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  1. Has Hunt costed a no deal then? (I didn't watch the hustings)
  2. Interesting how you make excuses for this woman's anti-Semitism but not Trump's racism? Being a refugee doesn't give carte blanche to be anti-Semitic and nor does 'a remarkable and inspiring journey' (although nothing unusual really in the history of the USA - American dream and all that). Maybe she should go home if that is her view of Jews. Why would America want more anti-Semites than it has already?
  3. Well, that was my point. That's why the reaction to his tweet is so silly. There was no link. He was just being flippant.
  4. I don't want remainers negotiating with the EU, no. I want Brexiteers to be doing that. It's refreshing to see remainers actually discussing options for Brexit for a change rather than trying to do a Grieve.
  5. What a silly post. I said that Fox was a Hunt supporter, so he's going to make a deal out of anything Johnson says isn't he? To promote his own man. I've never been impressed by Liam Fox. I haven't had any thoughts or feelings about him one way or another. In fact, I've hardly noticed him at any time over the last three years.
  6. Incorrect. We can and have been negotiating trade deals. We cannot ratify them until we have left. Even Fox himself made that distinction.
  7. I provided a link to the Conservative Home article written by Nicky Morgan (an ardent remainer) who chairs the committee dedicated to reporting on alternative arrangements. I'm not sure how much more credible a source I could provide?
  8. Fox is incorrect. We can negotiate to our hearts content. We just can't ratify until we have left the EU. We have already been negotiating trade deals. He's a Hunt supporter. What do you think he's going to say?
  9. Final report and draft protocols to be issued later this week. I guess we will find out then whether whatever is proposed can be delivered for 31 October. You may be amazed what can be done when a control freak isn't in charge.
  10. Erm, they have already been to Brussels to discuss their interim findings. And they weren't ignored. I take it you didn't read the article?
  11. No idea who that is - some random off Twitter obviously - but I have no idea why they are getting so steamed up. While Boris deals only with acute depression, he's certainly not being arrogant or incorrect. For example, a quote from the article: "...it will in general be far better if they can get the treatment they need without necessarily being forced to leave their job, and thereby giving up not only their livelihood but also that vital psychological support." That is very, very true. For someone struggling with their mental health, to be booted out of a job or simply to lose it due to long term absence or struggling to cope only adds to the problem caused by depression or other mental health challenges. For people suffering from acute depression and certainly some forms of anxiety, the direction, routine and purpose of work can be a real positive just as being unemployed can drive a person deeper into depression. I speak from experience. If the random on Twitter had accused him of focusing only upon acute depression - ie depression with a trigger - then that would have been accurate. But to go off on one that way is just to indulge in precisely what they are accusing Boris of.
  12. Alternative arrangements have been under discussion since April. With May out of the way, the path is open to new ideas and discussions which she would not tolerate.
  13. I don't know about the backgrounds of the Asian guys but apparently the Irish captain is actually a dual national British/Irish - his Mum is British - and the West Indian has British heritage (which usually means parents but could be grandparents of course) so all is not quite so simple! Either way, I'm not sure people have read JRM's tweet. He said we didn't need 'Europe' to win. He didn't say Europeans or West Indians or South Africans … in fact he didn't comment on anyone's ethnicity at all. The reaction is all a bit silly.
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