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The Tories Are Whipping Up Sectarian Divides In East London

16 May 2014 - 11:15 PM





These are images from the Conservative Party's EU Campaign that were handed out to Muslims after Friday prayers in Newham in East London.


I can't help but think that this is completely pandering to Muslims and shows not only desperation by the Conservatives but two-facedness too.


One leaflet says that they want to give Muslims free parking outside the mosque, safety railings outside the mosque, opposition to betting shops in Newham.


Surely religious buildings are 'private' though right? So why the hell should local government be paying for parking and railings for a religious building?


Furthermore the Tories have allowed betting shops to swamp our high streets up and down the country, so why are they pandying to a Muslim area on this front? What happened to the 'free market economics' they preach?


A second leaflet says "I don't support the Tories in their national policies, but locally, here in Newham, they are our best bet to stop the Labour cartel that's killing our community and kids. That's why, after 19 years, I will be voting Conservative on 22nd May."


The Tories are completely disowning their national policies. It's almost like they will say anything to get Muslim votes.


Secondly I am no Labour supporter but what exactly have Labour done in Newham to tarnish them with 'killing our community and kids'???


A third leaflet, written in Urdu, Gujurati and Bengali (but not in English) says on the subject of representation "We have one of the biggest council/resident mismatches in the country. In senior council positions, there are 7 times more gays and 3 times less ethnic minorities than the resident population. The vast majority of council managers describe themselves as atheist while Newham is the most religious borough in the UK. A gay council boss and councillor have even been caught with their pants down in Wanstead Flats".


Should it really matter how many atheists or gays are on a council?? Why should this be a main issue in an EU election?


The article from Breitbart London, whose offices are in East London and got the leaflets, also says that the Conservative Party have picked a Muslim candidate who will support the building of a "mega-mosque" in the borough, something the incumbent Labour Councillor didn't support, probably because s/he doesn't want to turn the borough into a complete Muslim area.


Or perhaps it's because the organisation behind the building are a militaristic school of Islam with links to tribal Afghanistan and Pakistan - as reported in The Independent in 2012.


The Conservatives are now picking ex-Respect Party candidates (George Galloway's lot) in a bid to win seats.


Newham borough has 54 Labour councillors (out of 54) and a Labour Mayor, and was recently being investigated for postal vote fudging.


The borough is now only 16.7% English (according to Wikipedia it went from 54% English in 2001 to 16% in 2011), has the highest fertility rate in Britain, and in 2011 was 32% Muslim.


Which means these leaflets have also annoyed the 67% of Newham who aren't Muslim.


"I was just shocked when I saw the leaflet. When I saw the outline of the mosque on it, it just reminded me of the sort of sectarian thing you see in Tower Hamlets. I don't want the same extremism and divisive politics in our borough, and I certainly don't expect it from the Tories. I thought it was a spoof when I first saw it". - Newham resident.




The Tories have said they support integrating immigrants into 'British culture and values' but these leaflets suggest otherwise. They have said they support all immigrants knowing English, but yet write their campaign leaflets in other languages. Some of their policies are blatantly pro-muslim and are akin to giving public money for religious projects, they also appear to isolate gays and atheists. They also seem to be completely different to what they say at a national level. They have also made links with those that were in the Respect Party.


The Tories have proven they have no ###### values or morals. They will say anything to get votes.


The whole thing stinks. I'm fed up with the Tories. I'm still reeling after the Labour Party's immigration record of 1997-2010 which has destroyed this nation, and I'm fed up the Tories being two-faced rich ###### bastards.


I hope this gets reported more, as I feel that voters on a national level have a right to know what is being sent to voters at regional levels.