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  1. I agree. However we had to make the trip up to Workington for last year's final so we know the rules. A win today and we've earned the advantage.
  2. I hope you're right. The final at the Keepmoat would be massive for us. The club would have 2 weeks to promote the life out of it. School visits etc plus a lot of lapsed Dons fans coming out of the woodwork could make for a great occasion.
  3. Where are clubs budgets published? I'd be fascinated to have a look.
  4. I've got tickets to the 3 games at the Keepmoat. I understand they're selling well if that helps?
  5. Various posts on FB are suggesting Swinton are struggling for a 17. This is clearly nonsense.
  6. https://www.doncasterrugbyleague.co.uk/article/1225/news-|-tali-chasing-records
  7. Cheers Daz. Thanks for confirming that. Very good to know. I expect a Dons Lions final. Next week will confirm where it's played
  8. Wikipedia (I know) states that the winner of the Qualifying Semi Final hosts the final. I'm gonna try to get something more concrete than that.
  9. It was like that but I believe it's been changed so that effectively a team that beats a team above takes their place in the structure. For instance should Doncaster lose next week and Crusaders beat Rochdale then the following weeks game will be at the Keepmoat. I'll try to find clarification of this. It seems only fair though but that is neither here nor there I suppose
  10. Honestly wouldn't bet against us against Swinton. We're well capable. Our PNG lads are unstoppable. Wait until Boas starts actually playing at full stretch. Probably the best halves in the league in Johnston and Robinson, one great runner, one great kicker. I'll cover the forwards later
  11. I quite fancy Swinton away tbh. Holds no fear. Win that and it's NW, Swinton or Rochdale at Keepmoat. Fancy it?
  12. Considering Jason Tali went off last week with a broken nose and lost teeth I reckon he did ok. I've seen your teamsheet and it was fine. Please don't use that as an excuse
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