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  1. YoungYed

    Summer bash

    So we’ve got the worst placed fixture Sunday at 1pm first game on the second day
  2. Bit of a worrying start hopefully to lose probably our most consistent player this season. Surely keighley offered more money for him to stay down in league 1. Hopefully diskin knows what he’s doing.
  3. I like that appointment a lot of batley fans said he did a good job with them. Also he’s brings experience coaching in the championship so hopefully he can knows what players are needed
  4. YoungYed

    The Final

    Wow can’t believe we’re back in the championship!!! I’ve called for Naylors, Hewitts and crooks head at the start of the season but look how wrong I was!! Can’t fault the lads from the ones with us at the start to the ones who was with us to the end they all put 100% effort in. Let’s all get to Blackpool and get p*****. Up the yeds
  5. I know this is a bit early but I was reading this morning that the highest placed finisher in championship will be hosting the final which will probably be Toronto. So does this mean who ever finishes second in our league will host the final or would it be neutral ground? In all honesty I prefer playing it at a neutral stadium I used to love going to A neutral venue for example Warringtons stadium I don’t know why the atmosphere just feels a lot better(even though we never had the best of records). Just makes more sense having the national league, league 1 and championship final together.
  6. Thank you but why is the nothing from naylor?
  7. Why has the been no match report or nothing from the Whitehaven game on oldhams twitter or website??
  8. Apparently a coach is leaving a league 1 side maybe it’s naylor???
  9. Also don’t know how to close games out
  10. Just not good enough can’t win the close games like last season
  11. I’m not the only one to criticise him on here. I hate criticising players because I want them to do the best for my team so I’m really happy he scored and kicked the goals today. That’s what we need Hewitt to do If we want to go up this season control the game and make the difference, it seems like he did that today. So no criticism from me today thank you.
  12. Massive win that and only 1 point behind Whitehaven now, who would of thought that after the donny performance
  13. I’ve known Harry all my life, playing at Saddleworth with him I could always tell he was going to make the step up. Next week is going to be a massive test against Workington.
  14. Why does he drop our best hooker???
  15. Yes bent is a very good tackler but he offers absolute nothing In attack, 4 carries from our lose forward is not good enough. Said this for a couple of years as well now Owen needs to step up a lot more he’s offering nothing at all
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