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  1. Well. Wow. I couldn't write a single post as I was totally glued to the TV. I don't remember ever watching such a quality game of RL in a final. It was a tremendous match and I don't usually say that when the tries are in such short supply. But what a way for Saints to win. God bless young Mr Welsby. For the youngest player on the pitch he showed the coolest head and the most controlled skill ever. What a guy. What a game. What a win! I just can't think of a better way for Saints to beat Wigan in a final than on the last play of the game! Flippin fabulous! Well done Saints!
  2. I was nervous prior to this match as we had lost the previous two games and our previous performance against Wigan had not been a good one. I was pleasantly surprised though both by our overall performance, which was excellent, but also in the way we handled what I thought were very grubby acts by Catalans, particularly in the first half. Some of the hits were unnecessarily aggressive, beyond what I would expect in a rugby league game (bearing in mind I enjoy the aggressiveness of RL). Well done Saints for a great performance, a great win and some wonderful tries.
  3. Er no. I was slagging him off back in March when he was busy turning us into the team under Cunningham. We tried to play a style of game we are not suited to. Trying to out Wigan Wigan is not the way to beat Wigan, as our previous coach showed us.
  4. Well that was pants. We've reverted to the Saints of pre lockdown which I hoped the covid version of RL would have banished into touch. Alas, no. Woolf has killed what was a great attacking side and it's sad to see it as a Saints fan. We don't do up the middle rugby very well. I'm sure Naiqama still had a white shirt by the end of the game so rarely was he or any of the outside backs actually involved. Boring stuff in the first half; boring rubbish from Saints in the second.
  5. Well, that was a great game to watch and what a win for Salford. I was willing them on first to score the winning try and then to hold on for a win. I ended up on the edge of my seat! Fantastic result for Salford and as others have said, such a damn shame the fans cannot be there to enjoy the final. I'll be one of many I'm sure rooting for Salford at Wembley!
  6. I can't speak for the other two but Makinson had his charge reduced from an F, hence the lower ban, and that was in recognition of his outstanding disciplinary record to date. He also admitted guilt and apologised (though whether that made a difference I don't know!).
  7. Clearly track and trace got it wrong then. Why we are relying on that I don't know when RL is such a contact sport.
  8. I don't understand why Wakefield played a game at the weekend. They should all have been in isolation for a fortnight surely? That is what happened with Hull FC and Salford. Why Wakey were allowed to play I don't know. That decision could trigger an ongoing infection.
  9. The genome thing is interesting because I think it's Cambridge University over here has been involved in Covid genome research and tracking and based on a report they released a few weeks back there are a number of different strains doing the rounds. Has the patient been ill with the apparent second infection? I read that the WHO are advising not to jump to conclusions based on just one incidence but it is a bit dispiriting to think that a first strain may not provoke the immune system into recognising/fighting future strains.
  10. Well, Wakey definitely put more into that match than last week's although they didn't endure the injuries of last week either so that will have helped. Had it not been for a couple of errors made in very vulnerable field positions then they may have pulled off a win but Chester must feel more encouraged by their performance even though he will be disappointed by the loss. An enjoyable match to watch as a neutral.
  11. Full English breakfast to me is fried bread, fried eggs, bacon, fried mushrooms, sausages and beans. Technically there probably should be black pudding and fried tomatoes on there too but I don't like those so they aren't included in my full English. Not that I ever eat a full English for breakfast. If I did I'd probably be sick. But I sometimes indulge in a full English for my evening meal.
  12. All I have seen are the figures reported in the local paper, which takes them from NHS test and trace. We've had a big leap in absolute numbers over the last two weeks which has resulted in our rate being as I previously described. We haven't got big numbers but the leap has been a big one. The rise has now been further localised to the Eccleston Park area of St Helens (because the data can now be that specific, which is a good thing) and so the council is leafleting houses in that area. Needless to say it is those in their 20s who are providing most of the positive tests.
  13. This doesn't surprise me really as over the past fortnight we have had a jump in cases in St Helens. Our per 100,000 rate was at 1.1 two weeks ago; it's now at 14.2. We have had something like 40 new cases a week over the last two weeks, which isn't many as a total figure but represents 40 times the number we had been having per week for what seemed like ages.
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