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  1. RIP Paul Walker, star of the Fast and Furious movies. Sadly killed in a car crash.
  2. Not yet mate. It starts at the end of Feb. Have booked my tickets for Rock City.
  3. Always hit the Powers Gold whenever I go to Dublin.
  4. London Calling - The Clash. For me, it doesn't get much better.
  5. Light sprinkling over night here. Roads are back to normal already.
  6. Could be a stormer of a game. Wigans defence has been superb but if any team can crack it then it's Saints. St Helens 22-18 Wigan. Match winning try by KC about three feet to the right of the posts. Oh, from about two yards out.
  7. Not difficult as far as I'm concerned. He should be honoured at the GF by either a minutes silence or a minutes applause. I always enjoyed watching Terry play, although he used to wind me up rotten. Sign of a good player is that. Tragic. RIP, Terry.
  8. I think Huddersfield deserve a lot of credit for what was a cracking game. Well down and came back to go into the lead. Saints had to work very hard for that win tonight. Fitting that KC scored the final try at the famous old ground as well. Looking forward to what should be a cracker in the second semi.
  9. Certainly got some speed and it was a great finish to a good game. Mathers must be gutted with his final act as a Warrington player but it was nice to see Tony Smith offer him a shoulder.
  10. Exactly. Scrums against the head are not that common in RU but if you have a dominant pack of forwards in the scrum then over the whole match this will show because the weaker pack will have been worn down. The only problem I have with the RU scrum is the bloody re-sets. The RL scrum, as often seen by RU fans is not a joke. It takes players out of the defensive line and creates a tad more space. My only beef is that teams are now using more backs in the scrum instead of the forwards.
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