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fevnut’s musings 2021/#11: Are they trying to kill rugby league?, Beware Halifax and heading to a possible new Fev record.

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Greetings to our friends in Halifax

Every week fevnut writes a blog that includes his ‘musings’ column.

Although it is primarily about Fev (obviously) fans of our opposition teams have enjoyed taking a look.

This week we look at the consequence of the abandonment of reserve teams and the huge number of youngsters who have been left without the opportunity to actually play.

We also warn that we must not be complacent about our match against Halifax on Sunday. Finally, we look at player milestones for our current squad and the potential to establish a new record in Fev’s 100 year history.

Access the article by using the link below and then by using the links on the right hand side of the page you can find all sorts of information pertinent to the match coming up on Sunday, including pages about the current Halifax squad and players who have played for both clubs, this week’s referee and another about the history of matches between Halifax and Fev.

We just wish we could have met up with some of you at the match.


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