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  1. Cos our coach doesn’t rate him.
  2. Beharell off and Sykes misses first conversion
  3. We’d still be in a far better position than we are now.
  4. How would we know? Never got more than ten minutes before he was off …
  5. The treatment of Aaron Hall is and has been staggering given the problems we have had, but the writing was on the wall when he continued to try and offload the ball in the tackle. No brownie points with our coach there. What I can’t understand is why LG resigned him for this season if he didn’t rate him. Madness.
  6. True. They probably don’t hate the Mount as much as we do. ain’t been for years. Too many Batley fans.
  7. What? Our lads are so bad they can’t even bend down to pick the ball up now more likely they weren’t even looking cos they’ve forgotten what an offload is
  8. There’s no such thing as a poor offload. You just need teammates to be awake. Problem at Rams is that the lads that have been with us for more than a few games wouldn’t be expecting one.
  9. Spot on. If we were Fev we could forget about kicking goals but we ain’t…
  10. Thank goodness you’re around to remind us of the rules BSJ. The rest of us on here are idiots, but you know that already. I can tell from your many “helpful” replies.
  11. Hard to say. I haven't seen enough of his kicking to be sure who's the best, but the one he missed was on his "wrong" side and would have suited Sykesy much better. That said I haven't ever seen a RL team swap kickers based on which side of the posts the kick is. Sweeting would have kicked all of them with his eyes shut from what we saw in the friendly games but he seems even less popular than Aaron Hall (if thats possible) Whatever or whoever is the better it certainly cost us yesterday unfortunately......
  12. Couldn’t agree more. Some shocking decisions in the first half by the man in green (BSJ will say poor discipline) Ben Blackmore was best “forward” on the field. We should have taken the two as you say Sykes was awesome again (waiting for BSJ to pour cold water on that one) and should be the goal kicker NO point picking poor old Aaron Hall if he’s only gunna play for five minutes and most importantly…..we very unlucky to lose.
  13. Squad out. Still missing too many. That head knock Dale Ferguson took must have hurt.
  14. Anyone think we might just sneak this one?
  15. Offloads are banned. I’ve told you that before
  16. I’m not too confident about your 138 but I’ll cross my fingers
  17. Decent effort CF. Only four points out.
  18. NickD


    Looking at score at Workington today I think we might have caught Sheffield on an off day
  19. Excellent....Lets hope he gets the ball occasionally......
  20. Wasn’t exactly the position I thought we needed to strengthen but good player. Let’s hope he gets the ball
  21. Keeping saying it and the records got stuck so I’ll say it again. It ain’t the results that are killing me it’s the style of rugby we are playing.
  22. Just watched the lowlights...Gotta feel for the poor Rams fans that travelled....
  23. We haven’t had a natural leader for a long time unfortunately…..
  24. Indeed. This statement seems to sum up the last few years … “The Rams pressed hard after the try but were unable to get over the line again” As does this “so the message was to complete sets and defend well”
  25. I take it all back. The excellent preview of the game with Lee, while hardly going into details, does at least outline what’s happening with relation to todays game. Thanks Lee and the team.
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