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In Topic: Superstitious Cult vote to become (slightly) less sexist.

Yesterday, 08:59 PM

nobody is mocking people in the first place.

I'm not sure why you are invoking people with disability. Disabilty is ripe for mockery it deserves it. It's a way of dealing with it. I know from close up. 


What is being mocked is the fairy tales that some people believe.

I used disability for no reason other than it was there.  I could just have easily have chosen any from a number of other 'groups' (although I don't like grouping people).


I'm not disabled and so I don't think it would be appropriate for me to mock anyone else's disability.  How people with disabilities deal with their situation is entirely up to them.


At least you agree that faith is being mocked on here anyway.

In Topic: The Lib Dems

Yesterday, 08:53 PM

The problem is that a lot of them aren't paying anything like this in tax, they're avoiding it. And £500K is chicken feed.  The people who are avoiding the most tax are "earning" multi millions.  They and their companies use the services of this country, the NHS, if not for themselves for their employees, the police, the armed services, the fire brigade, they use the public roads and the subsidised trains.  But they don't want to pay for them.  They want the rest of us to pay for them.


it's not the politics of envy, it's the politics of greed, this government won't even pay NHS employees the 1% pay rise the independent assessors say is due to them. Cameron should be ashamed of himself

Oh rubbish.  What the present government is balking at doing at a time when others have to lump it is pay NHS staff 1% pay rise AND their usual yearly incremental payment.  All public sector staff have two pay rises a year: an incremental rise and a cost of living rise.  The government are requiring that they make a choice due to the continued scarcity of public funds.  But while we would all wish the good nurses and other hospital workers who do their jobs well to earn a Premier League footballer's wage, that isn't possible from taxation.

In Topic: The Lib Dems

Yesterday, 08:50 PM

but not enough, and many of them avoid paying.


According to whom?

In Topic: Superstitious Cult vote to become (slightly) less sexist.

Yesterday, 08:46 PM

education or lack of it has nothing to do with cognitive ability or lack of it. People have religious beliefs for all sorts of reasons: if it is already part of their family and future they can be brainwashed into it from childhood, they can be forced into it which is what ISIS are trying to do, they can adopt religion in response to emotional factors and more reasons. How did you get involved? 


Mocking is not a form of intolerance at all. Not tolerating something is intolerance.

Ok.  So mocking a person for their disability, for example, would be ok then?  Is that what you are suggesting?  C'mon.  I know you aren't suggesting that at all.  Mocking is quite clearly a form of intolerance.  Obviously context needs to be taken into consideration.  Mocking can be gentle and done in good humour.  But that's not what has happened on this thread and that's not the form of mockery I'm referring to, and you know that.


I'm not disclosing my reasons for joining or leaving Christianity.  I may be quite happy to buck the trend in debates on Internet forums but I'm not actually a fool!

In Topic: Superstitious Cult vote to become (slightly) less sexist.

Yesterday, 08:17 PM

What about all the other gods? There's no proof that they do not exists either. Why is the Abrahamic god the one true god and Zeus, Horus, Odin and all their mates aren't. Why are followers of a particular religion the righteous ones chosen amongst all of the other countless tribes and civilisations for hundreds of thousands of years. What is so special about them. Its true that you cannot prove the non-existence of god but there is overwhelming evidence that religious doctrine is quite simply wrong. 

I used God in the way that is familiar to me.  You can interpret which God I'm referring to as you so please.  I care not.


I very much doubt you know enough religious doctrine to know whether it is wrong or right.  For example 'you will not commit murder' is a religious doctrine but according to you - who states there is 'overwhelming evidence that religious doctrine is quite simply wrong' - that would be incorrect doctrine, yes?


I would suggest that there is overwhelming evidence that you are quite ignorant.