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  1. I can't seem to understand Wigan`s transfer decision here. Morgan Smithes gone to Canberra, the logical choice is shorrocks to replace him. Instead they let him leave for SRD. There have been a few players that they have let go. Two now at SRD / one at Wire / one at Leeds. There have been constant reports of Peet being a great coach and all the academy guys enjoy playing for him, but this is now 4 players from the academy that have gone. The mystery of transfers decisions in Super League continues. Totally flabbergasted by this. Great buy for SRD though.
  2. I disagree with your opinion, but good to see we all have our own views. I can't see how a player from Super League could win the Golden Boot. The competition is well below NRL standards. I like spine players and I like Grant from Melbourne. Brilliant number 9. But Payne Haas is a phenomenal prop. Unbelievable minutes. His stats this year are fantastic. He would have my vote. Melbourne do have a fantastic spine though. Mulhern name should of been on the list. But he decided not to go to the storm, when they were interested. He is our very own Haas. Phenomenal engine for a prop.
  3. I always liked Blake Austin. Was also happy he declared his allegiance to play for this country. It would not harm this country, if there were more players like him, that wanted to play for this country through heritage or was born here. Happy he has found a club in Australia to play for. Best of luck to him. He has played for some well known clubs Canberra / Warrington / Leeds and Castleford. Disappointed Castleford did not keep him, when he helped them so much in the relegation battle with Wakefield.
  4. I do like the Magic Weekend. It's like a festival of celebrating Rugby League in this country. Looks like IMG are working their magic to get rid of it. Disappointed with the venue. I would of loved the festival at Manchester city ground. In appreciation of the great clubs located in the County of Greater Manchester. It's great to see clubs in their region doing well. The festival should celebrate Rugby League and supporters friends and families should go. But Super League and the RFL do not market the festival in the right way. All the teams should be invited to join in the celebration. Professionals / Semi Pros and Members of BARLA. It's shame that this festival is not celebrated in that way.
  5. I was just stating that those four sides have developed good sides and they are from Greater Manchester County.
  6. Leigh Leoperds remind me of the Catalans Dragons. They seem to follow them in how they recruit players. Good Signing. Would not have a problem with them wining the Challenge Cup again.
  7. Very true. Greater Manchester County Wigan Warriors / Leigh Leoperds / SRD / Oldham. Brilliant for Rugby League. All have developed good sides in their respective leagues. Bit of an eye opener for myself. Lol
  8. Oldham and Salford, both from the Greater Manchester County. Both sides looking they will have a good season in their own respected leagues. Good for rugby league as well. It's been a long time having two sides from the Greater Manchester County doing well. Both sides have developed good sides. Harvie Hill for Salford looks a good fit for both sides.
  9. Saints have always impressed me with their recruitment and retention. They produce a number of good young players. They have an excellent board that looks after the club. The one thing that only baffles myself is why the hell did they choose Paul Wellens as coach. They recruit Justin / Woolf and then Wellens. The squad looks good, and had they have good coach, one would say they are one of the favourites. But with Wellens there is a massive ?
  10. Are there any more rumours of players they are interested in getting to strengthen the squad overall?
  11. Your not wrong at all. The number of turnovers in players is extraordinary high. They also seem to get players in rather late, actually when the season is about to start. But then as you have seen for the past 2 seasons they actually have done well. It seems the coach you have is doing a brilliant job. But I still find it difficult to understand how this is possible? Hopefully a lot more french players play and establish themselves this season. The French need spine players. 1/6/7/9/13.
  12. With all the negativity, in the press about SRD, the 17 published looks a rather promising side. The spine looks good. Big fan of Sneyd. Fantastic kicking game. I can see them doing well again, this coming season. The question is what players do they have in reserves if any of them get injured?
  13. With how Super League was formed and how it is run, we can't see a development of European Teams. What these new teams need is a benefactor with deep pockets and also accepting that Super League and the RFL won't provide them without any financial support. A number of new teams have been lost Toronto Wolfpack, West Wales Raiders, London Scholars / Gateshead / Newcastle Thunder / Paris Saint Germain / due to financial reasons. Super League offered them no financial support. Toulouse Olympic received no central funding, when they qualified for Super League. London Broncos are still surviving due to a benefactor, without him we would of folded a long time ago. Super League as a competition does not welcome clubs old and new. They provide them with no support administratively or financially. So without a benefactor, we have to accept a development of a European competition, with more European players will be difficult. When these newly formed clubs needed financial help, Super League and the RFL did not offer any. The rest was history.
  14. Been reading reports of Harry Arundel being touted for a move to the NRL. I rather he did not, as I am not a fan of union guys coming into League. We got a lot of wingers in our game, who are cheaper to purchase. Tom Johnstone at Catalans / Ash Handley and both have the pedigree of Rugby League. I do get mystified with reports like this.
  15. The championship this coming season is the one to watch. Disappointed London Broncos won't be in the competition, but will be following the competition a lot more than Super League. The competition has got some fantastic teams. Looking forward to see how Bradford and Halifax develop this season.
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