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  1. Er, I don't have a car. Like I said, you should keep your inappropriate comments to yourself.
  2. That's right. I couldn't be bothered. Sure. I'd suggest you keep your inappropriate comments to yourself.
  3. What? I've been to the stadium lots over the course of the season to watch them. I went to Wembley to watch them.
  4. Saints turned out in big numbers as this year's Challenge Cup final. But we hadn't been there for 11 years and so that might have had something to do with it.
  5. This side have been called the best because they broke a record in finishing top of the league by 16 points, which is the greatest margin in 124 years.
  6. Utter rubbish. There was only one decision that may have had a bearing on the scoreline and that was the one I pointed out above. Any other so-called errors had no bearing on anything because Salford had plenty of time and opportunity to defend them.
  7. Tony Smith had a good few whinges before he left the game in a huff if memory serves. I seem to remember the Hull KR chairman chipping in during past years too. I think you will find that there have been comments made by coaches and chairman on and off throughout rugby league history but of course they are all forgotten now because those terrible Saints people said something! Wicked, wicked people. The 'attack' was not prolonged. That's just hyperbole. It was an article in a match magazine. Has Hicks reffed a major game since Wembley?
  8. I have said already that I believe the ref made a mistake in calling a knock on by the Salford forward when I believed a penalty should have been awarded to Salford for interference in the ruck by Smith. That was a significant error I thought as Salford had just kicked a 40/20 and were on the line pushing for a score. Had they been awarded a penalty they may still have not scored - they were scoreless in the second half - but that they were denied the chance was then and is now a problem for me. But in my view that was the only problem. We were pinged for a forward pass on the way to the tryline that didn't look at all forward. Regan Grace was whacked in the face just before he did his jump (which at the time I didn't know was an offence) and we didn't get a penalty. There were times in the first and second half when the ref could have decided either way on a few things for and against both Salford and Saints. I've just watched the match again now and so that's all fresh in my mind. But as I said, in my view the only actual definite error he made was the call I described above.
  9. Must say, that was a new offence to me. At the time I thought he was just trying to avoid being tackled. I've seen players jump before and not get penalised for it so I didn't think anything of it at the time. Interesting though that just prior to his jump, Grace got whacked in the face by a Salford player. No penalty for Saints. Evens on that one I'd say.
  10. I do hope that Salford are able to build on their first grand final appearance. They played well and I didn't begin to relax until halfway through the second half. At the end of the first half I was convinced Saints were in trouble. It was great to see Salford at OT and I really do hope they are back there soon.
  11. How rude. I can assure you, however, that I am very much enjoying the win! I have the match on as I type this and a nice glass of something happiness inducing beside me. But thanks for your concern.
  12. The scrum try. The referees (and yes, two of them looked at that one) didn't get it wrong as Theo retreated. Was he supposed to retreat 10ms or something? Grace didn't jump into the tackle. He tried to jump over the player. I've seen that happen before and it's never been penalised. Why should it have been tonight? I have no idea what you are talking about when you speak of a strip by Saints given as a knock on. When was that? I doubt it led to a try as I remember all Saints' tries and none of them came about as a result of a strip/knock on. Presumably Salford failed to defend some Saints play and we scored at some point. Saints didn't headbutt anyone. Do you know what a headbutt is? Players regularly rub heads in the tackle. A headbutt is defined on the RFL website. I suggest you take a look. Meanwhile, and I have now had a few to drink, Saints are the 2019 Champions and we deserve to be! Salford were worthy opponents and, as I've already said, I only came out from behind the sofa halfway through the second half as I was never remotely comfortable. I hope the Salford club can build on their GF appearance and return to the big stage again in the near future.
  13. Er no. On this very thread I have pointed out the decision I thought the ref got wrong and that is where the Salford forward was judged to have knocked on near the line but I thought it was our hooker Smith who interfered in the play. It should have been a pen to Salford. I have written that on this thread for goodness sake. Why not read my posts before making childish statements? The wrong decision at Wembley was a disgrace. There was no equivalent tonight. Salford were not denied a try that was actually a try. They were denied one based upon a blatant obstruction. They were denied the chance to score a try by the mistake I mentioned above and previously on this thread. But IMO that is the only example I can think of where the ref actually made a mistake, for either team. I thought he was as good tonight as he was at the Wolfpack game and tonight was his first SL grand final so hopefully he will keep up the good work.
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