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  1. Got to say Hewitt was horrendous as always no clue in attack. I am joking by the way!!!!
  2. So just reading on Facebook that the club are calling out fans to get to games. Yes I agree get fans to games but the club needs to promote the games have signs around the town get someone who works in PR to get the word around. It’s embarrassing calling out the support when people struggle to get to stalybridge who may not drive get a local bus running. Drop the price down for a match to a £5. Your not going to get more fans in when there is no advertisement or much more to the point we’re not winning!!!
  3. Half backs are dreadful and Offer Nothing at all. Can Hewitt please move on!!!
  4. YoungYed

    our league

    Time to bin Owen off really struggled defensively yesterday Also he doesn’t offer anything with the ball it’s no good getting Wilkinson on when we’re 24-0 down and the game is gone.
  5. Great win made hard work but well needed
  6. How are we not winning this more than 8 should of gone over then in the last minute
  7. YoungYed


    Looking at last week and the highlights this week nearly every try is down hewitts side he needs to sort out his defence... running at the side of them or running over him is not good enough and it reminds me of when we last played in the championship he got targeted in defence. He might be able to get away with it If he’s creating tries but he’s adding nothing to the team.
  8. Personally first game of the season against one of the biggest teams in the league Widnes... you want people from oldham there “stay aways” to come I’m sure more people with an oldham postcode would come rather than a Tameside.
  9. So I’ve just seen that if you live in the Tameside area you get the discounted price of £8. No problem with that but shouldn’t they be trying to get people with OL postcodes to the match on Sunday why should the Tameside people get the discount. Not impressed at all
  10. YoungYed

    The Law Cup

    What was the attendance
  11. I’ve just seen the league 1 team of the decade and i just laughed that they didn’t select danny langtree!!!!! But who is in oldhams team of the decade: 1 Paul O’Connor ,2lucas,3 ST Hilare,4 Mick Nanyan,5 Ben Heaton,6 James coyle, 7 Lewis Palfrey,8 Jason boults,9 Gareth Owen,10 Phill Joy,11 Danny langtree,12 Josh Crowley, 13 Rob Roberts wouldn’t be a bad side now that
  12. YoungYed

    Summer bash

    So we’ve got the worst placed fixture Sunday at 1pm first game on the second day
  13. Bit of a worrying start hopefully to lose probably our most consistent player this season. Surely keighley offered more money for him to stay down in league 1. Hopefully diskin knows what he’s doing.
  14. I like that appointment a lot of batley fans said he did a good job with them. Also he’s brings experience coaching in the championship so hopefully he can knows what players are needed
  15. YoungYed

    The Final

    Wow can’t believe we’re back in the championship!!! I’ve called for Naylors, Hewitts and crooks head at the start of the season but look how wrong I was!! Can’t fault the lads from the ones with us at the start to the ones who was with us to the end they all put 100% effort in. Let’s all get to Blackpool and get p*****. Up the yeds
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