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In Topic: UKIPpery

27 February 2015 - 08:18 PM

The whole thing about racism has been completely overblown by people of the left-wing.


I will probably be voting for UKIP in May, and the issue for me as well as 80% of UKIP voters is a cultural one not a racial one.


Rozanna Duncan is a sad deluded woman who sounds like she has mental problems. If UKIP had have vetted their candidates properly she wouldn't have even been allowed entry into the party. I am glad UKIP HQ kicked her ###### out but really they need to be so much more professional with these matters.


Personally I just want to see the culture of my country defended. And for a multitude of reasons I don't think our government gives a hoot about doing that.


Last year I visited Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania (just Pogradec) and Northern Greece. Why did I visit? Because I wanted to visit the true culture of proud nations that had not yet been ruined by globalisation and multiculturalism.


Coincidentally on the flight there I sat next to a Bulgarian girl of 24 years who visited England for three weeks and she said that she hated London because she never met many English people whilst there. I completely understand her point. Sofia would not be Sofia without Bulgarians living there.


When we consider the culture of indigenous peoples, the culture of third world countries, or even the culture of small nations such as Ireland or Scotland there seems to be a reverence for it.


We have respect for Tomas de Zumalacarregui for defending Basque culture, or W. B. Yeats for defending Irish culture, yet nobody seems to give two damns about England.


I will be visiting China on holiday on Tuesday and no doubt will see things that I don't see here in England. I hope I do.


We rightly spend so much effort on defending biodiversity, well we should be doing the same for cultural diversity.


As you can probably guess I have a dislike for globalisation, neoliberalism, multiculturalism, mass immigration, and multinational companies that I believe collectively are destroying some of the true greatness of our world, including my own England, the nation I cherish.


That is why I am voting UKIP.


Oh and just to note no I am not a 90 year old war veteran, I was born in the early 1990s actually.