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  1. I think Hicks is improving as a ref all the time. He has had some very good games recently. NO arguments from Sunday
  2. Matt, these electronic cigarettes are quite legal in all places even indoor public places, as they produce steam instead of smoke and there is no passive health risk. They do containe nicotine so the smoker gets his fix but no harmless smoke is blown out. However a lot of pub landlords will not allow the use of them because it encourages regular smokers to light up thinking that someone else is already smoking. But they are entirely legal and you could not be stopped from smoking one in such as meadowhall for example.
  3. " WOW This image changing APP makes me look amazing"
  4. Same here guys, for the first time ever I did not even try to get to a TV to watch the final. TOTAL LACK OF INTEREST and I am sure there are thousands upon thousands more like us nowadays.
  5. The semi final of the play offs is arguably our most important game in many a year. To tick that all important box for SL qualification we simply need to reach the Grand Final, not win it. Of course I would love to see us get straight there and go on and win the final - god knows we deserve it. But all the players thoughts should be on making a Semi Final win their next big ambition.
  6. Heard on the Radio that Wildcats chairman Ted Richardson has entered into an IVA, apparantly to stave off bankruptcy - Will this affect the wildcats future ?
  7. just heard that raol moat has said that he is now going to target the wider public Suppose me and Robin should start saying our goodbyes
  8. I knew Zak was fast but last night he blew his opposite winger away, Just how fast is this kid ?
  9. I heard that last night Matt from a Rovers director. The same thing happened when we played Widnes.
  10. I am not trying to cause trouble here and I am sure I have mentioned this before. I had a contact who's company works with sports stadia installing machinary to generate their own electricity by recycling their rubbish ( dont ask me how it works). The company has worked with several big football clubs including Glasgow Rangers. I passed on the contacts name and number to Andy Prout via the office - no contact was made so I passed on the number again to Steve Evans - Now 2 years later on , Guess what ?
  11. Am I losing my mind, or was one of the excuses for the formation of Super League that the top teams, scoring 40 or 50 points per game against lower opposition, and that games where 60 or 70 points were scored were not good from a spectator perspective. AND, that Super League would produce closer and better matches. This weekend we have seen a game between the team in 3rd v the team in 12th produce 92 points A team in 9th absolutely crush a team in 11th by 41 to 0 points away from home The average points scored in a SL this season game tops 30 Wigan have scored 50 points or above 4 times up to now this season The lowest english based club have posted 50 points at least once this season This is progress and what Super League was going to produce ? I can well remember Rovers thrashing Wakefield 52 - 0 in a local derby, but that for me was a once in a lifetime occurance, not something that should be happening in a top league on a weekly basis. We now have those 2 idiots Eddie and Stevo saying that it's brilliant. And that the standard of rugby is the best ever. Personally I think that the modern game is ######, especially defensively. And we have far too much reliance on second rate Australian and NZ imports Discuss :-
  12. we'll be able to see that from Carnaby then eh Robin
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