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  1. I think it could take as many as 21 points to avoid bottom 3. Dons are currently on 15 and I think we've got 3 more wins in us so could be tight.
  2. Expecting a hard game at Keepmoat based on this. Away to Sheffield week after. Doesn't get easier.
  3. Fantastic win from Dons. Shows the importance of completing sets and not conceding penalties. We carry on in that fashion we've got a chance in most games.
  4. I'm just hoping, after last week, we compete with Fev. I'll take a decent performance then owt else is a bonus.
  5. Sorry for being naive. Only the 2nd player we've loaned this season and no DR so it wasn't obvious. Don't make assumptions. I'd rather they hadn't stated season long in the press release if this is the case. Who are Wallace's other 2 Clubs btw? Whitehaven, Doncaster and I'm guessing Fev?
  6. Don't see why not. Hkr would need a good few backrowers injured. Better to be playing championship than reserves. Any idea why it might not be true? Honest question cos I'm certain you know more than me. Cheers.
  7. Big loss for us Pauli. Been playing very well and doing full 80 minutes.
  8. Shocking way to treat Matty. Who'd want the job after that?
  9. Fev could go from no halves to 5 in space of weeks. Seems to be a lot of panicking going on in championship. Need to chill out!
  10. Totally agree. He was superb. Really made us work.
  11. I used to have a video of the 89 kiwi tour. Hull definitely played them in fact I think Neil Turner was playing for Hull
  12. First game that got me hooked was GB under 21s at Tattersfield in 1990. Was taken with my mum and dad for years before that but was more interested in playing in the sandpit. 26 years old!!
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