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  1. For some reason you are seeing things which don't exist. How strange.
  2. Danny Ward would no doubt be on a shortlist, assuming he doesn't still bear a grudge for the time he was frogmarched out of Headingley during his playing career.
  3. You could argue it really kicked in that time Sinfield became interim head coach.
  4. Serious About RL is just awful isn't it.
  5. 1 Yes although our first choice centre is out. 2 O'Connor isn't the answer 3 Not sure that's really what he's being used for 4 Mustapha has a lot to prove 5 Absolutely not
  6. The new north stand is actually quite a bit smaller, capacity wise, than the old one for various reasons. To maintain the overall seating capacity the South Stand needed to get some seats - which are predictably pretty popular.
  7. Agreed. I remember driving away from the second one there and being relieved it was over. Wrong part of Leeds, even then half empty, awful to get to (for me at least). And it didn't and never would have any features that said it was home to Leeds Rhinos.
  8. Going back to this, the one off (two off) Elland Road games sold well. If Leeds played every game there though I'm pretty confident crowd averages would fall. I certainly would struggle to justify or be enthusiastic about getting a season ticket there.
  9. Jeez I spent 20 years sitting in that stand for Leeds games and I never thought it would end up an icon. It certainly wasn't exposed to the wind like the new place though and it was good at hiding empty seats.
  10. Yes they're a fundamentally different type of full back. Walker generally can't pass but is a great runner. Connor much more creative for other players. It depends what you want from a full back (we'll see what Agar really prefers if Myler and Walker are ever both fully fit at the same time). Edit obviously you'd really like someone who has all the skills but 1998 Iestyn Harris isn't picking up the phone.
  11. Ah, one of the first sounds of Spring.
  12. Don't pretend being against morons making moronic observations is somehow anti-free speech.
  13. OK, who can spot the bit where Charnley does the thing that gets him the 2 match ban.
  14. He won the '99 Grand Final which was some acheivement, although it helped that Bradford always choked against Saints. But it's fair to say his spell wasn't entirely without incident. Who can forget that time the club suspended him (in the middle of the '99 season) and then said he'd tried to swap Keiron Cunningham for Richard Pachniuk and Tommy Martyn for Graham Holroyd? There were sit ins and all sorts of fan protests, it was amazing to watch from a distance. Then they did it all over again when they sacked Millward a few years later. Saints ban outspoken Hanley Rugby League: Hanley denies transfer claims The board then eventually did get rid of him less than six months after he won that Grand Final. St Helens sack Hanley
  15. The so-called Bradford fans who love to pile on their club on Twitter really are the worst.
  16. And yes there were some people who thought he would be appropriate to be part of the Channel 4 coverage.
  17. For some reason that tweet of his was recommended in my feed despite me not following him. I stuck him on mute as I can't imagine there ever being a post or opinion of his I'd want to see.
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