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  1. Oh please, you've no idea. Keep clinging on to the thought that you're important to us or anyone else. We've got our own benchmarks. They're Wigan, Leeds, St Helens and Catalans. Proper clubs, connected to their community, with genuine commercial power and strong talent pathways. It will take a long, long time to get there, and a lot of work, but I'm enjoying the journey very much.
  2. I certainly don't, and note it was not me who decided - apropos of nothing - to bring Hull FC into this thread. Enjoyed Saturday's match, I've every confidence that under a decent coach Leeds will be back far faster than others think.
  3. I'm not a hypocrite. Mikey didn't dive, Miller did. That's the clear distinction. You're just obsessed with Lewis because, well let's face it we all know why I love your "bigger club" comment. You see, that's the difference between you and us. I don't care who somebody thinks the bigger club in Hull is. We're not in your shadow, we're our own club, in service of our own community. Hull KR fans are absolutely loving it at the moment, because we know what success truly is... Success is going bust, having first a bunch of dedicated fans and then later one loyal fan in particular put their heart, soul and money into saving rebuilding that club. Success is winning the Northern Rail Cup in the sunshine against Cas, the moment we knew we were coming back. Success is beating Widnes to get promoted. Success is the Paul Cooke cut-out pass away to Salford, creating the try that keeps us up. Success is getting relegated in the most painful way possible, making even our owner wobble, only for the people of East Hull with very little money buying more memberships the following season, renewing the whole club's desire to survive, come back and be better. Success is to be found in the joys of resilience, rising like a phoenix from failure that you have never had to imagine, and making steady, year-on-year progress. There's a deep, deep joy in that. Joy that you will never know. So, that's what success is. What success isn't is last winning the league in 1983, 41 years ago, and constantly banging on and on about what a "big club" you are. Nobody cares mate, you're not. Delusional.
  4. I knew as I wrote that you’d come back to your somewhat petty, bitter obsession with Mikey Lewis. Surprised it took a day. Look, if you guys had offered him an Academy contract he’d have bitten your arm off. He bled black & white. But you didn’t, you told him he was too small and too “off the cuff” and so wasn’t good enough for you. We’re still laughing at you now, but for your own sanity it’s probably time for you to move on though I reckon. The difference in this case of course is that Miller ran into a player and fell over, whereas Lewis was caught late by one of your stripey, ill-disciplined muppets. At least nobody tried to rip his balls off though, so on reflection he’s probably grateful to be honest
  5. I’ve often thought that the RFL should regulate for a light/dark kit contrast, as they do in the NFL and in UEFA competitions. Teams would still have a degree of flexibility to be creative, but we’d have a clear contrast between the two sides each week.
  6. I thought Leeds were a lot better today. Line speed in defence in that first half was excellent. Moving to a new, more intense defensive system in a week was always going to sap their energy in attack generally, and certainly tire them out by the last 20 minutes of the game. Being consistent with that sort of defensive intensity will take time. Leeds have plenty of good players, and just need a better coach. They’ve definitely got one of those now, even if only for a few months. Personally I’m glad we got to play them this week and not in a month or so.
  7. It’s just ridiculous. There wasn’t even any point to it. He’d established the Leeds player touched it first, if it then hit a Rovers hand the ball went backwards from the KR perspective so it wouldn’t have changed the outcome. Honestly, that was just like watching an elderly relative go through some sort of “episode” where they couldn’t get beyond the sentence they’d almost, but not quite, finished. Embarrassing.
  8. Somebody just shot Miller it seems It was always going to be a shepherd, but we don’t need that sort of cr## in the game
  9. I'm very happy to clarify that in the photograph everyone's favourite Limahl impersonator is lovingly holding onto Elliot's man sausage rather than the accompanying meatballs, and that this in no way implies that in the moments directly before or after he also had a nice, playful squeeze of the latter. Absolutely not. Time to end this neverending story...
  10. It’s alright mate, we’ve got our own borderline sex offender in the team, you don’t need to be so defensive about it. I’m not saying it’s unique! To be honest nobody is happier that Fash wasn’t banned than me
  11. You really do know too much about the positioning of Minchella’s family jewels
  12. It’s alright lads, you’re quite right. Michella said his testicles were grabbed. There is an actual photo of the event. But his testicles definitely weren’t grabbed. Oh no. I mean, players make that stuff up all the time about their fellow pros don’t they? Shameless. But carry on.
  13. I'm starting to wonder if either eye works. The Stevie Wonder of rugby league!
  14. Evalds got injured, and so our entire attacking structure was disrupted by our main playmaker switching to fullback and we had to play a hooker at #7. That’s what happened, everything else is noise really. To be honest I’m still enjoying the ride, I don’t think Rovers are a “top team”, we’ve a long way to go. I leave the ‘Big Club’ entitlement to my citymates on the wrong side of the river
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