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Jimmy DoNut

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I been thinking, since we beat Newcastle Thunder in the 2019 Promotion Final, our club has had nothing but BAD LUCK, none of its own doing. All clubs experience it from time to time, but surely not like us! Consider all this:-

2019 - Scott Naylor and Pete Carey resigned as coaches, Richie Hawkyard chose to leave, Zack McComb chose to sign for Sheffield, Paul Crook retired as a player, Scott Law & Emerson Whittel went to Australia, Kyran Johnson picked up a very bad injury against Thunder & hardly played again, Dec Kay never played for the club again, match-winner Jimmy Beckett returned to his parent club. The lateness of the final meant that many talented & experienced Championship players had already been snapped up by other clubs.

2020 - Matt Diskin, a fabulous Super League player, and experienced Championship coach, was appointed but sadly that didn't work out ultimately with Matt leaving the club mid-season in 2021, COVID struck and our club was effected more than most due to the terrible illness suffered by Brendan Sheridan, the squad being put together for 2021 post-COVID was decimated before a ball was kicked when 3 players, two of whom were key players, Cam Leeming, Ed Smith and Matty Wilkinson, were ruled out indefinitely (Leeming and Smith were forced to retire as players, Wilkinson was ruled out for the whole year).

2021 - In the first pre-season match Phil Joy picked up a bad injury and has missed much of this year, new signing Ben Heaton started well but was then injured and has missed much of the year, Jack Croft was brought in on a season-long loan but was badly injured in his second game after scoring the winning try against Halifax in his first, Louis Senior came in on loan but was recalled by his parent club after one game, some players have failed to live up to expectations as Championship players, as a result of all the injuries too much has been asked of the young players brought in as cover in the main. 

So there we have it, it's a tough gig in the Championship and a club like ours needs a bit of luck. We have had none!

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When you put it like that, we've certainly struggled with some bad luck!

Definitely agree that injuries to key personnel never helped us. Croft looked amazing against fax, most people would've thought Heaton would starting centre all season, by rights he should've been.


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