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In Topic: European Refugee Crisis

Yesterday, 09:32 PM

Oh, make no mistake about it, Cameron can be pressured into doing the right thing.

What is the 'right thing'?


I would go with what is proposed in the latest news, ie a greater number of Syrians but offered asylum directly from the UN refugee camps as that ensures the people receiving asylum are genuine asylum seekers and not economic migrants.  I hope that is the line Cameron takes rather than opening the doors to those who have come through Europe because that will just encourage the traffickers and the economic migrants.




I would also be very careful as to the numbers.  I notice that local councils have said any refugees must be 'fully funded' by central government.  Now there's a surprise.

In Topic: 3 Sept: Super 8s - Huddersfield Giants v Castleford Tigers KO 8pm (TV)

Yesterday, 08:45 PM

That was a shocking decision by the video refs.  No way was there enough evidence that his hand had stayed on the ball to overturn the on field decision.  Dear me.

In Topic: European Refugee Crisis

Yesterday, 04:51 PM

Someone says the UK is doing a bulk of the work in the Med.  I say they are not.

Someone says the 2 ships Germany has deployed is a poor commitment.  I say that it is double what we have deployed. 


You say I am wrong. 


Germany have deployed 2 ships.  We have deployed one.  Which bit of that is wrong?

Whoosh.  You ignored my response completely.  No point in me saying anything further if you aren't bothered about responding to what I have already written.

In Topic: European Refugee Crisis

Yesterday, 04:50 PM

Even Piers Morgan in the Daily Mail is more sympathetic than some people on here.


I thought it'd be a cold, dark day in hell before I agreed wholeheartedly with Morgan but on this he could be writing my opinion word for word.

You are confusing sympathy with rational thought.  Since you cannot see into the minds and lives of the people who post on here you have no idea where their sympathies lie.  What you do see, however, are some people wanting to discuss the practical realities rather than emotional responses. 


My earlier link to the most recent Guardian article about the Franco-German pact has gone unnoticed but in it is a clear signal by both governments that economic migrants will be returned home.  That in itself is recognition that not all these migrants are refugees.  Also, an amazing number of them are fit young men, as I've said before.  Yet nobody seems to think that is a tad suspicious.  If they are fit, young Syrian men then they should be back home fighting for their country.

In Topic: Labour leadership contest

Yesterday, 04:40 PM

I went to hear Andy Burnham at a Q & A event in Bradford last night. He was very impressive and far from the policy vacuum some would portray him as. I'm glad I've voted for him.


That this thread has been sidetracked for several pages (again) discussing what Jeremy Corbyn may or may not have meant by a statement he uttered several years ago is one of the reasons I think he is unsuitable to lead the Labour Party. We will spend the next five years arguing over what he's said in the past, rather than looking ahead to what needs doing now.

Yep.  In The Times today Corbyn is reported to have 'failed to act' over Islington child abuse cases in the 1980s.  A lot of things could come back to haunt him and I don't see any let up in the press digging them up.