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  1. I do find it frustrating though when we concede on the hooter.
  2. Oops. Spoke too soon about Sintellins. The weather has been beautiful today but now it's gone bonkers! Clogiron, no idea what your post was about but I watched the news and the people interviewed in York said the river had overtopped its banks.
  3. I'm definitely not at the game, following on Twitter, and I'm a bit amazed. It seems we couldn't score at all in the first half but in the second we have so far blitzed Hull. I wonder what the big, bad Mr Woolf said at halftime to kick off that response?
  4. Gosh. Things have deteriorated rapidly well, almost everywhere really. Still no storm here in Sintellins. Clearly we have been very fortunate. There seems to be a new report of serious flooding every hour or so at the moment. They all appear to be thanks to rivers overtopping, even where flood defences have been deployed.
  5. I hope all stays well in the Calder Valley. They have had enough to deal with last weekend. Here in Sintellins there does not appear to be a storm at all. Yes, it's very windy and a bit wet but nowhere near like it was last weekend when frankly it was horrendous at times. I'd say nothing unusual here at all at the moment. That could change of course. I can't resist including this tweet though. I know these clips always surface during a windy session in this country but I found this example particularly incredible. What skill.
  6. Well, that was disappointing. What a difference a year makes! Either our previous coach was a genius or we were lucky but I cannot believe how quickly the injuries to our key players have mounted up. We have lost three key players in two games which adds to the three that were already sitting on the sidelines. What has happened there? I find the injuries depressing for some reason, possibly because we have hardly had any over the last two years. Aside from that, we got what we deserved. Dropping the ball, losing our cool, going backwards in numerous ways and we will end up getting beaten by a better side, which we did. Well done to Wire. Them beating us at their home ground hasn't happened very often so I hope they enjoyed one of their rare successes tonight!
  7. I think clubs are allowed two marque players this season. We (Saints) definitely have one, in James Roby, but whether we have two I don't know. However, I doubt Thompson would have stayed regardless of the cash offered to him. He's young and as far as I'm aware doesn't have children or other ties to the UK. So it's more likely he's chosen down under for the experience rather than the money per se (although obviously the money will be nice!). I think it's unfortunate that Saints have now lost two extremely good props to the NRL just as those props are entering the peak periods of their careers. I am very disappointed in Thompson as well as in losing Thompson. He's been with the club since he was 11 years old and the club has invested a lot in him. He could have given the club a couple more years at his peak before buzzing off. I hope he doesn't fail but just now I don't feel particularly partial to wishing him luck either. I'm just too narked about his decision at present.
  8. I was amazed when this was pointed out. I hadn't even thought about it until I saw it mentioned on Twitter.
  9. I wasn't able to watch the draw live as I was at work but I've just watched it back on the BBC website. Wow! Given that snippets of the draw have been shown repeatedly on both Sky and the BBC this evening, holding the draw at Buck House with Harry involved must be the best bit of publicity the sport has ever pulled off. Whoever did pull it off deserves an OBE! I've never enjoyed a draw as much as I enjoyed that one. It was so well done and Harry brought his humour to the event which really was the cream on top. Great stuff. Oh, and there were some fascinating draws too. I've already lined up a match from each of the three tournaments that I would like to watch live.
  10. I didn't watch the match as I'd had other things planned but I did see Burrow's interviews, on the BBC and on Sky. His voice has deteriorated since the last interview with him that I saw before Christmas and that was hard to watch. But I think it was wonderful that he had the chance to run on the rugby pitch and play a little for what may be the final time, to have his family with him while he did so and to do it in front of such a huge crowd and supportive colleagues. MND is one of the cruellest diseases but from the interviews and items I have seen about Burrow to date, he couldn't have more support which must be of comfort to him and to his family, albeit amidst a very difficult future.
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