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12 May 2014 - 07:43 PM

The police side of this thing is blown out of proportion.  What probably happened is this:


- Pompous and over-sensitive UKIP councillor gets the hump about people daring to criticise UKIP.  Much like the Daily Mail comments section if you dare to criticise them.

- Police Sgt or maybe even a bored Inspector looks at it, wonders what the problem is then sends round a couple of policemen to ask the accused blogger his side of the story, thinking that there must be more to this than they're reading.  Attending policemen probably asked a few naive questions, not understanding the technology especially the one who didn't know what twitter was, and then asked the blogger if he intended to remove them now the guy complained, stating clearly that he didn't have to and wasn't breaking any law.  Policemen get on with their next case of a woman complaining that squirrels were threatening her cats and wondering why they had drawn today's short-straw of dealing with idiot complaints.  Police consign complaint to bin, thinking that's it all over and done with.

- Blogger gets all rightly upset about the UKIP numpty and complains himself to others, including his local MP, who then gets in touch with the media who blow the police's part in this way out of any realistic proportion.


I don't think the police did anything wrong and the versions of the story I've read in the various papers put far too much false emphasis on the police's actions rather than concentrating on the swivel-eyed and self-important UKIP councillor.


Unfortunately you are missing one important piece of information. (But then again if you get all your 'facts' from that rag The Guardian then what do you expect!!)


The Green party member mocked up a UKIP 'online poster'. Using all the official type, logo, colours, layout etc, but instead writing things that were not official UKIP policies.


He then distributed this around Twitter, but did not identify that it was 'a joke' ( yes I know many people alter election posters for laughs), hence it was considered official.


I don't agree with policeman going round houses, I am worried about how the county police knew who had wrote it, and I really am unsure whether there is any laws concerning 'political campaign impersonating'


Nevertheless I do not think it is good for politics for Labour to pretend being Conservative, for Conservative pretending to be Liberal, for Liberal being UKIP etc.


I know this was online, but if it had been posted through my letterbox (a UKIP leaflet created by the Green Party) I would not consider that fair play.


I don't think what the Green blogger did was right.


(Oh and Julien Huppert the Muppet - who we will be saying au revoir to in 2015 - should keep his gob shut.)