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  1. Apparently another nurse has died, this time in Liverpool. I think the North West made the biggest percentage jump in the stats today.
  2. That is very worrying about Boris. He didn't look well on his videos or when he appeared on the doorstep of No.10 to clap the NHS workers on Thursday night. I do hope he pulls through. I called in on my Mum this afternoon as I do stuff for her on a Sunday and she was feeling 'wobbly'. As the afternoon drew on she developed a dry irritable cough. I'm now staying with her to monitor her. No temperature as yet and she seems quite perky but if it is Covid then it could just as easily make a quick turn for the worse.
  3. She gave a lovely address. The final lines were very touching: "We will meet our friends again. We will meet our families again. We will meet again." I welled up.
  4. I think the government should announce a follow up slogan that if you need to use your car then you are going too far because some people are deliberately trying to wangle their way out of abiding by the rules.
  5. Yes, I had wondered at that story. The Sunday Telegraph reported it juxtaposed with the American owners of the NEC in Birmingham who were offering their premises to the NHS completely free. Methinks the owners of the ExCel have been successfully named and shamed.
  6. Well, so far over 3 million EU citizens have secured their status under the EU Settlement Scheme and there is still a year to go until applications close so it seems that quite a lot want to stay.
  7. Er, you do know why eastern Europeans are not coming to pick our fruit and veg this year don't you?
  8. We will get to the other side eventually, just as long as all those people who think taking exercise in the park means sitting with their mates for a day drinking beers and having barbies realise they are being nobheads.
  9. There has been some success in attracting just those sort of people by a couple of the agencies who recruit such workers. I think a little over 10,000 have signed up. There is talk of a 'Pick for Britain' national campaign to start soon as while the initial number may be able to cover the early picking - in April - it doesn't finish until August. I've tried recommending this to my 16 year old nephew who now has his NI number. I did it when I was a teenager. They are all clued up on the Covid stuff and so he shouldn't be at risk, especially in the open air. I think my nephew likes his computer games too much though! But hopefully there will be both young folk and those who find themselves out of work at the moment due to the lockdown who may give this a try as their contribution to the national effort. It's hard work but it is also fun and there are friends to be made, albeit six feet apart at the moment.
  10. They are indeed a ticking time bomb, as are prisons and indeed ships. Anywhere where people cannot leave the premises of their own free will is a ticking time bomb. However, this one did have the required PPE and all the right access (see the story from the Gruniad here) Two members of staff have tested positive and it is possible that is where the infection came from, assuming it is a Covid outbreak (the residents are currently being tested), but of course it could have been from visitors three weeks ago. Either way, this is so very, very sad. Multiple deaths in care homes have been happening in each of the countries hardest hit by the pandemic and it is an horrific situation. I feel so sorry for the residents, the families and the staff. What a terrible set of circumstances to endure, even with all the right support in place.
  11. I'm glad to hear that the memsahib has improved. Any further symptoms or is it looking like a tummy bug after all? So sorry about your sister's other half. Fingers crossed that he pulls through.
  12. Oh spoil sport! The point was the moral of the story. Good grief!
  13. Here's an update on this (I follow this account on Twitter):
  14. This is what I told myself as well, just to make myself feel better! Although you are spot on, even though you are not a clinician. I got into a terrible state by the time they actually did something (ie at the time when the horse was bolting over the horizon). I couldn't sleep, felt sick all the time, I was hyper vigilant, I was barking at my bosses (not such a good idea!) and forgetting what I had just done. So it could have been stress. I was definitely under a lot of strain. Hopefully we are both right about our physical condition and can continue man/womanfully onwards!
  15. Amongst all this awfulness, I thought I'd post something happy and hopeful:
  16. Oh the poor thing. Whether Covid or not, it sounds bloody awful. I hope the memsahib is ok soon!
  17. I felt worn out on Sunday. Jeez, I hope it wasn't Covid 19! Seriously. Do you both think feeling worn out is a symptom? If it is then I hope I haven't passed it on to my Mum as I had to go round there on Sunday. I'm ok now (and I didn't vomit, although I did have an upset tummy). Is there a bug doing the rounds do you think? This is the problem with a new illness. Nobody knows anything with any certainty! Meanwhile, I hope both you and your other half have just caught a bug/cold and that you will both be ok. Worrying times.
  18. I'm not sure we can escape comparable numbers can we? I can see every country going the same way, eventually. On the much cited Germany, I read somewhere - can't remember where now (I read too many things) - that one possible reason for their relatively low death numbers is that they exclude deaths where other factors are involved. In other words, their death numbers are 'pure' Covid 19. Has anyone else seen reference to that? I can't remember where I saw it, which is most annoying.
  19. It looks like at the moment we are in a similar place to the US. We were tracking France a couple of days ago. Who knows how it will go.
  20. I like it that Knight is threatening premier league soccer clubs with a windfall tax if they don't make a financial contribution towards the national effort. Good on her. PL soccer players earn obscene amounts of money for kicking a ball around a patch of grass. They should take a pay cut in order to support their backroom staff who likely will be on relative peanuts before looking to the taxpayer to continue to prop up their obscene salaries.
  21. Either that or a lot of Cumbrians went on skiing holidays to Italy this year!
  22. That's for a general audience? Blimey. It just looks like a child has taken a pencil and scribbled all over some coloured dots!
  23. If football matches are a reason for these hotspots then why has Cumbria developed into one as well? Just wondering.
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