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  1. No good reason really - just considered they have lost their Rugby Union team Wasps so there may be some people looking for an event to go to, and it is a reasonable sized arena (but not too big) outside the heartlands.
  2. Brentford community stadium in London, Coventry stadium, the Riverside in Middlesbrough or somewhere a bit more left field than a venue which already hosts dozens of RL matches a season would have been my choice. As ever there are many factors but this is the safe choice lacking in ambition. At least it is a proper international however and perhaps they have something more substantial planned for a post season international or series.
  3. To be honest there would be minimal chance I’d travel to eg Brunton Park despite as you say good rail links from Newcastle. In my advancing years (call me a snob if you like) I just don’t have the energy for out of date facilities in person. I do feel they have got it right by using modern grounds and stadiums although agree they could have picked a better spread.
  4. It’s a world class stadium, third behind Tottenham Hotspur stadium in this country (St James Park being first of course). Cannot wait to be there. It remains hilarious that getting to London is easier and faster than getting to the north west from Newcastle. This game should look mint on tv too.
  5. Sorry I was comparing with the tournament in England a few years ago which is perhaps a more fair comparison than to a different country.
  6. Agree generally with your post - but the v Rugby Union WC pricing which was significantly higher than this tournament. l
  7. Pre match - the atmosphere in the mini fanzone outside the stadium, the national anthem and the war dances. Pre match was fun and memorable. The crowd - Magic Weekend and England v Samoa at St James aside find a better non football sport attendance in the north east than 8.3k in recent years, the atmosphere was made by the joyful Tonga fans (a red stadium suited them!) The match itself - obviously a blowout but JT was immense and incredible to see him on form in the flesh, exhibition stuff from Tonga but nice to see CI get some consolation efforts Enjoyable afternoon!
  8. Magic Weekend 2023 tickets are now on sale and half price for the next fortnight. I am hopeful many who attended their first Rugby League match in England v Samoa might come this time. I thought the Wigan v St Helens match was phenomenal last season and hopeful for some classics this time. As low as £20 for an adult or £10 for a kids weekend ticket, all 6 matches is an absolute bargain. There is a clash with the FA cup final again on the Saturday which has happened before. I don’t think that is ideal for drawing in the general sports fan (couldn’t they have waited a week or so until the football season is over?) but it is what it is. Super League should be promoting it as see England heroes Bateman, Tomkins, Hall, Welsby, Williams etc most matches have at least one England player. Saturday as usual looks to have the stronger set of fixtures although St Helen’s v Huddersfield on Sunday probably excites me the most. Saturday 3 June Salford Red Devils v Hull KR (13:30) Wigan Warriors v Catalans Dragons (15:45) Leeds Rhinos v Castleford Tigers (18:00) Sunday 4 June Wakefield Trinity v Leigh Centurions (12:30) St Helens v Huddersfield Giants (14:45) Hull FC v Warrington Wolves (17:00)
  9. Falcons home games are usually Sunday afternoon or sometimes Friday night too. They basically look to avoid Newcastle United. The crowd was disappointing today but not surprising as the Falcons have been under 5k too lately.
  10. Agree - I hope and expect England to smash France. Appreciate many are thinking globally in respect of the game, of wider development and to what extent attendance for certain games could or should be higher. England playing live every week on the BBC and in front of tens of thousands in football stadiums will do wonders for the game in this country.
  11. I really enjoyed that. Over a point per minute is crazy but fun to watch Aus decimate someone. Will be interesting to see them against live opposition in the later stages. Close, competitive games are what we want to see but sometimes pure domination is fun. I think neutrals or more general sports fans will have been excited by the spectacle of the Fox and co.
  12. Costs must be significantly higher. Remember this is 3 x World Cups with the Wheelchair and Womens effectively being subsided by the government grant and to an extent the mens. Marketing etc costs will be more but general inflation particularly travel/accommodation/feeding the various teams will be eye watering I expect.
  13. As a (relatively) neutral Super League fan the Leigh rebrand is silly but that they are signing some decent players suggests they are at least having a go next season. It’s always dull when a team comes up that you have a good feeling is going to go straight back down. Sky Sports and/or Channel 4 might embrace the silliness too and perhaps show them a little more often televised…
  14. Salary and ability are two different things! I’m positive it was reported he was a marquee signing when he arrived.
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