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  1. Squeezing Out Sparks is a brilliant album but his best track by far is Mercury Poisoning
  2. Twin Peaks this week - the scene with Gordon, Albert, the French lady and the bottle of wine was hilarious
  3. Absolutely. Lots of tiny threads. 3 Dale Coopers. David Lynch is brilliant as Gordon Cole. How are they going to tie this all together ? It is great to see how many of the original cast are involved 25 years on !! Hellloooo-oooo !!!
  4. Another one from a German perspective is "The Forgotten Soldier" by Guy Sajer. The twist here is that he was a Frenchman from Alsace with a German mother who fought for Germany. It is a very harrowing story although some doubts have been cast on its authenticity.
  5. I saw that in the 99p sale. Caught my eye as I'm reading Anthony Beevor's "D-Day". Great book with lots of detail and great sub-stories. The one fault is keep having to refer back to the maps all the time to make some sort of geographical sense. They should issue the maps as separate sheets ! The interesting point he makes again and again (and also came out in "Italy's Sorrow" by James Holland) is what an effective fighting force the Germans still were in 1944.
  6. "Red or Dead" - David Peace's fictionalised account of Bill Shankly's time at Liverpool FC. Very stylised but a good read all the same.
  7. I think you might be getting mixed up here - the pitch you describe sounds a bit like Spotland Rangers who played in Balderstone Park which is right on the edge of Kirkholt, near Oldham Road. I played in every game for Kirkholt that season and I went to the Oldham v Cas game at Wigan. I think both David and Glen Liddiard played for Oldham that day, Oldham lost and there was quite a bit of fighting during and after the game. Also - the game I mentioned in my original post was Kirkholt 'A', don't know whether it was Tameside 'A' though.
  8. We played on a couple of pitches - one was just a bit closer to Rochdale than Cuthberts on Oldham Rd called Spring Hill and the other was at Hill Top School which became part of the set of the BBCs Waterloo Road "drama". This was right on the side of the M62. We had a few big lads but 6'7" is a bit too tall !! I also preferred the Pennine to the NWCL although I only played 1 season in the NWCL. If you are a Facebook user, I created a page with photos, league tables, match reports from th the team - just search for Kirkholt WMC.
  9. I played for Kirkholt WMC a few times against Tameside. Pitch was at Medlock (?) sports centre and then went back to Droylsden CC for a drink. Brought back some memories when I went back to Droylsden CC when my son was playing cricket for Bamford-Fieldhouse CC as u13/u15. I remeber a particularly bad-tempered game there when Tameside had a huge stand-off who was a good footballer and pretty handy in the "pugilism" department and I think he dispatched a couple of ours to the sideline - I always enjoed playing Emley Moor, decent footballers and no headbangers. I remeber going back to a pub, post-game, where they had hand pulled Stones Bitter which was really good, especially compared to the abomination that they put into cans. Stainland were a good club as well - I remember playing on the wing in an early season game and nearly being hit by a cricket ball from the game in the next field.
  10. Malcolm Price coached Kirkholt WMC, before I was involved and also presented the Rochdale Charity Cup (to our captain) in 1990. http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=404364882928141&set=oa.407309505970142&type=3&theater Kirkholt had another Todmorden link when they were coached by ex-Hornet Norman Brelsford who hailed from tod.
  11. I think they both used the same changing rooms but Silsden played on the adjacent pitch whereas to get to Rangers you had to walk through an estate to play in a sloping field with a telephone cable running just above the pitch. Might have posted this before but one of them used to go back to the fantastically named "Warp Dressers & Twisters Social Club".
  12. A few short-lived/disappeared sides from the 80s/90s who played against or around the same time as Kirkholt WMC :- Smallbridge - Rochdale Freemasons - a Milnrow based pub team run by Mayfield legend John O'Donovan Heyside Eagles - Royton side run from Heyside Cricket Club Watersheddings Wanderers - based at Oldham Cricket Club Shaw - Oldham (Where Iestyn Harris started) Chadderton - Oldham Failsworth - Oldham Moston Rangers Greater Manchester Police Calder Vale - Mytholmroyd, Halifax Mixenden - Halifax Ovenden Way - Halifax Paddock - Huddersfield Milnsbridge - Huddersfield Silsden Rangers - Keighley Adlington Weaverham Are any of these still going ?
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