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  1. The government has followed up on the matter by saying we should only take exercise locally. All areas are closing down to stop people from elsewhere travelling there. Even locally, things are being restricted. For example, people often walk around St Helens Cemetery as it is a beautiful, peaceful place with lots of trees and benches to sit on for a chat. However, the Council has now repeatedly asked people not to walk/walk their dogs around the cemetery and I wouldn't be surprised if it is soon closed to the public.
  2. Are you from Wigan per chance? Following on from my previous post about the Eccleston face guard crew, it seems my local NHS Trust is well supplied with PPE. This is a relief as in St Helens our hospitalised (ie known) cases are doubling every 24 hours now: from 8 two days ago, to 32 today.
  3. According to a GP on TV this morning, there are hardly any cases of flu in the UK at the moment so he said that medical professionals are treating everything non-sniffly as Covid 19.
  4. I think it's interesting that Boots have been working with the government to deliver the tests for the frontline workers, and indeed have just completed a trial of the drive in testing for frontline staff in Nottingham. So clearly despite what the media and others have been saying about how the government isn't testing, they have been busy planning in the background with relevant businesses and Boots are due to roll out the drive in testing throughout the country. It's amazing just how many businesses are getting involved. Who would have thought the Royal Mint could produce visors for NHS staff? I wouldn't have put money and visors together at any time no matter how much time you gave me to innovate that one! Even on a local level there has been effort and innovation. Here in St Helens we've had this little achievement take place:
  5. Alternatively, the Health Secretary could have caught it first and passed it on to the PM. Or the chief medical officer could have been the spreader. You have no idea and nor does that twit Codwallop.
  6. I think the growth in numbers has come from the south hasn't it? I may have misheard the report but I'm sure that was the case. There is concern that while the numbers are dropping in the north, they are now rising in the south.
  7. Apparently Sweden isn't following the same pattern as other countries at present. I don't know what they are doing that is different but just because we didn't shut down everything two weeks ago (or however long ago we were supposed to have done so) doesn't mean we were wrong at that time. Surely we will be able to judge far better whether our responses were 'good enough' once the pandemic has passed?
  8. That's the nature of Singapore. I think people are jailed for dropping chewing gum on the floor.
  9. I love the neutrality of the mods on here. Encouraging a pile on? Yeah, why not! Let's really get it going and bully someone off the board.
  10. You would be witty if you didn't have to keep relying on taking the pee out of me for your laughs. Anyone can do that pet.
  11. Whereas I'm not surprised by you souring this thread by making such a comment. I'd like to thank the government, the civil servants who are losing their sanity working their butts off, to the delivery drivers, the shelf stackers, the checkout people, the countless volunteers like those at the Eccleston Arms here in St Helens who are taking stuff to people stuck in their houses; the police who we need to keep a lid on the scroats as well as make sure nobody is putting lives at risk, to all those who are still working in spite of the risks to ensure that those who cannot work are safe and have food and contact. Had someone suggested a clap for all those people as well then I'd have been the first out the door.
  12. Fabulous. One minute I was laughing, the next I had shivers down my spine. Some people just have talent.
  13. Well, the Chinese government wouldn't listen anyway. Hopefully, when this dire situation actually gets behind us (assuming it ever does), I sincerely hope the UK as well as every other nation in the world will make damned sure the Chinese government learns its lesson this time.
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