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#2905012 Social Media

Posted by Ex-Kirkholt on 24 March 2014 - 01:09 PM

Rochdale Hornets must have got another new twitter follower on the back of yesterdays victory as it now stands at 3071.


The Facebook page has 2529 friends.

#2846534 Obituary Corner

Posted by Ex-Kirkholt on 02 December 2013 - 10:46 PM

Another reggae legend passes on - RIP Junior Murvin of "Police & Thieves" fame.



#2818865 Long lost amateur clubs

Posted by Ex-Kirkholt on 27 October 2013 - 03:24 PM

Edit: I've been looking at the Pennine League tables for that year (on your facebook page) and it shows we were in div 3 and Kirkholt were div 8. Now, either this was a cup game (Rochdale Reilly) or someone else played on your pitch and I'm getting mixed up. I remember the pitch well, the top right hand corner (playing towards the road) used to go up the hill.

I think you might be getting mixed up here - the pitch you describe sounds a bit like Spotland Rangers who played in Balderstone Park which is right on the edge of Kirkholt, near Oldham Road.


I played in every game for Kirkholt that season and I went to the Oldham v Cas game at Wigan.  I think both David and Glen Liddiard played for Oldham that day, Oldham lost and there was quite a bit of fighting during and after the game.


Also - the game I mentioned in my original post was Kirkholt 'A', don't know whether it was Tameside 'A' though.

#2815634 Long lost amateur clubs

Posted by Ex-Kirkholt on 24 October 2013 - 09:48 AM

I played for Kirkholt WMC a few times against Tameside.  Pitch was at Medlock (?) sports centre and then went back to Droylsden CC for a drink.  Brought back some memories when I went back to Droylsden CC when my son was playing cricket for Bamford-Fieldhouse CC as u13/u15.


I remeber a particularly bad-tempered game there when Tameside had a huge stand-off who was a good footballer and pretty handy in the "pugilism" department and I think he dispatched a couple of ours to the sideline  - :tongue:


I always enjoed playing Emley Moor, decent footballers and no headbangers.  I remeber going back to a pub, post-game, where they had hand pulled Stones Bitter which was really good, especially compared to the abomination that they put into cans.


Stainland were a good club as well - I remember playing on the wing in an early season game and nearly being hit by a cricket ball from the game in the next field. 

#2766768 Anyone visited or lived in remote parts of the world?

Posted by Ex-Kirkholt on 13 August 2013 - 03:27 AM

Two areas that are fairly wild and unvisited in the UK are Torridon in Northwest Scotland and Otterburn/Kielder in Northumberland; both beautiful and remote locations.


In 1983 I did my undergraduate geological mapping project on Raasay in the Hebrides and spent 8 weeks there.  When you climbed to the higher points, if you looked West the view was the Cuillin on Skye, built of igneous rock that is younger than the dinosaurs (65M yrs).  When you looked East, the view was over Torridon, its red sandstone (1000M+ yrs) predates the earliest "macrofossils" such as trilobites etc. Incredible.


Raasay was great, most of the islanders were Scottish Gaelic speakers who would always switch to English when we were around. Most were Free Presbyterians or Free Church of Scotland - Sunday observance was very important to them.