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  1. A terribly sad loss. He was a comedy genius, and a good Loiner. There's also this as part of his legacy.
  2. I think the problem is your new coach isn't as good as your old one.
  3. I don't know why you're taking it personally. It's obvious to anyone that Wigan's record of attracting and retaining sponsors in the past decade or so is really terrible. It may be coincidence but it merely mirrors other ways I perceive the club to be poorly run.
  4. Yes sorry I was thinking more this century! Also it's never a great sign when your owner's company is the sponsor as it indicates they struggled to find anyone else.
  5. You constantly quote him, and his repeated sole argument is that Rugby League is a great failure because it is strong in all the wrong places. It's such a dumb take. Obviously many RL communities are working class, that's self explanatory. But perhaps if you or he explained why he didn't start to fix the problem by simply relocating St Helens to Surrey we'd start to unravel more of why just saying this over and over is neither some great insight nor much use. Sport is cultural and historic. Expanding into any new territory in such a mature market is a very long-term, very expensive project which requires huge amounts of determination and commitment. It needs much more than the lazy observations of a failed RL administrator.
  6. I hope Wigan got the cash up front. It's being reported Wigan are on the hunt for a new lead sponsor so I can only assume they didn't. The history of shirt sponsors at Wigan is worth a book but the main takeaway is that none of them stick around for long.
  7. Leeds are away at Catalan that weekend. That game will probably/presumably clash with the main event Saturday evening but most Leeds fans will not have plans other than that so it should get a decent number of people heading down there for a look.
  8. I think you've forgotten non-Leeds fans' obsession with "the drum".
  9. The quality of administration at that club has been pretty abysmal since Mick Hogan left a decade or more ago.
  10. Excellent, it looks like the clubs have all committed to make this a success whether it's their home game or not. (Although slightly dispiriting that we still seem to be rediscovering initiatives that were a success years ago (Cas, jungle.com, at the Valley) and being surprised that they work. )
  11. Game 1 sales not looking too bad (although amber in this plan always involves more availability than you'd expect) -
  12. Jeez he's just an embarrassment sometimes. The realignment with the RFL being proof of why breaking away was such a great idea is laughable. As is the claim that nobody knew what the RFL's other income streams were bringing in pre breakaway. It doesn't take much to see why Wigan are such a mess when this is the quality of the leadership there.
  13. A week to go in this, it's 62% funded so far.
  14. It is a one year, very competitively-priced deal. He's playing for a contract either at Leeds or elsewhere; if he stays injury free I think he'll have a big year.
  15. So the first game is bearing down on us quickly - has there been any news or hints of commentators or other members of the line up?
  16. Council owned but football club run.
  17. Signing players who have been let go by other clubs due to being troublemakers just highlights some of the administrative failings we see time and time again at Leigh. But then again, I suspect the club's name is, for myriad reasons, somewhat tarnished nowadays which probably makes player agents steer their clients away unless they're desperate.
  18. Bernard Cribbins (born 1928) and Leslie Phillips (born 1924) and Gudrun Ure (who played Supergran, born 1926)
  19. It's all kicking off. 777 and 787 aircraft are as of now affected by a NOTAM about the impact of the US's 5G new network affecting critical aircraft systems and, therefore, international airlines are busy cancelling flights left right and centre.
  20. 1 St Helens 2 Catalan 3 Leeds 4 Warrington 5 Hull KR 6 Wigan 7 Hull FC 8 Huddersfield 9 Cas 10 Wakefield 11 Salford 12 Toulouse I think Cas and Wakey and Salford will soon regret their choices of coach but Toulouse seem to have far too much going against them to realistically survive. St Helens and Catalan probably still up at/near the top whilst Leeds and Warrington are the other realistic challengers. Hull and Wigan look to be doing not very much at all just looking at the squads but maybe Wane's return will have some impact at Wigan - there won't be much in the way of exciting RL there though.
  21. One of the criteria for licencing was whether the stadium was appropriately sized to the club. The John Smiths clearly isn't, the best possible use of Davy's money would be in creating a purpose- built Rugby League ground for the club.
  22. Get a grip. I agree a bit with Carter's comments which I interpreted mostly as a concern about some teams later on in the year possibly not being as disadvantaged compared to clubs going to France earlier. (like Wakefield). But if these relatively minor difficulties arising because you like other clubs have a small band of moron players (even after getting of Ryan Hampshire) sends you into a tailspin like this then you need to man up. The French clubs have much bigger hurdles to overcome on a bi-weekly basis and if they have a rump of non vaccinated players then they really are screwed.
  23. It's supposedly around 80% across the comp so Wakey's figures are bang in line with that.
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