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  1. Parallels have been drawn in the US with the 1991 Louisiana gubernatorial election when, colloquially, the choice was between a racist (Trump's mate David Duke) and a crook (ex governor Edwin Edwards). They went with the crook. I'm not saying Hillary is a crook BTW but when faced with two unpalatable options you have to choose the least worst.
  2. One thing in Absolute Radio's favour is that for a number of years they have been very conscientious at not calling Rugby Union 'Rugby'. I've always assumed its someone at the station who has laid that down as a policy.
  3. Christie's politics, bluster apart, are nothing like those of Trump. But they are even less like Ted Cruz and he had almost single-handedly destroyed Rubio. So the logical endorsement would have been Kasich. But Kasich, then, didn't seem to have a chance. So it is clearly an expedient move - and one which horrified the establishment Republicans that Christie as head of the Republican Governors Association was very much part of. The endorsement was valuable to Trump as well and no doubt Christie was guaranteed a senior position in a Trump administration - he reportedly likes the thought of being Attorney General - or the VP slot. Without hitching himself to the likely Republican nominee Christie has no viable political future. He's term limited as NJ Governor and his approval ratings are so low now there that he wouldn't win anyway; if he tried going for the Senate he'd probably even struggle against Bob Menendez in the next election in 2018 if Menendez avoids going to jail before then. So hitching on the Trump bandwagon was his only option. But perhaps his 'wordless screaming' tells us everything about what he really thinks of the pact he's made with the devil.
  4. So Trump just started talking about the size of his manhood in a presidential debate Jed Bartlet he ain't.
  5. Leeds aren't "downsizing" they are redeveloping whilst retaining capacity. At a cost to Leeds RL of around £25m when it's all done. In Australia stadia are financed by regional governments - the sort of huge financial burden English owner/developer clubs like Leeds, St Helens and Warrington have to bear simply isn't present over there.
  6. I know the OP is a troll but, regardless, Leeds are going to be just fine. The absence of both McGuire and Falloon has been a killer - one or other Burrow could cover for but not both. It means Sutcliffe can't be dropped and Lilley can't be rested which isn't ideal at the moment. But give it time and things will come around, perhaps in time for a decent defence of the Challenge Cup.
  7. I don't have the book to hand but I'm sure Hull KR were already at New Craven Park in it?
  8. It's laughable. Each club in the league gets one home game over Easter. Wigan and Saints rotate who gets the home Derby on the Friday. This year it's Saints. Therefore Wigan have known they would have a home game on this Easter Monday for about 10 years! And still it's "completely outside" their control to make their ground available for it with a heavy indication that the RFL are somehow at fault!
  9. Wigan claiming "oh, we TOLD the RFL that the DW wasn't available" isn't the entire story. The reality is that Wigan are unique in the league with their lack of influence at the stadium they play at. Hull, for all their issues with the SMC, are able to play Fridays with the football the day after. Hudds seem to do OK, Salford have had one or two issues but nothing about not playing the day before their co-tenants. Leeds share with two other teams but have a very strong working relationship with YCCC and as the owners of the RL stadium have been known to move RU games to free it up for their use. During the fixture preparation process, all of the above teams give the RFL a list of dates when they can't play home games each season - it will typically be one day on a weekend here and there, a few specific dates when there is already an event on a particular day. Wigan on the other hand send the RFL a long list of entire weekends when they can't play at home because they want to play Fridays, but not Fridays on the same weekend as their landlords play on Saturdays. This is then followed by weeks on end when the stadium is unavailable due to pitch relaying. The window of opportunity for scheduling RL games at the DW is therefore much smaller than any other ground in the league. And on this occasion the RFL just couldn't shoe-horn these requirements into the fixture list. It is entirely a problem with Wigan and for Wigan to sort, not the RFL. Playing second fiddle in this way in this most famous of Rugby League towns is pitiful.
  10. It's amazing that I can't find any coverage of this match on youtube but I think this followed on from an incident in the epic London-Canberra WCC game at the Stoop in '97 when a try was given by the video ref after checking something in backplay but when Sky rolled it on subsequently the player dropped it over the line.
  11. They got all the decisions right and on one occasion overturned Thaler's call. I can't see how it failed to prove its worth in this game?
  12. Salford's website moves over the years are an interesting summary of their name changes. I see the original reds.co.uk still works (and may have some value as a url). Then they were on thereddevils.net and now reddevilsrugby.co.uk. The word Salford has never been part of the url mind you, right from the start.
  13. For reasons I can't even begin to explain I was watching a video on Youtube just now and... well... What's Rugby League if it's not war? (4m 35s in)
  14. This isn't paranoia. Over the years there have been a few BBC season-starting hatchet jobs but the one which always comes to my mind is from 2000. The day before the start of the Super League season a full edition of their 'On the Line' radio programme on 5 Live was devoted to "investigating" the state of Rugby League, with the primary evidence being a study by a student at Sheffield Hallam into 'the Economic and Financial effects of the introduction of Super League'. That piece of research can be read here - http://shura.shu.ac.uk/3161/; I've not read it in full for years but I do remember a whole bunch of straw men and factual inaccuracies. A quick glance reminds me of this - e.g. "Prior to 1996 and the BSkyB take over of rugby league's Super League, the BBC controlled the game's coverage." Not true, of course, but the phraseology tells you everything - other sports negotiate new TV deals; in Rugby League the TV company "takes over".
  15. Selling Headingley is unthinkable to management and fans. Apart from its incalculable cultural and emotional significance to our sport (way more than any of the other grounds we have lost, even Pie Park), Leeds have already invested £12m in improvements to it over the past decade or so and would never recoup that cash from a sale. Many other clubs moved because their grounds were falling down and/or they couldn't make money there because there were no proper corporate facilities. This doesn't apply to Leeds - these proposed improvements are to enhance what is already by far the biggest income generating property in British Rugby League. As for better transport links, I don't think any other stadium in Super League has two stations so close to it - there is one pretty much at the end of the road, how much closer do you need! I have no idea what "better bars" means; Headingley stadium has no lack of them and Headingley itself has seemingly dozens of them. Leeds are fortunate that YCCC are able to share the burden of building many of the shared facilities, especially the corporate stuff which they both fill (although Leeds much more often) and which they both need. The cricket club are nearly bankrupt though; their benefactors may stump up the cash but their ability to fund this, alongside whether Leeds City Council will give it planning permission, are the main doubts I have about whether the whole project will come to pass. There have been plenty of false promises and nice artists' impressions in the past - from the 1988 north stand rebuild to the 1995 four new stands project to the new all-standing south stand which actually got planning permission a couple of years ago. Let's wait and see although this one seems to be more definite than those and has a key deadline of 2019 for the cricket world cup. My main takeaway from this is how much money Leeds RLFC are able to generate. Whereas most other clubs have either sold their stadium to fund a new one, or had a new stadium built for them, Leeds will end up spending around £25m out of their own funds to rebuild their existing ground. It's unprecedented and reflects on just how wisely Hetherington has built the business up over the past 20 years.
  16. It was a long leasehold - you don't just offset the cost of buying it against one year's income. IIRC it was a 99 year lease, around nine years in. So the RFL could reasonably write the £1.25m off equally over the next 90 years or so. Say they charge to Bradford £75k a year, a trivial amount really for stadium rental but over the period the RFL own the lease for a very good return. The real question is who is responsible for stadium upkeep as this was the thing the Bulls highlighted as dragging them under more than anything.
  17. Constantly saying it doesn't begin to make it true Wigan had plenty of chances to win, they didn't have a winning mentality.As for Sam Burgess, the exit of any player from any club against the club's wishes is difficult and there is almost always resentment from official and fans. I can understand that from the perspective of Bath fans. But Mike Ford complaining about people not fulfilling their obligations? That's just too funny.
  18. We were so excited to see the mighty Kangaroos in 1982 that as many as 67k turned out to see them in the test series (over 25k less than this year's Kiwi tour) whilst none of the club games attracted anything near the crowd that watched Leeds-NZ this year. RL's past is something to be proud of but let's not play the old game of claiming that makes today awful in comparison.
  19. Good backup prop with, still, the potential for more (even if unlikely to produce it now). Did a lot of good work for Leeds and won so many penalties it wasn't funny - largely due to opposition players not being able to control themselves at the sight of him. Very good disciplinary record all things considered given the role he was required to play. An interesting signing but one which you can see working out.
  20. They also sponsor Leeds quite a bit, including title rights to the Boxing Day game vs Wakey.
  21. They are quite a large company now and have a few around ncluding the giant original Harry Ramsden's in Guiseley which is the most famous F&C location in the world.
  22. So the referee for third test will be determined by a panel of three after reviewing the first two games. Steve Ganson, Chairman of the Match Officials Appointment Panel; Luke Watts, the New Zealand National Referee Development Officer; Thierry Alibert, Head of Match Officials, France. I foresee Alibert having the casting vote in that one.
  23. More Leeds-based businesses put more money into Rugby League than those in any other city. It makes no sense to leave them behind, never mind that it is at the centre of one of the great Rugby League hotbeds.
  24. It's not closed - it's still there, it's just the website, disgracefully, isn't working properly. When it comes up with the "event no longer in list" thing, click on 'Match Tickets/Single Tickets", then try again and you'll get the stadium map and the ability to buy tickets. Really poor from the RFL's website ticket partners.
  25. According to Sporting Life, "Just 5,000 of the 49,500 tickets remain" for Saturday's game. Assuming that is properly sourced, does anyone know why the stated capacity is lower than we previously thought? Presumably the stadium already has screens etc so shouldn't have the Old Trafford problem?
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