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  1. I know the the Northern Beaches pretty well. They have always been expensive suburbs for many decades. The only Housing commission poor areas on the northern peninsular were once around Dee Why and parts of Cromer, Collaroy. The Northern Beaches, Eastern suburbs and the Cronulla/Shire are old established expensive beachside suburbs. Redcliffe is nothing like that IMO
  2. Redcliffe is a Blue collar working class area, except for a few Houses facing the Coast that are worth millions. They are nothing like Manly in Sydney. that is a wealthy area and one of the most expensive places to live in Sydney. You have no idea about Redcliffe it seems, its Ipswich or Logan by the Coast populated by Bogans with Mullets.
  3. Are you talking about my post? I took it from the transport website 1 hour and 07 minutes. The fact Kippa Ring is 2.5km from Redcliffe oval will not matter much if you are going from Kippa Ring to Suncorp will it? Who is going to go by train to the Dolphin's ground when they play there a couple of times a year?
  4. Just over an hour by Rail or drive to a Hub like Chermside and free Bus to the ground.
  5. No I did not. Is it offensive to ask about his background? I do not care what it is, I did not know much about him and asked a few questions here. You are obviously defensive about Wigan. I hope they get there Ship back on course. If you have a problem with me so be it.
  6. Ok mate, I was not comparing him to anyone, you chose to do that. Have a great day
  7. Tomkins and Maloney to have blinders and set up the Catalan win.
  8. I just asked a question. There are some Wigan hair triggers on this thread.
  9. Settle Petal. I simply asked a question as I do not know much about him. I am not having a go at him in any way, I just wanted to know more about his background if that is ok with you.
  10. He never played at Super League level then?
  11. I have family in Australia and once lived there for awhile. I did not know of anyone that was a mad gambler spending the sort of money posted above Those numbers quoted seem off the charts, most working class Aussies would not have that sort of money to burn. The days of Clubs riding off the back of Poker Machines was decades ago, I am sure there are still plenty that play them but many of that generation are pensioners now. There are only 20 Casinos in all of Australia. Sydney has a Club culture but not so much elsewhere. I guess the facts are the facts but something does not add up.
  12. Coaches need to have the Cattle to develop and bring on. Hopefully Wigan have those players to build a winning team.
  13. I hope Catalans can win this one. Send Maloney off with a win.
  14. Did Matt Peet play Rugby League at any level?
  15. I think he will be a runner up again. I could be wrong but I suspect Penrith are going to tear Souths up next week.
  16. Give it to Tomkins. A lot of these sort of awards seem a bit dated in there concept. As others have said players in the Spine have more chance of winning than others. Look at the Golden Boot winners it is filled with Players that are in a teams Spine. (In recent times Makinson has been the odd man out)
  17. Widdop and Williams have too much of everything for Rovers. Warrington by 20
  18. I have recently listened to a Podcast and read an article featuring Mr Ralph Rimmer and from what he is alluding to there are several big name organisations queuing up to align themselves with our game and invest in its future. Your Grandson has no idea Harry.
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