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  1. One of those wins were it’s just get the job done, we looked like a team who had hardly played this season. Regarding the well organised comments this is due to the leadership and calmness of ridyard and wilkinson despite not being their best games in an Oldham shirt they did the basics very well and got us over the line. We would have lost this last season. any news on meadows injury? He has been immense so far this season. We now only have two prop forwards available after two league games which is an absolute farce. was the new owners in attendance yesterday ? I didn’t seem to see them.
  2. This one could go either way, will be a 4 point swing either way. Oldham will struggle upfront with lack of size and prop forwards, but with McNally and ridyard out wide I think we can still score points.
  3. Loan lions RLFC, the quality of loan players Swinton are getting in is a credit to the club and the reason you stay up, but it is not the way forward to build any club I’d rather get relegated with my own players but like you said the modern game. with both Oldham and Swinton being away there is no rugby fix this weekend for myself. Good luck lions in a massive game in London, I can see a lions win incoming.
  4. Great news regarding ownership, thank you Mr.H on everything you have done for this club. The first thing the new owners must bring in is 3 prop forwards, absolute disgrace we only have two prop forwards in our second league game of the season. If the new owners are ambition I expect to see 4 or 5 new players to cement promotion, we are currently that many short to get promoted
  5. Fantastic loan signings for the lions from salford, but when is the point it no longer becomes Swinton and loan rlfc ? would you rather watch loans and get into the play offs or watch Swinton lads in Swinton shirts? good luck Swinton I will be following from Facebook
  6. I’m all for giving amateurs a go but we need experienced prop forwards. Hooker ? We now have 5 hookers on the books and wilkinson and slater have been fantastic so far this season in the friendlies and competitive games. There must still be money in budget because I can’t see these two being on much if anything if they don’t play
  7. The move to BP is fantastic news and I already know numerous people who will be back supporting the club. Well done Mr.H
  8. Miles off the mark. Oldham were very good for majority of the game and scored plenty points 20+ more that hairnets. Paga Wilkinson and Ah Van were especially good. Plenty to work on but a very positive start to the season. Well done Oldham and mr littler. remember we lost to skolars last season
  9. I think he is the only experienced prop forward out there off the top of my head
  10. Also we must sign two prop forwards if we are to compete at the top tier of this division, we are still way short in that department. Go and get Moi Moi and another experienced prop , been there and done it middle unit players to take this squad to the next level
  11. I don’t think you can go into any game thinking about points difference, let’s just make sure we win after last season debacle. Amazing to see Morgan and Wilkinson added to the squad, let’s hope they are fully fit and not being rushed back.
  12. I wouldn’t bring back any of the lads that were missing unless they are 100% fit, on yesterdays showing we should have enough to beat London with that squad. Need keep the likes of Morgan and Wilkinson fit for the big games.
  13. I wasn’t at the Swinton game today due to being at Doncaster watching my number one team. From what I’ve heard Whitehaven have been woeful so far this season but Swinton not scoring many points doesn’t surprise me but I expected them to continue with there grit, luck and dogged performances to to win this one and push towards the play offs. Still believe Swinton should be well clear of relegation given the money they have spent in the off season, Hoping to get to another Swinton game in the near future keep up the good work lions and well done to Whitehaven
  14. ManchesterYed


    Some Very impressive individual performances given the circumstances and some not so much, you Chuck in Morgan, Newton, Sheridan and Wilkinson into that team and maybe a few others I’ve missed out it starts to look positive. Plenty to build on. Please bring in two experience prop forwards Mr.Hamilton to help out these talent half backs
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