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Lotto Super Jackpot winner to share £10k

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  • Cheryl Rees ended up £10,000 better off thanks to this week’s Lotto Super Jackpot.
  • Winner plans to share winnings with family and charity.
  • You too could win the same amount for just £1 per week in aid of our Youth Academy.

Cheryl Rees was in shock when she discovered she had won £10,000 through the Wigan Warriors Lotto… but quickly regained her composure to share the jackpot with her family and a charity close to her heart.

The Wrea Green-based Warrior was the selected recipient of the five figure sum during the second of this year’s bi-annual Lotto ‘Super Jackpot’ draws, which was successfully and charismatically hosted by Liam Marshall on a live Facebook stream, in lieu of being able to host it at a DW Stadium home fixture as usual.

With Club legend and executive director Kris Radlinski also on hand to hit the button and start the draw, Cheryl’s number was the one selected at random from all those involved in the draw for as little as £1 per week.

Many fans are keen Lotto players simply because they’re aware that taking part helps to fund the Club’s Youth Academy and other Rugby League development initiatives in our area, with the winning a welcome – and often unexpected – bonus, as sales director Geoff Warburton explains.

“Cheryl was in shock when I called to tell her that she’d won; she didn’t realise that her weekly entry fee qualified her for the Super Jackpot,” he admitted.

“She told me that she was simply happy to be part of Lotto because of the way it supports our Academy and helps so many players into the first team, but she was over the moon with the win.

“Her plan is to share the money with her family and a charity that she supports, which is a wonderful use of the money.”

To follow in Cheryl’s footsteps, all you need to do is visit our Lotto sign-up page and you can become an entrant in the weekly draw by committing to a Direct Debit payment of just £1 per week, taken as an evenly-split payment of £4.34 each month.

With a weekly jackpot prize of £1,000, a rollover sum of up to £7,500 per week (rises by £100 per week until it’s won) and countless other prizes, including the two £10,000 Super Jackpot draws each year, it’s the best Lotto you can possibly join!

Wigan Warriors LottoWigan Warriors Lotto

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