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  1. Just gone onto Sky bet and I too cannot believe England are underdogs for this. A little crispy one gone on for sure, because if they lose, they deserve absolutely NOTHING !! 11/10 !! I cannot see past the Aussies.
  2. Do Saints play at the LSV ? Its a Rumour thread after all, and apparently Walmsley may be only off to Leigh should Thompson come home early. You may have misinterpreted me a little. Speaking of Saints, will be interesting see how they go next year under Wellens. I think the competition is more wide open than the bookies say !
  3. Well thought of, but he is crackers ! Fev will be some attacking force though. They will be good to watch.
  4. Unfortunately, I can’t see past the Aussies as winners but I will be rooting for PNG. Tonga and Samoa will put in the hits and will likely put out an England side so bland, it’s unbelievable. I would love to be surprised though !
  5. We can only see. My good friend from Saints knows his stuff. Does a Yorkshireman count on the quota ?
  6. Logan Tomkins To be fair, he was the best of the bunch !
  7. Leigh have improved SL under IMGs proposals in my opinion. It’s not all what’s on the field, but it’s one of the best RL stadiums to attend and a hotbed for RL. A strong B for me which will get better once we finally get the go ahead to invest at grass roots without interference. The future is bright.
  8. I am not talking about St Helens and quota spots. The person they are desperate to bring back is British (LT). Walmsley getting too injury prone apparently. The Kiwi is a replacement for Sam Stone.
  9. Could Alex Walmsley be leaving Saints ? Rumour also of a current Kiwi International forward joining the party at the LSV !! He's a biggun too ! (Could that be two bigguns ??)
  10. Yes, I too noticed that Derek ensured our players clapped you guys for the part you played. You have been awesome all season. Let’s hope the 13-1500 who turned up become the hardcore of Mount Pleasant next season. You certainly deserve it.
  11. Let’s get one thing straight. Batley we’re amazing. I happily bet against Leigh giving 42. Glad I won. They and Barrow have been fantastic
  12. It was. Leigh won and Ford and Kharalliah was ######! . Obviously SL quality them two!
  13. Nowt changes in Toulouse. Remember when I went in 2018. I counted 800 and they announced the crowd as 3500. Trees were nice ! Only in France ! Anyway, back on subject, if Leigh can win tomorrow and hit a hardcore of 5.5k to 6k, that would be tremendous. 10% of the Towns population watching their Team is superb. Grow it further then through the Schools and community. London and Toulouse are currently Building Wembley type stadiums as I type for the Cat A franchise because percentage of Population is an ‘easy one’ to manipulate as they are huge Cities.
  14. Only takes a silly red card. Batleys second phase killed Fev although I can't see them being that diminant in the collision. It is Kendall though. You get a red for picking your nose!
  15. Yes, it will be the seated South Stand. The terraced North stand is Sold out. Seats now being sold in the East Stand (where the TV gantry will be) so for all 4 sides to be open is great. I'm in the East as it will guarentee me a drink before, during and after the game
  16. I don't know what to make of that sweaty, because after all, its a great opportunity to fill the East Stand which will no doubt be largly empty. For the average Leigh or Batley fan, 22 or 25 quid is worth every penny. I would have definitely offered an incentive for Super League season ticket holders to attend for a discount. If it adds 3k to the gate and some 20k each into Batley and Leigh coffers, who can argue ? If the attendance is 7k, then that will exceed the MPG against Catalans in 2017. It would be a phenomenal effort.
  17. North stand nearly sold out and that holds over 3000. Last game of League rugby of the season and a good tester of whats to come for the World Cup with plenty of players playing in it on show. Should be some occasion !
  18. I dont care what the score is as long as Leigh get over the line. Batley have been magnificent. I hoped that it would have been made a tenner to get in to get as many in as possible with a possible 'Neutral' East stand being opened. Hope its dry, and high scoring with Batley scoring a few too. Either way, they will have a go and will cause us problems with good second phase. I hope to see a good 2000 travelling over and good on them too !!
  19. We will see should they get promoted. My guess will be €. $. £. Take your pick because with the backers they will likely have at their disposal and the learning from the past, finance would be no issue. They had this and was told flatly no 2 years ago. If this will be a criteria, happy days.
  20. Quite rightly so. The RFL don’t like expansion in these areas, even when clubs have beef prepared to fund them ! The likes of Leigh May finally be able to keep their younger talent and keep the vultures at bay !
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