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  1. Sure I read somewhere, the average attendance for the season was 1045
  2. Would say it's mainly locals, and northern people living here, with a few hoilday makers plus away fans
  3. Not good news, but this has been on the cards for a while unfortunately
  4. Amazing to think, a few people actually think Cornwall will win. I really hope so, fancied a trip to South Wales this weekend Unfortunately committments closer to home
  5. Any ideas, of where to buy one, I have tried various online sites, No joy as yet
  6. I watched RL but only on TV, and only the big games and Internationals. I heard about the new Cornwall team via local media Hopefully we can build a good local fanbase, different team shirts on show, at games so maybe a few northern people either living or on holiday here are coming to games It's all going to take time
  7. New to watching live rugby league and thoroughly enjoy my trips to Penryn watching Cornwall. I may even get lucky and witness a victory, but not holding my breath for that, just yet!!
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