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In Topic: 25/07/14 - St Helens v Widnes Vikings KO 8pm

Today, 01:22 PM

We've struggled against Widnes a bit over the last few years, and if they continue where they left off against Warrington last week then we'll have our work cut out. Our win win loss pattern also suggests that we'll come up short in this one.


Walsh's return will no doubt help. Could go either way but I'm reasonably optimistic that we can get the points. It won't but much of a surprise either way though.

Although we get Walsh back, we've lost Hohaia and Hohaia is a calm head on that pitch.  Not so sure about Walsh.  Also, Walsh has been out for weeks, proving to be pretty unreliable really which is a shame, and then if Wheeler plays the last time he was at six was when? Months ago?  So I think we could fall down on our halves this time out.  Our forwards though have no excuse!

In Topic: 24/07/14 - Hull FC v Castleford Tigers KO 8pm (TV)

Today, 05:47 AM

As for the Hauraki incident on Abdull, it looked like Hauraki was frustrated at not being able to get up quickly, possibly due to Abdull already being injured but the Cas man's knee movements only made things worse and could get him in a fair bit of trouble. Abdull has been taken to hospital with what's been reported as a bad neck injury, if the RFL decide Hauraki's actions played any part in that then he may well miss the rest of the season.

Apparently concussion and whiplash.  From what was seen on TV I can't see how Hauraki could cause whiplash as his knee just didn't move enough for that and Abdul was already on the floor.  Maybe he was injured going down in the tackle?  But I'm no medic.

In Topic: smoking at stadiums

Yesterday, 03:31 PM

you miss the point entirely which is about the dichotomy of teaching healthy lifestyles in clubs' schools and community programmes and allowing smoking.


There are many anti pollution campaigns going on worldwide and locally.


But I would start by not allowing polluting industries and buses onto the terraces of rugby league grounds.. There are laws governing the working conditions of those who work in all forms of industry: suggest you google 'health and safety at work act'

There is no contradiction because while a club may work in schools and community programmes to further the healthy living ethos (and frankly I don't agree with them doing that; they're a rugby league club and so should just be furthering rugby league), they are doing that with children, not adults.  The rules of living in this world are not the same for adults as for children.  Children are the responsibility of certain adults.  Adults are responsible for themselves. 

In Topic: SQL: 7th Heaven with a twist

Yesterday, 02:10 PM

There will be 3 scoring options - choose 1,2 or 3 - 2


1) How many home wins    4

2) How many away losses   4

3) Total number of tries (to nearest 10) - Bonus if exact    70

4) Total number of goals (to nearest 10) - Bonus if exact   50

5) How many hat tricks    3

6) How many try doubles (to nearest 3) - Bonus if exact   5

7) How many teams beginning with "W" will win     2

8] How many teams beginning with "H" will lose     1

9) Game with the biggest winning margin       Bradford-Wigan

10) Game with the smallest winning margin     Salford-Leeds


Bonus - Order of the League table at the end of the weekends fixtures. Point for each team in the correct position


Saints (more in hope than expectation given our w/l sequence!)








Hull KR



Hull FC



In Topic: smoking at stadiums

Yesterday, 11:46 AM


Maybe the smoking areas in grounds could be covered in anti smoking propaganda.

As a former smoker I can inform you with certainty that not a single smoker would notice it.  The problem is that there has been way too much anti smoking propaganda in recent years.  The noise has been so loud that smokers are now deaf to it all.