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  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery Cliff.
  2. Perhaps not quite season defining but nevertheless the most difficult and important game of the season so far. If we come away with the two points, it will put us massively in the driving seat. I expect Ellis and Koppy to be back in. If we perform at our best, Keighley will struggle to hold us. With a big following, the atmosphere should be great. Can't wait.
  3. Just back. As expected, Cornwall put up a real fight. It was a tough, physical battle. We defended really well and showed a real determination to stop our line being breached. To have only conceded 42 points after 7 games is astonishing. Thought that our two outstanding younger players (George and PLT) were outstanding again. Also Matty Wildie and Adam Lawton were both brilliant defensively and on attack. Great effort all round and glad I made the very long journey to support the lads. Can't wait for Keighley this coming weekend.
  4. Oldham by 28 Hurricanes by 44 Cougars by 18 Hornets by 12
  5. This will be another tough game. Not worried about points difference. 2 more points and no injuries is all that matters.
  6. He's be woeful for Fax. I would steer clear to be honest.
  7. Danny has been our most consistent halfback by some distance. His experience is proving invaluable for the team. Very pleased with him so far.
  8. The score definitely flattered us. Midlands did a great job of targeting our lack of mobility at halfback and also had some great go forward orchestrated by two good halves and your nine. I think you'll be up there in the playoffs this season and hope the crowds start coming along to support. From our perspective, it was a very poor performance. A plethora of unforced errors, ill-discipline and general tardiness. We'll certainly need to raise our game when playing against Keighley.
  9. Good result but poor performance yesterday. Full credit to Midlands who played really well and targeted our lack of mobility at halfback (I should point out that Danny played well despite his injury). I don’t normally single people out but thought that Ellis was poor. As soon as Logan was introduced (far too late in my opinion), movement and ball distribution sped up and we looked like a different team. The score definitely does not reflect the game. Make no mistake, this was a struggle. We will have to raise our game significantly when we play Keighley. I’m sure we will.
  10. Agree with all of that. Spot on.
  11. The Midlands v Oldham game has been moved to Saturday 27th April, 2pm KO
  12. Looking forward to Saturday. I wonder who he will play at centre?
  13. Wakefield in Super League next season apparently.
  14. Great signing if he can stay fit. Good age and a really explosive player. Not sure we really needed strengthening in the pack as we are very strong there already but I'll take it.
  15. Moving up from a B grade to an A grade club. Essentially guaranteed SL. It would make little sense to stay at Salford.
  16. We play Keighley 3 times. Very much doubt it will come down to points difference. If we come out on top against them, I'd suggest we will be difficult to catch.
  17. Is it a closed training session with Salford? Is it just me or has the message changed from the forum where we were told it was a practice game and we were encouraged to come and watch?
  18. Winger or fullback I’d suggest. Wardle is a second rower. I'm not suggesting we don't have people that can cover. Just that we have only one recognised centre fit.
  19. Exactly what they did in basketball. Started off with grading then moved to a franchise closed shop model.
  20. If JT is our for a few weeks and O'Keefe not fit to return, that leaves only Morgan as a recognised centre.
  21. Overall, I thought she had great of control of the game. If she had any nerves, they certainly didn’t show.
  22. A win’s a win but I’m pretty sure Long won’t be happy with what was a lacklustre performance. Completion rate and discipline (what was the penalty count?) was very poor. Play like that against better opposition and we’ll get punished. Still, another 2 points.
  23. Suspected Paga might get a full run out as he was left out of the 18 at Hunslet. Good to see ET back in. With Ellis rested, it will be interesting to see what he does at halfback.
  24. Great thanks. Hats off to whoever came up with the idea of moving them around the amateur clubs. Genius.
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