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In Topic: so what's he bringing you this year

Today, 10:03 PM

I know...I know....a few years ago I bought her an airfix kit of a Severn class RNLI lifeboat, complete with the correct paints etc. You should have seen the look on her face on Christmas Day!

I used to love making Airfix kits.  Are they still going?  I always made planes though.

In Topic: Pathetic, paranoid, pitiful - RL World's view on RL many fans

Today, 09:52 PM

I'll read the piece when my mag arrives, but Caplan's articles are a generally a waste of space in my opinion. Very poor quality with no new angle on anything and hardly ever worth reading.

I haven't read the article yet but I always enjoy what Phil Caplan writes and I like the fact that he's one of the few RL pundits who is keen to share information on international RL developments.

In Topic: Super League's Top 50 Players

Today, 07:04 PM

I would like to have seen this top 50 players but as a purchaser of the print copy I've been disenfranchised!

In Topic: so what's he bringing you this year

Yesterday, 08:26 PM

I asked for a drone but I think I'm getting a helicopter.


Radio controlled, obv.

In Topic: Pakistan Taliban slaughter over 135

19 December 2014 - 10:47 AM

The desperation of the theist to prove that everyone has faith really ...

Everyone does indeed have faith but what they have faith in differs.