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  1. Unlucky Fev. The first 20 did you and that dropped ball for the Toulouse try should not have been given, irrespective of what the ref thought. I felt sorry for your outside backs who looked sharp, but your half backs let you down I feel. The Toulouse front row did the damage whilst I must say not really being outstanding. All the best and look forward to the battles with Leigh next year. Toulouse will finish SL rock bottom with that side, so they need to spend and quick. It's probably the worst ever time to get promoted.
  2. I dont Steve. I didn't think Toulouse were any better than Leigh, so they had better get a move on quickly and get some players signed. Why should they retain a SL place when potentially 3 go down If it stays at 12, would they really close P@R knowing that they have paid Leigh a parachute payment to go again in 2022?
  3. Yes, well done to Toulouse. Looked very good first 20 mins but pretty average after that. I am sure they will attract some decent players to be competitive for next season but lots of potential.
  4. Remember it well as a kid climbing up the stand to get the best view view available. 593 back to Leigh and Job done. Well done crustmunchers. Atmosphere was amazing !
  5. Absolutely Get it done. If you don't, we will look forward to the battles ahead endure the expansionists moaning that Toulouse need a decade to get up to speed in SL as they get walloped week in week out ! If Fev go up, long overdue.
  6. Come on Fev ! Shove it right up em! What a pathetic start to a thread. Why do Castleford even bother ! Us Leythers are right behind you. Best of luck
  7. I enjoyed the middle 8's, but I feel that SL got squeaky bums because the the Top Championship clubs closed the gap significantly on the Lower SL clubs. I t would only have been a matter of time before 2 Champ clubs got promoted, and we couldn't have that, could we ? Leigh Middle 8's was fantastic, So was HKR's, so was Londons and who could forget the MPG and the O'Brien Drop Goal ? Warrington and Leeds dragged in there too ? All great stuff and Batley having a right good go in front of a Packed Mount Pleasant. Its what dreams were made of ! Its now just a distant dream of what is just a boring brand ATM.
  8. And When Hudds should have been relegated, they took Sheffield with them and went down the pan again when relegated in 2001 with a massive Parachute payment ! The angel of the lord has shone on Huddersfield and Tony Smith in the past 20 years !
  9. I very much doubt it, but saying that, we have not a clue who is on board yet for next year. I suppose also if SL next year is 3 down and 1 up. If it is, going down is probably better than staying up ! A few twists and turns yet no doubt.
  10. Toulouse will need to spend big. How much money do they have in the kitty having played half a season with hardly no revenue coming from home games ? 1.7m (If they get it), is cannon fodder if their bank balance is currently scratch (or even in deficit) and half of their squad (albeit decent players), resemble the ages of an old fogies home. They will start well if Promoted, but like most Promoted teams, the speed ans conditioning of other SL teams will soon catch up with them and trample over them. If 3 do go down, they have no bloody chance !
  11. Mount Pleasant. What a Fantastic little ground although I hated bloody playing there !! Hope its packed to the rafters. Save some cheesy chips for me !!
  12. I think it will be a scorefest. Warrington to win in a high scoring encounter.
  13. I think Gregg is Injured and would be a huge loss for Haven. On their day, Fax can play some good stuff. I think fax might win a tough encounter but what a great season from Whitehaven. Fair play !
  14. Salford are in a financial mess. I feel for them and they should never have left the Willows for a soulless White Elephant opposite the Trafford Centre. They do though have some good people who know their stuff. I for one hope they can come out of this OK. They are not the only ones in a mess either. I can see Marshall going down the East Lancs because he is well thought of and will be well backed. The proposed 3 down next year should it happen will be a step too far for Salford.
  15. Toulouse are bottlers. You have stuffed them in France before and you can stuff them in France again! You deserve a crack in SL and us Leythers can finally consolidate and keep Toulouse in the Championship the following year too! Good luck
  16. Simple answer to a simple question and that is no. They had a meeting on Monday and absolutely zip has been quoted, stated or confirmed other than out of Brian Carneys backside on Sky! Good luck to all the Championship sides. If Leigh do go down, I for one will be looking forward to what would be an uninterrupted and fair season. This season has been absolute gash, and I am talking about the game as a whole. Embarrassing!
  17. Where are all the Belle view and Wheldon Rd nockers? I have to agree, no SL team should be playing or should be allowed to play in SL in such a poor facility. Saying that, they allowed London to play in that cesspit, so why not? All the away fans who can't get in will have to go fishing or something.
  18. With Fev in there as a 14th club having to play far more games.
  19. Irrespective of what people think of DB, he ain't daft. If anyone seriously thinks this season has been smooth and fair, think again. This season really has been a ###### rolled in glitter!
  20. He stated on Radio that it was 'good on' the players to ram his comments down his throat Relegation not clear cut. Court possibly if confirmed? Will play SL on Championship funds again. Confirmed that Brierley and Bell are leaving and a top NRL coach has changed his mind. Boy, tomorrow's SL meeting is going to be fun
  21. I have backed Leigh at 9To2. Why not ? We are ###### aren't we ? Hall an Minnikin will need to be kept quiet but with the whole day bounced around Derek's great bike ride and Cancer research charity day, why not and who bloody cares ? Enjoy the day Leythers. I wish I could have been there to join you
  22. Your right, Leigh won't get a parachute payment. Degsy will ensure he will get a large chunk of the 700 k the club is owed for accepting the poisoned chalice this season. Good Business if you ask me! Why should he be denied and why should Leigh bail out the dodgy Equity deal?
  23. It is. I remember playing there in my Amateur days. Tough games. We played I think Hensingham too ? Pasted them. They were not good although we had a good Craic. Happy days. I'm all for Cumbria having a SL team. Makes sense but don't tell the expansionists !
  24. 64 nil isn't a bad result considering the side we had out, no coach and 40 down at half time.
  25. For whatever reason, the driver preferred the A595. Nothing is pretty in the dark, but that landladys daughter ? Mmmmmmm
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