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  1. Whereas where I live we haven't had a reported case of Covid for about two weeks, and no deaths anywhere from it either. It seems to be all very localised.
  2. R rate tends to be meaningless when there are low infection numbers as a spike in a factory or hospital can raise the R rate somewhat. Look at Germany when it was first doing battle with the big outbreak at the meat processing plant. Their R rate went up to about 3 I think but it was just a reflection of the big outbreak at the meat processing plant.
  3. The beer has probably gone up to compensate the pubs for the lower numbers of punters allowed in.
  4. Yep, but that was before the pubs opened. Sky was reporting the street party as if it was a new thing brought on because Boris had opened the pubs too early (that was their narrative not mine). One was closed down in the north east last night but I haven't heard of any others over the weekend so far. It seems they involve music, booze and nitrous oxide.
  5. Call me a cynic but so far both the BBC and Sky in their main news reports have used the image of the people drinking in the street in Soho to illustrate its report on opening of pubs, presumably because it fits their narrative that opening the pubs was a Bad Thing and that the English would be Bad People. Yet scratch the surface and we have a paramedic interviewed on BBC Breakfast who was delighted by how all their New Year's Eve style plans were just not needed and there was nothing out of the ordinary happening in Birmingham at all, and the only stories other than Soho that the Beeb and Sky can repeat were a bit of bad behaviour in Southampton and in a few towns in northern Northamptonshire.
  6. My guess would be that the most likely places for trouble will be the city centre bars. I notice that Sky has managed to find an illegal street party in London and report it as if it was totally a result of pubs reopening today while of course those of us with eyes and ears know they have been going on in London for weeks now, usually with a dose of violence towards the police at the end. The one thing about normal life I haven't missed is the noise people make when returning home from a night out! For the first time in months this evening I've heard loud people after dark. It's been so peaceful at night time in my locality since March, and that has been nice.
  7. It's the people who walk around with them tucked under their chin who leave me bewildered the most. What's the point of that?! But the fiddling was one of the reasons why in the early days the scientists weren't so keen on people wearing masks in the first place as they could infect themselves by messing about with them. I only ever handle them either by the side elastic or at the bridge of the nose. They aren't half hot to wear though. On the train sometimes I have felt like I would sweat to death by the end of the journey. That means they'll be a bonus in winter time!
  8. I have found Nicola Sturgeon somewhat amusing of late. She speaks as if it is possible to eradicate Covid 19. It really isn't. While I have my doubts about opening pubs for the first time in three months on a Saturday and I have doubts about some publicans and their commitment to social distancing and of course many punters with regard to the same, I do think that England have taken the only realistic approach. We have to learn to live with the virus. We could try and be New Zealand but the only way New Zealand (now with at least 20 live infections) can be New Zealand is by entirely closing their borders, which if we adopted the same approach would see mass unemployment destroying us. Scotland cannot eradicate Covid 19, England cannot, nowhere can. We have to learn to live with it. There may be openings and closings again; local lockdowns; closures of workplaces, hospitals, schools, etc, as indeed there already has been, in an attempt to control the spread of the virus. However, we cannot continue in lockdown forever unless we want mass unemployment. The one thing I do think the government have neglected is face coverings. I do think they should have made face coverings mandatory in all enclosed spaces as part of the reopening. Maybe they will do in due course.
  9. I don't know where you live, but around here it is as much a ghost town as it is normally.
  10. Abattoirs appear to be particularly good at spreading Covid as a few countries have had outbreaks within them; the biggest one I think is in Germany where over 1,500 employees have tested positive in one over the last few weeks. Here is the PHE report on Leicester (pdf) I can't pretend to understand all of it but I get the gist. Apparently Bradford, Barnsley and Rochdale are other potential problem areas but all are significantly behind Leicester.
  11. There was a hysterical headline in the Daily Telegraph today claiming something like 35 cities/counties have rising cases and maybe next in line for lockdown. However, when you look at the list of cities/counties they helpfully include, all these rises the alarmist headline refers to involve massive numbers like from one to four or three to five. Only about three other towns had what I would say were significant rises but none of them like the one reported in Leicester. I just read an article on the Gruniad site which is reporting that the textile and food processing industries may be vectors as it was suggested they have not been following social distancing or other covid guidance.
  12. That was a very depressing thread.
  13. They should be practising their keepy uppies in their back gardens for the next two weeks IMO.
  14. Our first local lockdown is now officially happening, in Leicester and surrounding burbs. Apparently that area accounted for 10% of all positive cases during the last week, positive cases are three times higher than the next highest city, and hospital admissions are rising. Schools are being closed except for key worker and vulnerable children; non-essential shops are being closed back down; none of the changes due to take place at the weekend will happen in the area; only essential travel allowed and shielding people are to remain shielding. The lockdown is to be reviewed in two weeks' time. I think a dose of reality is needed. Personally, I would also like to see the government make the wearing of face coverings mandatory in all indoor public settings.
  15. There is seriously nothing wishy washy about keep your distance, wash your hands, wear a mask when you can't keep your distance and large gatherings are illegal. That message has been consistently repeated for the last four months. I'm not sure how long you think a message should be repeated before it is considered to be something other than 'wishy washy'.
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