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  1. The only post on here with any kind of sense or attachment to the new board. Go to social media and see what the wider public and fans think of the last two weeks. A team with 50% of our Budget would walk this comp. Our season is now done and we will be in the championship next season going unbeaten this year. As the previous post said the bookies had us favourites for a reason the last two weeks and we have been hammered. who ever assembled this squad may have - questions to answer come mid way through next season when we are in the champ.
  2. I wouldn’t expect a team under the CH reign to be 34 points down at HT. Season over
  3. Me and the majority of the rugby league fan base. With our squad I expect us to put a score on Rochdale, Swinton and Barrow. As a fan your expectations usual mirror the budget the board have spent. Under the CH reign we didn’t expect to beat barrow and York but now I do.
  4. Who do you think as a bigger budget ?
  5. Oldham 32-York 10 confident of a bounce back following last weeks disappointing performance. Our Budget will be much bigger than York’s so expect us to win this one, against a team that finished 6th in the champ last year. York are a great club who I have massive respect for. We should be modelling there improvements on and off the field and staying classy
  6. I feel we should be beating everyone apart from Toulouse and Wakefield with our budget. But I will never disrespect other clubs, players and former players like some of our fan base and board have on social media. I seen Luke Nelmes was on the end of some abuse last week despite years of loyal service and at times carrying our small pack. I will clap and respect any player who had pulled on our jersey and given 100%. Totally agree regarding the dummy half role, we made 34m running meters at the weekend with arguably one of the biggest and best packs outside of super league. Would of loved to of seen last years dummy half’s with this years pack. Widnes had a great result at the weekend against Bradford despite being much weaker this year on paper, should we be concerned ?
  7. I’ve held back from commenting on this page for a few weeks because of the disrespect our fan base/Board as showed to other clubs and players. We scrapped past a under strengthened Halifax and barrow side, granted the Halifax win was a great day but our budget will be bigger than there’s. We was so disrespectful to our rivals Rochdale and former players who played a second string side and was very unconvincing and when they brought on players such as Andrade wilkinson and baker off the bench we looked equaled and drew the second half 12-12. our forward pack is as good as anything outside of super league and I’ve been really unimpressed with our dummy half’s. Yes, we will walk league one but with our budget we should only be concerned about Toulouse and Wakefield outside of super league. Are players here for the wrong reasons ?
  8. Correct if they would have kept the team they had the start of the season they would have been fine. Toronto and Toulouse who spent big in league one would not of been worried about Halifax barrow and Swinton
  9. I think the amount of tackles he made was probably due to a weakness spotted by the Halifax coaching set up. Moran grafted well in Defence but his meters were down on his usual high standards, massive mention to both prop forwards with their meters, concerning with the meters made from the dummy half role with how dominant our forward pack was. Also Mo and Turner were a massive threat coming out of our own end.
  10. I fully expected us to beat Halifax and then Barrow and Swinton in the cup, with our squad and budget we should be beating any side who finished outside the play offs in the championship last year. some fans have a very low bar, with the money we are spending we must win these games to make it worthwhile.
  11. Unfortunately beating Halifax won’t create a buzz it’s something we’ve done numerous times under the CH era. If anything not progressing to the next stage of this cup comp will come as a real disappointment for me this year, we will win league one without losing a game and I’m looking forward to having a real go in this competition. We will be spending similar if not a lot more on players than the likes of Halifax, Sheffield and Batley, beating Halifax under CH era was a lot bigger achievement.
  12. Back on here now the real stuff starts. Oldham by 30, can’t see Halifax troubling us. With our spend and squad only Wakefield Toulouse and Fev outside of super league should be beating us. If we don’t qualify to the quarters finals it’s a disaster with our squad and only league 1 games for the rest of the season with challenge cup unrealistic at this stage but I think we should be looking it win the 1895.
  13. Is littler now involved at Rochdale ?
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