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#2982158 23/08/14 | Leeds Rhinos v Castleford Tigers | 3pm | Challenge Cup Final

Posted by Saintslass on 24 August 2014 - 12:02 PM

I don't like Wembley either.  I went for the Wire-Leeds in 2010 and was less than impressed. I haven't been to the Millennium but I'm told it's a great ground, I didn't like Twickers, of the big grounds where I've watched RL I prefer Old Trafford.

I love the Millennium Stadium.  IMO it's a much better stadium than Wembley for atmosphere and comfort.

#2982020 What can we do to increase attendances?

Posted by Saintslass on 23 August 2014 - 09:03 PM

I don't know how we increase attendances.
What chance have we of attracting a new audience when only 77000 of traditional fans can be bothered to attend one of the biggest events in our calendar?
Contrast that with a minor non event at Twickenham and it would be sold out.

The RFU have been far better at promoting their events than have the RFL for years.  We had a great world cup with sold out venues and 20,000 more attending Wembley than for the Four Nations two years prior yet you'd never know we'd ever had a world cup from the total absence of any follow up from big Nige and his wondercrew of local council wannabes.  The Challenge Cup should have been promoted around London throughout the summer, what happened to Wembley Wednesday ticket offers?  That filled up the nosebleeds with neutrals.  So instead we had banks of empty seats.  If the RFL want neturals to attend then firstly they have to work hard to make the event look appealing to neutrals and secondly they have to make it financially beneficial for neutrals to attend. 


I was put off going to the semi final at Langtree Park because the cost of a neutrals seat was £28.00.  That is just too much to watch a game in which neither my club nor my country was involved.  Charge me a tenner and I'm there.

#2981960 23/08/14 | Leeds Rhinos v Castleford Tigers | 3pm | Challenge Cup Final

Posted by Saintslass on 23 August 2014 - 05:07 PM

That includes club Wembley and no RFL do not get any money from this.

That's incorrect.  The RFL get a lot of money from the Club Wembley seats.  That's why they remain in the Club Wembley arrangement.  All those seats are paid for every year whether anyone sits in them or not.  It's a great money spinner for the RFL and one of the (many) reasons why retreating to the north is the very last thing we should be even contemplating.

#2981957 23/08/14 | Leeds Rhinos v Castleford Tigers | 3pm | Challenge Cup Final

Posted by Saintslass on 23 August 2014 - 05:02 PM

77,200 (which in reality means 63,000). The cup is just not a big draw any more. The grand final has (rightfully) taken over, but that's a different discussion for a different day.

Not rightfully at all IMO.  The Challenge Cup is our showpiece event.  It's the one chance a year that rugby league is talked about and shown with enthusiasm on free to air TV.  It's shocking that the RFL have done absolutely nothing to raise its profile since Sky took over.  Before we know it ALL we will have is the grand final and the sport in this country cannot afford to allow that to happen.

#2981935 23/08/14 | Leeds Rhinos v Castleford Tigers | 3pm | Challenge Cup Final

Posted by Saintslass on 23 August 2014 - 04:34 PM

Well why didn't they? Chance of a lifetime, eh? Powell has sone a great job with limited playing resource and can't criticise Cas for effort etc. However, they still played their best.

I disagree.  I think Cas let themselves down, especially Dorn and Sneyd who were both well off par.  They were nothing like the team that drew with Leeds in the league.

#2981887 23/08/14 | Leeds Rhinos v Castleford Tigers | 3pm | Challenge Cup Final

Posted by Saintslass on 23 August 2014 - 03:40 PM

The Cas players should feel a bit disappointed in their performance today really, making too many errors and being a bit too casual in their defensive efforts at times.  Having said that Leeds came to win and haven't let up so fully deserve to finally break their Wembley hoodoo (much as it pains me to say it!).

#2979635 Wes Naiqama to London Broncos?

Posted by Saintslass on 18 August 2014 - 05:21 PM

Indeed not, the scramble for overseas players at Bulls and Bronco's does amuse me though

London  have been playing mostly under 20s all season.  Are you saying they should not sign any experienced players?  How many English players with experience are willing to up sticks and go to London?  Not many is my bet.  Mathers is the exception.


They will still have a sizeable contingent of young Londoners in their team - Joey Keyes, their hat trick hero of Sunday being one - but keeping them is proving a problem.  Their most talented locally grown winger is apparently going to Hull KR. 


London want to get back into superleague.  They are recruiting very well, and since they are only allowed the same number of overseas players as other SL/Championship clubs, I don't see what your problem is.

#2979629 Challenge Cup Final Fanzone @ The Hive (merged threads)

Posted by Saintslass on 18 August 2014 - 05:13 PM

Great idea.  I've tweeted it to Leeds and Cas fans.

#2975035 10/08/14 - CCSF2 - Castleford Tigers v Widnes Vikings KO 3pm

Posted by Saintslass on 10 August 2014 - 09:41 PM

Anyway, after calming down a bit and watching the game on TV for the first time


Can't believe we're off to Wembley!

So many excellent performances from our lads it's impossible to single anyone out - so proud

I thought Cas played really well.  They dominated throughout in what were often challenging conditions.  They look like a team that could win the Challenge Cup final and I hope they do.  They have been a revelation this season.


Such a shame all the talk has been about Widnes, when it was Cas that deserved all the attention.

#2974916 10/08/14 - CCSF2 - Castleford Tigers v Widnes Vikings KO 3pm

Posted by Saintslass on 10 August 2014 - 07:08 PM

It wasn't a non event, open your eyes.

It wasn't a non-event but leading with it in your own report on your own website was an own goal by the RFL and makes them look a tad incompetent.  They should have promoted what was and is a great achievement by Cas in their own match report. 

#2974324 09/08/14 - CCSF1 - Leeds Rhinos v Warrington Wolves KO 2.30pm

Posted by Saintslass on 09 August 2014 - 05:35 PM

I thought Warrington looked on edge throughout the game but had they not made those very early errors the match could have been different because I think the resulting pressure knocked the stuffing out of them.  I don't think Myler and Ratchford in the halves works either.  They look like players with a very similar style and neither looks like an organiser. 


While Leeds are way too experienced to show nerves in a knock out game, I didn't think they played brilliantly well themselves.  Maybe they didn't feel they needed to but Warrington opened them up on numerous occasions especially in the first half but they were unable to take advantage of their attacking position. 


It was a poor game overall, which was a shame really but that's the way it was.

#2973951 Middle east violence

Posted by Saintslass on 08 August 2014 - 09:37 PM

and it's worrying how questioning Israel's actions is so readily and conveniently interpreted as anti semitism.

I think the very real danger, as has already been shown in other areas of Europe but I believe is also taking place to a lesser degree (at present) over here, is that uncontested criticism of Israel can so easily slide into anti-Semetism.


Take tonight's BBC report on the renewal of the most recent conflict.  No mention of the fact that Israel had requested an extension of the ceasefire but Hamas had refused or that Hamas fired rockets into Israel to break the ceasefire.  Because a child was apparently killed (and I say apparently because the numbers are provided by 'Palestinian authorities' without question it would seem whereas everywhere else in the Middle East such numbers would be mentioned with the caveat of 'unconfirmed reports') the whole report portrayed Israel as the aggressor.  There was no balance.  No offering the possibility that indeed Hamas was using the young and the elderly (since it was only they who were reported injured) as human shields - as many an Islamist has done before - and that Israel might indeed have been targeting specific buildings which they knew to house Hamas terrorists.  Israel does have a very good intelligence service when all is said and done.  Aside from what anyone believes, that kind of emotive and unbalanced reporting fuels the fire and can easily push what could be considered to be rational criticism into anti-Semetism.  The BBC is being wholly irresponsible.

#2972653 Scottish Independence Referendum

Posted by Saintslass on 06 August 2014 - 08:44 PM

Core ground clarifications part 2 for this morning:  The pound.


The Act of Union 1707 merged the currencies of England and Scotland, creating a single pound.  The UK government, by Act of Parliament, a few years later then ordered the Scottish banks to hand over their reserve capital to the Bank of England which would form a UK-wide lender of last resort and central bank.  The Bank of England is mis-named, it is the Bank of the UK, and each member nation has paid its dues into it when their national banks had their reserve capital centralised.  If Scotland gains its independence then it has just as much right to the assets, capital and central banking power of the Bank of England as the rump UK would have.  It would be effectively bank robbery on a national scale if the Bank of England removed central banking rights from Scotland.  I suppose Westminster could compensate the Scots for removing their rights to the BoE but it'd most likely be in the hundreds of billions that it would cost as that'd be what it would take to restore effective central banking powers to the Scottish banks.


Not as simple as those nice people from Westminster say, is it?

It's alright this kind of thing being brought out whenever this matter is being debated, but why should the Scots have a say in this when the English don't?  If as you are claiming the currency matter was one of union, then we should all have a vote on independence and all matters pertaining to independence since everything was based upon a union of two countries in the first place. However, given that the English (and Welsh) have no say in the matter of Scotland's independence or otherwise, how would Scotland having a say in the matter of ongoing monetary union be valid?

#2972637 Middle east violence

Posted by Saintslass on 06 August 2014 - 08:18 PM

Right wing reactionaries? Name names or withdraw.

I would imagine that would be anyone who disagrees with WearyRhino!

#2972007 Middle east violence

Posted by Saintslass on 05 August 2014 - 07:40 PM

If you kill someone while trying to kill someone else AND you know that you're putting an innocent person at risk then you deserve every single bit as much condemnation as if you'd targeted the innocent person deliberately.

So you are equally critical of Hamas and indeed virtually every nation or group of individuals who has ever taken to arms against others?  After all, Hamas sending rockets over a wall is putting lots of innocent people at risk, yet I don't see in your posts quite the level of condemnation for Hamas as for the Israelis.