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  1. We didn't know how it happened either. I went down with my Dad and he briefly lived in St Albans and couldn't believe we were on our way there at one point!
  2. That almost did for me. Thankfully I got through on the phone to the RFL and managed to buy some sold out $50 tickets! Not along the side where I wanted them - on the phone I was told they were all sold out - but in the corner at the Saints end, which I think will do.
  3. I'm not making predictions for this match as I'm a total wuss. I have memories of only last season when I pootled along to Langtree Park full of confidence and the joys of the summer sunshine in my soul only to have it decimated by a total tonking at the hands of the Dragons. Chickens are not being counted. They can just stay in their eggs. Weather is looking mighty good. I hope lots of drinks breaks are scheduled because it will be even hotter in that stadium. I have memories there too of Ade Gardner getting heatstroke and Jammer going ballistic because nobody bothered giving drinks to players playing in the full sun for 40 minutes. It's a long old journey down and I hope the coach driver knows his way. Back in 2008 the coach driver got lost and we ended up going via St Albans. I'm taking my nine year old southern born nephew along. It's only his second rugby league match, and the first where I'm expecting he will sit through the whole game (he did a first half at Langtree Park last season as his introduction to the sport, and he loved it). He'll be wearing his full Saints kit and sporting a nifty foam finger to wave in support. I'm hoping he'll make a good scrum half for London Broncos in the fullness of time!
  4. Quite the opposite: they're losing a few (presumably in anticipation of going back down).
  5. Well done to Salford on a great win. They just need to keep winning now!
  6. Great win by London. To be asked to play twice in France is tough for any side but must be more so for the side facing relegation. As mentioned earlier, with three other teams on the same comp points as them at present, and having the chance to play two of those teams before the season ends, their fate now is largely in their own hands. Exciting stuff but for a London fan, very nerve wracking too!
  7. Nothing against Hull FC here and I think they have some of the best fans in rugby league, but it would be great to see Salford win this. Salford have been looking like top five material for a couple of seasons now and it's about time they secured a spot in the play offs. IMO obvs.
  8. I'm a Saints fan and want Saints to win everything this year but the Broncos has been my second team for years and so I'm almost as nervous trying to watch this match as I am when I'm watching Saints! I do hope the Broncos lads keep up their good performance to get the win.
  9. Gosh. I'm a Saints fan too and I'm not remotely bored of us winning every week! After those turgid years of Cunningham, the brief interlude we have had with our present coach has been absolutely bloody wonderful! I just hope we can win some more silverware this year too.
  10. This match was always going to be a tough one for Saints IMO. We're so far ahead in the league that winning doesn't matter and yet winning matters very much because we need to go into next week with confidence. I've only seen snatches of the first half as I've had to do chores but while we don't look at our best, I'm hoping we will at least be preparing for a mighty battle next week.
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