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In Topic: Andy Wilson - writes something worth reading!

Yesterday, 09:21 AM

I think what Andy forgets is that sons and daughters both love heroes.  While what Burgess did was IMO very risky and foolish, by doing what he did he created that sense of heroism and that would be very appealing to young people.

I think he forgets that masculinity should not be demonised. And he thinks the RL reader doesn't understand how the game played by little girls differs from the top flight competition.

In Topic: Andy Wilson - writes something worth reading!

18 October 2014 - 09:44 PM

from memory, i dont think it was a point about thuggery, it was about the game being almost too tough.
Football has come under stick for not making players with head injuries leave the field, something they have changed this year by having a neutral doctor at each game.
RU have just changed rules on head injuries.
Seeing from tackle 1 Burgess break his face, then later start bleeding from his nose, then from his mouth really was.not brilliant. It is a game, the sport shouldnt allow adrenaline fuelled young macho men make the decision in these circumstances.

I dont have the stats to hand, but i would guess that Burgess made around 30 tackles and 20 drives, meaning probably around 50 contacts with a broken face.

"Adrenaline fueled young macho men" aka professional sportsmen playing at the heights of their ability in full contact sport. Shouldn't refer to them like adolescents after a few brown ales. SB showed a considerable maturity through his family circumstances which no doubt is still there as a man. Adrenaline or not a shattered face would have brought him to an immediate halt if it was serious enough.

And Wilsons reference to SB was a predictable  think of the children moment referencing masochism;

."What parent would want to see their son – or daughter – on a course where that sort of masochistic performance represents the crowning glory"?

He goes further with his SB analysis with " was really not a good look for the game – not much better than Flower’s punches".

In Topic: Sam Burgess (merged threads)

17 October 2014 - 08:34 PM

26 out of 79 sets are not completed could mean that just 5.5% of tackles result in a turnover. TT wasn't that far off when he stated that it could be as low as 5% Stating incomplete sets means nothing as it could mean that a turnover occurred on the first tackle or the fifth. 

Tackles are not the only cause of a turnover. Not in Union or in League. 

He referred to 5% of RL having "genuine" competition for possession, the incomplete sets indicate "successful" competition for possession. You can't claim RU has low turnovers but competition all the time and then deny the same for RL players who are equally as good at not letting the ball go.

It does however seem that the ball in RL changes hands through competition for possession  at least as much as RU shows but outside of kicking on the 6th.  

In Topic: And we think our VR's are bad !

17 October 2014 - 08:18 PM

Invented and copyrighted by Sir Clive Woodward.

Another nuance no doubt.

In Topic: Sam Burgess (merged threads)

17 October 2014 - 05:59 PM

:rolleyes: You've done a comparison with the turnover stats in RU with the number of sets not completed in RL.

Iv'e drawn comparisons because an "incomplete set" more often than not leads to a turnover and "turnovers" is a named stat in the RU and more often than not down to what can be classified as competition for possession. Like I said there is no "competition for possession stats".