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  1. make sure you go on BBC.co.uk. If you go via BBC.com, RL will not be on the navigation bar. If you are accessing with via proxy, this can cause you to switch to BBC.com even if you type in BBC.co.uk
  2. I went to watch my old university team, Hull, take on (Rochdale) Mayfield from the Conference Premier division in the first round of this year's Challenge Cup. It was not a full strength Mayfield side but the University gave a great account of themselves and only lost by 10 points. I finished at Hull in 1984 and it is amazing to see how the student game has moved on since then. Actually turning out 15 players could be the most difficult part !! Now a lot of clubs turn out two sides which is great for the game. A big difference that I noticed at Hull was how many "locals" now attend the University - I assume that this is the same at other universities. This can have a major positive impact on the student game in that you have a bunch of players who have been playing since they were young and come "fully formed" instead of having to be taught the game from scratch. It also good for RL "newbies" to have experienced players around them.
  3. The points I made were very general but your detail is correct. I should have put "wide bottomed" trousers. I was trying to say that a lot of people believe that everyone who liked rock 'n' roll was a ted or every young man wearing a jacket in 1964 was a mod which was not the case. It is a shame to see the lack of "youth cults" these days, it was always interesting to see (and hear) what would come next.
  4. A lot of this is peoples perceptions of history. A number of music books that I have read have said that the the "Ted" era had pretty much died out before Elvis appeared. The Ted scene wasn't particularly music based, yet everyone associates old style "rock 'n' roll" with Teds whereas it should be more aligned with the "rockers" who are mostly remembered due to the 60s battles with modernists. In the 60s, unlike the 70s onwards, most young men would go for a night out in suit or a least a jacket, the difference with mods was that instead of the traditional look, their suits were based on Italian styles. As you say, there were only a small number of punks but they had a big influence on fashion virtually killing off "flares" single-handedly (barring the Northern Soul scene) and getting rid of a lot of long hair hairstyles.
  5. If you go to Swanage, you can see this mural near the pier. It even has the original on the wall ""
  6. Ken and Walter were father and son GB Lions as well ! RIP
  7. That's a great result and a credit to the officers. The thing is they are development officers, when they have got things going the hope is that there will be enough "engaged" local people to pick up the reins and carry on the good work.
  8. " I was outside the one stop, when I saw her in the coin-op, " " When she finished her laundry, she was all in a quandary " Genius !!!
  9. No problem with correcting it - must just be one of those made up memories !! Might have been combining two episodes - although this one appears to be in the original "Likely Lads" not the later "Whatever " - https://www.comedy.co.uk/tv/the_likely_lads/episodes/1/7/
  10. I think Don Brennan, Ivy's husband, ran a junior RL team and he was sacked by Mike Baldwin for using the company van to transport the kids around.
  11. There is an episode of "Last of the Summer Wine" where, in the cafe, you can see a small poster advertising an Underbank v Mayfield game.
  12. Diana Dors in "All Our Saturdays" - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_Our_Saturdays
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