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In Topic: Luke Robinson to retire

Yesterday, 07:24 AM

Best of luck to Luke Robinson. Hopefully his op will sort him out and he will find another role with the club once fit again. Wello will sympathise with him I'm sure. 

In Topic: Jamie Foster

08 February 2016 - 10:08 PM

There was a game he played for Saints against Bradford in which he had an absolute shocker and gifted the Bulls a lot of points. I remember thinking then "well at least he'll never play that badly again". Could be totally misremembering but to me his Saints career never really recovered after that. I thought he showed a lot of promise at Bradford actually but as some have said sometimes his defence was utterly atrocious. He has potential, sure but he still needs a lot of work.

He was scapegoated in that game.  He had a shocker, yes, but he was not alone and things were pretty dire at Saints at that time generally.  The coach was sacked soon after and the Rush/Cunningham replacement combo ditched him.  (So much for them believing in yoof!)

In Topic: Jamie Foster

08 February 2016 - 09:50 PM

Well I asked the question and now I see the answers I am a bit p%^^&d off.


Foster was very good once apparently, not now


Jamie Foster would not have left Saints had Saints not declined to renew his contract.  Foster was also a victim of Saints' naive or ignorant (whichever) approach to marketing a young lad that the local young females thought was hot.  After some of the male Saints supporters got in an outrage about the attention Foster was being given - ie the club was trying to market an asset - things got a bit negative and eventually Foster was put into hiding. 


Foster was a wonder kicker.  He kicked a penalty from the halfway line in a grand final at 19 years old, which shows some bottle and some skill.  He produced some great tries as he was skinny enough and bendy enough to get around or under the opposition.  He didn't fly through the air like Makinson but he showed skill near the line.  He also showed potential at fullback in his early days.


His defence was always a problem not least because his body just didn't develop in the way it needed to in order to be effective against big men.  That wasn't his fault.  That was the result of his genes, given that he did all the same gym work all the other backs did.


The main problem with Jamie Foster was his confidence IMO.  It was shot to pieces.  Going to Bradford was never his first choice; playing for Saints was.  He was very young when it all went pear shaped.  Whether he has it in him to come back and make a second go of the game I don't know.  But he will be worth a try.

In Topic: Attendances

08 February 2016 - 09:41 PM

Now if you are far from the geographical seclusion of the M62 like myself it's Hobson's choice but how many in "heartalnds" now do as I have advocated here and support their club mainly from the armchair these days and is this really doing anything for the game ?

I can't speak for any other clubs but I do know that one of the problems at Saints is that many people watch the match only when it's on Sky in the pub.  I see people dressed in their Saints tops in the pub.  They'll spend the equivalent of a ticket price on beer while watching at the pub rather than go to the stadium to support the team in person.  It's always bemused me, I have to say.  If they didn't wear their tops I'd understand - they were just casual fans or the match happened to be on at the pub at the same time as they were having a drink.  But to be dressed in the gear while watching in the pub is a bit of a strange one.


The other problem of course is that Saints never promote a match, except in a limited fashion on Twitter, Facebook and their own website.  So they get what they deserve IMO.

In Topic: EU Referendum

08 February 2016 - 01:52 PM

In fact, it was part of Thatcher's plan to simply leave it all to the market.

Yeah, that's why she made it attractive for big car companies to establish production in this country, an initiative that has created thousands of jobs for people throughout the UK, in particular in England, and has led to Britain producing more cars last year than it had ever done before.  If that is leaving 'it all to the market' then let's have some more of the same, I say.  Of course she needn't have created an attractive country for inward investment and all those former colliery, woollen mills, cotton mills and other heavy industry plant sites could have just been left to rot for the subsequent twenty or so years.