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  1. Most influential person for the Green Machine ? Each player played their part . That is a machine .
  2. 1st super bowl i have watched all the way through in 25 years. Fantastic game . PatM II touchdown was a rugby see you later dummy and go brilliant .
  3. Worth paying just to read this https://www.independent.co.uk/independentpremium/long-reads/clive-sullivan-rugby-league-black-sport-pioneer-hull-fc-hull-kr-a9303466.html
  4. So lam,s master stroke is in play . Nobody wants to meet Salford in the final. They will take their chances in the semi and blow away Saints in the final . Watch , listen and learn , this is a master technician at work!
  5. Garbage from both teams. They should give up their match fees to Stan the man and made to wash their own kit. Thank God we had Jenna who is fantastic at her job.
  6. For those who do not watch any NRL , Whitehead is the 1st on the teamsheet .
  7. Hodgson plays the NRL way , nearly all the pack play in NRL . If the referees allow the wrestle then you need Hodgson . If it is quick play the balls then yes Roby is better suited , so why not have both of them in your team . Both plan As
  8. Roby has been excellant this year and so as Hodgson, if not better . Both in the side for me as they bring different playing styles .
  9. Thank you Farmduck. The Raiders win was the sort of suprise result over the weekend. Souths gone off the boil or could it be all to do with saving your best until the finals ? Still, NRL grand final winner between Storm / Roosters outside bet Raiders so the tables dont lie .
  10. Just been on the ourleague webiste the app dosent seem to get too many good raps .
  11. They may not give the international Callander much thought but they sure no how to grow their own talent pool.
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