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#3082860 6 Mar: Wakefield Trinity Wildcats v St Helens KO 8pm (TV)

Posted by Saintslass on Yesterday, 07:14 PM

If Walsh isn't back then we'll presumably go with Hohaia and Wilkin in the halves, which might not strike too much fear into Wakefield. Amor's also going to be a big loss for us. I'm very surprised that he's been given a two game ban. I'll be watching very closely for other crusher tackles and the bans which are handed out for them this season.


Wakefield don't look bad to me. I think we'll get the points in a tough game.

Sadly it would appear that, if reports elsewhere are true, it's going to be Wello and Wilkin in the halves. 


If that does turn out to be the case then Cunningham has a problem.  He clearly has a problem with Hohaia as he's not playing him no matter how knackered Robes is or how much we need someone who can actually play in the halves.  But aside from that if Cunningham opts for his buddy Wello instead of someone who helped us to get to a GF and top spot last season then he has a problem as a coach and we are going to have a problem with him as our coach.  It's bad enough that he leaves players on the bench until the last 15 minutes and drops a player who gave a MoM performance last week for someone who was terrible agains the Souths (Turner).  It's also a problem that Cunningham has said to the press that he thinks Wilkin looks like a half these days.


Too many old friends on the coaching staff methinks, and not enough experience in our head coach.

#3081163 Catalans. Pity.

Posted by Saintslass on 01 March 2015 - 07:31 PM

Don't forget young Pelissier who was serving a ban on Saturday I think. Not to mention the gorgeous but hotheaded Elima.

#3081160 Rugby League World Magazine - Feedback Thread

Posted by Saintslass on 01 March 2015 - 07:28 PM

The one thing I'm finding disappointing about RLW since the change in editorship is the almost total absence of articles or information on southern English rugby league.  It's like there are no southern English rugby league clubs at all. The magazine has gone backwards in this respect in my opinion.

#3081136 1 Mar: Hull KR v Wigan Warriors KO 3pm

Posted by Saintslass on 01 March 2015 - 06:51 PM



I chuckled when I saw this on Twitter. B)

#3078731 widnes magic kit

Posted by Saintslass on 25 February 2015 - 09:48 PM

Well done Widnes.  They've trumped everyone. 


I honestly don't think other clubs should try and do something with their shirts because Widnes have just nailed it.  Anything else would look like an after thought.

#3078688 Rugby League at the Olympic Stadium London

Posted by Saintslass on 25 February 2015 - 08:59 PM

Fabulous.  I have no idea why we have to wait until March to buy tickets but I'll be online buying mine just as soon as they become available.

#3078062 Locke on his way out of Salford?

Posted by Saintslass on 24 February 2015 - 06:43 PM

Well he's done nothing other than be injured the whole time he's been there so far so I would imagine he will be no loss to the club.  In fact, if they can get him off the cap his departure might prove to be a bonus.

#3077160 WCS: Overall impressions, conclusions and bonkers theorising

Posted by Saintslass on 22 February 2015 - 11:50 PM

Not trying to be rude here, but do you seriously still think that the NRL and SL are at the same level?

If the Bunnies had played our 2006 team tonight either team could have won. Both the previous games were extremely close and could have gone either way.  The Bunnies team at present are very, very good.  The Dogs managed one score in 80 minutes against them and they put 30 past the Dogs.  But for a tiny gap between hand and ball we nearly scored against them too and they put just 9 points more on us.  So I don't see what you see.  I see an extremely good side beat a side not as good as them very well.  And I watch the NRL every week so I know Saints aren't the first team to be put to the sword by this Rabbitohs team.

#3077154 WCC Highlights on the BBC

Posted by Saintslass on 22 February 2015 - 11:40 PM

Bump - about to start.

Oh goodie.  I think I'll go to bed now!

#3077150 WCS: Overall impressions, conclusions and bonkers theorising

Posted by Saintslass on 22 February 2015 - 11:31 PM

We have seen some brilliant Rugby, some infuriating mistakes (from officials and SL players), 2000 people paying to watch a training session, great crowds and Shaun Wane calling Anthony Gelling "a weirdo". As I posted elsewhere, are you not entertained? 

Strangely enough I wasn't really entertained tonight! 

#3077122 22 Feb: WCS: St Helens v South Sydney Rabbitohs KO 7pm (TV)

Posted by Saintslass on 22 February 2015 - 10:35 PM

How did George get the MoM over Reynolds?

No idea because it was Reynolds who tore us a new one repeatedly.


That was embarrassing and I really can't say anymore than that because our 'defence' came as a total shock.  It was like having the ghost of Nathan Brown visiting us.  And why Cunningham didn't play Hohaia I don't know but it was a stupid decision.  Even off the bench he would have offered us something different that the Rabbits weren't anticipating. 


Anyway.  Glad it's over.  I just hope my demoralised team can drag themselves back up for the Cas game on Friday otherwise our season could rapidly turn into a repeat of 2013, with the ghost of Nathan Brown hanging over us.


I will add though that better Saints teams than the one we have at present have been humiliated in world club championships before now so although I can only name a few of my team who I thought were good - Percival, Makinson, Vea and Lomax - I also know that not only did a much classier Saints side get mullered in the past but that the team that mullered us tonight also mullered the Bulldogs in the Final, so it's not all about Saints being poor or the Superleague being inferior.  Sometimes it's just about a team being particularly good.  The Bunnies are particularly good.

#3076673 Wayne Bennett did not know there is a "series" or that there would be...

Posted by Saintslass on 22 February 2015 - 03:50 PM

So how much do you want for it?


The responsibility of the NRL is to run the NRL club competition. That's it. That's all. The responsibility to grow the game globally belongs to the RLIF. Seriously, you've been criticising the most successful part of the game's administration when you don't even know the global structure of RL?

I wasn't talking about growing the game.  I was talking about promoting the sport.  They are two different things although obviously there is overlap as you can't grow the game without promoting the sport.  However you can promote the sport without growing the game.


Promoting the sport means keeping the sport in the limelight, much as Russell Crowe has done and not by being a celebrity but by enthusing about the sport on TV in this country whenever he has had the opportunity.  What does Wayne Bennett do?  Make himself and the sport look amateurish.  It may well be amateurish but as a representative of the NRL - which he is (he can be disciplined by the NRL when all is said and done) - he should be doing his version of what Russell Crowe has been doing, especially when he is a visitor to another country.

#3076597 WCS: Successful but could only work in the UK

Posted by Saintslass on 22 February 2015 - 02:13 PM

The cynical Aussie media reckoned nobody would turn up for the Wigan Roosters game last year but loads did, shutting up the cynical Aussie media.

#3076521 Wayne Bennett did not know there is a "series" or that there would be...

Posted by Saintslass on 22 February 2015 - 01:12 PM

Tbf I don't think any coach likes going over to the UK. It messes up preseason and they lose 2-3 weeks of training in good conditions. The decision is made from the head office and I doubt Bennett would have had much say about it at all.

I knew he wasn't taking the game seriously when he only flew 18 players over too. I honestly can't blame him though. The NRL is a very tough competition. It's even harder when you have to play from behind.

Yeah.  Superleague is a tough copetition too.  Three teams have now had an extra game on top of the 30 they play anyway.  I can't see NRL teams playing 30 games plus an extra somehow coz they aren't quite that tough.

#3076361 Wayne Bennett did not know there is a "series" or that there would be...

Posted by Saintslass on 22 February 2015 - 09:42 AM

He is sort of right though. It may be called the World Club Series but what's actually at stake for the clubs in the 2 games that aren't for the actual WCC ? Is there a trophy ? Prize money ? Medals for the players ?

They've been great entertainment and worth staging but in their purest form Bennett's comments aren't wrong. Maybe it's something that needs to be considered for next time, to give the games some tangible meaning.

There was the series trophy.


Isn't Bennett newly appointed (back) to Brisbane?  If so, he wouldn't have had a say in the team coming over here would he?  


But thanks anyway Wayne.  You could have kept your mouth shut for the sake of the game in this country.  At least you might have come across as someone with a modicum of respect rather than a total ignoramus.