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People living in Western Cumberland - how rich are you?!

19 November 2014 - 09:13 PM

The Telegraph have published a lovely map of England, Scotland and Wales detailing how much the average worker earns in different council areas.


It has been colour coded so you get a great sense of where all the rich people live!


As you can guess London, Surrey, Middlesex, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Aberdeenshire, Renfrewshire, and parts of Kent, Buckinghamshire come out on top with many people earning ~£650 a week.


Whereas Cornwall, Devon, Norfolk, Pembrokeshire, Caernarfonshire, Moray, Orkney, Argyll and Shetland seem to have lots of low earners - ~£380 per week.


What did surprise me was that an area of Cumberland called 'Copeland' (never been there!) was bright neon red! with people earning £503 per week.


This makes that part of Cumberland the second wealthiest council area north of St Albans in Herts (East Renfrewshire being top)


This area is classic Rugby League territory - so I presume there will be some people living there on the forum. Why are you guys all so rich then???!!




Rugby League Rich List!


Wandsworth - £660.90

Copeland - £503

Warrington - £441

Cheshire - £420

East Yorkshire - £418

Leeds - £412

Liverpool - £411

Calderdale - £409

Wigan - £402

Allerdale - £401

Salford - £395

St Helens - £387

Manchester - £382

Knowsley - £377

Wakefield - £373

Bradford - £364

Barrow - £364

Hull - £334

West Somerset - £287.30



Has England improved since 2008? Can we win the next World Cup?

08 November 2014 - 04:05 PM

Now that we are pretty much out of the 2014 Four Nations, I would like to ask all that since 2008, has the England team actually got any better?


I must admit that I did originally think that in England in 2008 and 2009 were a bit amateurish - again both on the pitch and off it. However many people have stuck with the team and we are in such an exciting position now.


It is easy to look at the negatives (and there have been two tiny ones in this tournament!) but I genuinely do believe we are on the edge of glory.


The New Zealand team is strong, but aren't exactly going anywhere, Australia as a team are declining and I think they will continue to do so - their golden era is over. Teams like Samoa, PNG, and France have improved but England have consistently been able to get a good result.


If we carry on with the progress we have made than we will win the World Cup in 2017. Our luck will have turned by then and we will learn from these near-misses. We are playing top quality Rugby League - whether it be our Super League boys or our NRL ones.


Of course it will be hard in Australia and NZ in 2017 but this is exactly the kind of challenge we need. We need to stick with England now and focus on the big prize at the end of the tunnel. We also need to keep our top players in the sport. We cannot afford to let players of Sam Burgess' quality switch codes if we are to win in 2017.


What do you guys think? Has there been improvement? Are we improving enough to win next years Four Nations or the 2017 Cup?




Tony Smith Era


2008 TM: England 56-8 France

2008 TM: England 74-0 Wales


2008 WC: England 32-22 Papua New Guinea

2008 WC: England 4-52 Australia

2008 WC: England 24-36 New Zealand

2008 WC: England 22-32 New Zealand


2009 TM: England 66-12 France

2009 TM: England 48-12 Wales


2009 FN: England 34-12 France

2009 FN: England 16-26 Australia

2009 FN: England 20-12 New Zealand

2009 FN: England 16-46 Australia


Steve McNamara Era


2010 TM: England 60-6 France


2010 FN: England 10-24 New Zealand

2010 FN: England 14-34 Australia

2010 FN: England 36-10 Papua New Guinea


2011 TM: England 32-18 France


2011 FN: England 42-4 Wales

2011 FN: England 20-36 Australia

2011 FN: England 28-6 New Zealand

2011 FN: England 8-30 Australia


2012 TM: England 80-12 Wales

2012 TM: England 44-6 France

2012 TM: England 48-4 France


2013 WC: England 20-28 Australia

2013 WC: England 42-10 Ireland

2013 WC: England 34-12 Fiji

2013 WC: England 34-6 France

2013 WC: England 18-20 New Zealand


2014 FN: England 32-26 Samoa

2014 FN: England 12-16 Australia

2014 FN: England 14-16 New Zealand




England v New Zealand: Played 7, Won 2.

England v Australia: Played 7, Won 0.

England v European Teams: Played 13, Won 13.

England v Oceanic Teams: Played 4, Won 4.


Tony Smith's England: Played 12, Won 7.

Steve McNamara's England: Played 20, Won 12.