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  1. I know this was covered here some time ago and was locked because of posters arguing about Ireland. I just watched it today, the Tour was obviously a disaster before it ever left England and to lose all four games says it all. I was surprised at the content, it was raw and gritty with more swearing than I thought was needed if it was supposed to be released to a broader market. It did not show our game in a good light in my opinion. The part that stuck in my head was where Keiron Foran was injured in a tackle and the assistant coach or whoever he was said "He is injured and should go off, if he stays on run at that CXXT and hurt him. I know that is the way the game is played but it was not a good look for our game IMO. It was hardly a promotional piece for our game it made us look small time looking over our shoulders to when the game was better.
  2. That is an imaginative potential team for sure.
  3. NFT's good luck with that. Sucker born everyday.
  4. Nope. Best yardage yes, best Winger I disagree. Alex Johnston (19 games) - 27 tries, 35 linebreaks, 48 tackle breaks, 122 metres per game Brian To'o (18 games) - 14 tries, 20 linebreaks, 116 tackle breaks, 250 metres per game Josh Addo-Carr (21 games) - 23 tries, 28 linebreaks, 74 tackle breaks, 127 metres per game Reuben Garrick (24 games) - 21 tries, 36 linebreaks, 91 tackle breaks, 158 metres per game
  5. The problem will be the Australians are comfortable in their skin and what they call the game. Nothing will make them change their name, it is ingrained in the culture and has a commercial value that they will not jeopardize. League13 Super League 13 or anything else. Most of the names suggested here that were not just being silly sounded like a School kids 5 a side name for a round robin.
  6. Must be a Canberra thing. None of my Australian friends ever just call it Rugby, that name refers only to Union. Its Rugby League, Footy or NRL in my experience.
  7. You may see from my Post count 42 that I do not post here that often. I have watched the Forum long before I posted. you always seem to have a chip on your shoulder about the NRL? It is no joke for someone like you, it cuts to your core. Get on with your own League and stop worrying about anything else, whether its a local Club team or a Super League team you would be better off focusing on that than worrying about Australia and the NRL and getting worked up about it. In the long run you are only damaging yourself with hate and spite and such.
  8. Ok. He has been one of the better players to play our game. Not sure what the immortal recognition requires to make the grade to be honest.
  9. I hope he comes good, the odds are probably not with him but I hope it works out for him. You seem to have a chip on your shoulder bigger than Uluru.
  10. A player that has played for 10 teams in a 15 year career is a sign. When each team is progressively further down the ladder its another sign. How did he get eight Caps for England........? He came from a troubled upbringing but if he could have risen above that he could have had the game at his feet.
  11. You have made me curious, which one do you have down as the imposter?
  12. Great player. R.I.P He stepped up several levels when he pulled on the Kiwi Jersey.
  13. Not a bad first game of the season. The new signings failed to impress. It will take a few weeks to shake out the form of each Club, early days.
  14. I would love the game to be played at a high level in as many countries as possible. In saying that I have been following the game for nearly 50 years and don't think I will see it in my life time. Look at the Wolfpack experience........ Before that the Welsh Crusaders.... The Australian NRL will invest in what gives them a return in their investment, they are not a charity or benevolent society. The NRL are a business and they represent their member Clubs I am not sure why many on this site think they are anything else than that. International games are not part of their business unless they see a benefit from it such as Pacific Island nations showcasing potential players for the NRL.
  15. I wish I could live till I am 200 hundred years old to see this happen.
  16. I know the the Northern Beaches pretty well. They have always been expensive suburbs for many decades. The only Housing commission poor areas on the northern peninsular were once around Dee Why and parts of Cromer, Collaroy. The Northern Beaches, Eastern suburbs and the Cronulla/Shire are old established expensive beachside suburbs. Redcliffe is nothing like that IMO
  17. Redcliffe is a Blue collar working class area, except for a few Houses facing the Coast that are worth millions. They are nothing like Manly in Sydney. that is a wealthy area and one of the most expensive places to live in Sydney. You have no idea about Redcliffe it seems, its Ipswich or Logan by the Coast populated by Bogans with Mullets.
  18. Are you talking about my post? I took it from the transport website 1 hour and 07 minutes. The fact Kippa Ring is 2.5km from Redcliffe oval will not matter much if you are going from Kippa Ring to Suncorp will it? Who is going to go by train to the Dolphin's ground when they play there a couple of times a year?
  19. Just over an hour by Rail or drive to a Hub like Chermside and free Bus to the ground.
  20. No I did not. Is it offensive to ask about his background? I do not care what it is, I did not know much about him and asked a few questions here. You are obviously defensive about Wigan. I hope they get there Ship back on course. If you have a problem with me so be it.
  21. Ok mate, I was not comparing him to anyone, you chose to do that. Have a great day
  22. I just asked a question. There are some Wigan hair triggers on this thread.
  23. Settle Petal. I simply asked a question as I do not know much about him. I am not having a go at him in any way, I just wanted to know more about his background if that is ok with you.
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