to it. Had flights booked for over a week. was at all these games mentioned.
  2. Keep some in the tank for when the mighty Wigan take over a few weeks later please
  3. Looks like your first up in Toulouse dazza
  4. Just a guess del would be perfect dates for me but will wait and see Thursday
  5. Wigan - Toulouse 5th March. 12th March Catalan.
  6. Did Toulouse semi final , cracking place Toulouse. Booked our trip for next season. Already along with our Catalan trip. March 5th and March 12. Melting is the main bar, pub o’clock across the road to but don’t have sky. a new one just around the corner from the melting pot is the seven sisters. Ran by a English lad from Crawley. Peroni on tap is only €5. Did a walking tour of Toulouse to all the English and Irish bars some blinders. melting pot pub o’clock seven sisters frog and rosbif bar and microbrewery George&dragon Hopscotch pub and brewery The four monkeys The London Town
  7. Hi wire. Puig aulbert is dedicated to the travelling England fans if you want to try your tickets in block 8 and join us lot.
  8. Hi wire. We are in gate 8 , row H , this is the usually away section.
  9. Anyone making the trip ? 6 of us myself Wigan and 5 of my london mates. Flying out on Wednesday from Birmingham to Perpignan and they are on the stansted flight on the Thursday
  10. Anyone know a bar showing the NRL GRAND FINAL in Toulouse???
  11. Got our 6 tickets. 1 Wigan ( me ) 5 London , in the away end. can’t wait. Off to France tomorrow watching Catalan and Toulouse semi final
  12. Now it’s confirmed. anyone on the 07.15am Birmingham to Perpignan flight in the Wednesday???
  13. France v England. Jamaica v Scotland Wales v Ireland ???
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