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In Topic: Does Liking One Code Stop You Enjoying The Other?

Today, 08:12 AM

Correct...hence my complaint about the constant give and goes in Union (its especially bad at the end of the game when it's done to waste time). However this break in play in comparison to the play the ball in league is the lesser of two evils from my point of view. The play the ball is an unrelenting constant thoughout the game. While its undoubtedly true there are breaks of play in Union (and many much longer than League) there are also far longer periods of continuous unbroken play in Union. This is exemplified when Union is played properly (such as last weekend when the six nations teams had a eureka moment and started to run with the ball). The play pause play pause feeling I get with league I have never got with Union. Again as I have said, this is just me..my old man disagrees.

Your old man is right. 

In Topic: jeremy Clarkson

Yesterday, 01:53 PM

Yes, but it didn't have the bucket of water song and it didn't have teachers and parents in a cage.

But it did have Sarah Greene!

In Topic: What to rename RL?

Yesterday, 12:02 PM

Is Phil Caplan the new Bill Fallowfield?  A few weeks ago he condemned all RL posters on the cross code forum as losers (or something equally derisory) for having the temerity to criticise union.  Now he wants us to meekly relinquish our established and fully justified rights to the name "Rugby".  What next?

It is probably a manifestation of some form of Rugby related Stockholm syndrome. <_<  

In Topic: jeremy Clarkson

29 March 2015 - 08:32 PM

018118055. Tel for Swap Shop.

Saturday Superstore was better because of the large amount of tottie.

In Topic: Is the Aussies "ownership" of Rugby League an issue?

29 March 2015 - 06:56 PM

I thought that too (RL started in 1895).

What rule changes were made in 1895?
Who came up with 13 a side?
Who invented the play the ball rule?
The four tackle rule? (followed by the six tackle)

I assumed all these were English creations, are they?

Up until yesterday I hadn't known anything about Aussie rugby League. The only teams I knew were English, and obviously it was the same with players. Had previously seen lists of the greatest RL players (made by Aussies) and the criteria for inclusion stated "obviously must have played in the AFL/NRL"....Jason Robinson and Martin Offiah would disagree I suggest.

1895 the scrum half was deemed offside if he strayed beyond his own forward line when the ball was in the opposition pack.


13 players invented/implemented by the NRFU in 1906 along with the ptb.


4 tackles/limited possession invented RFL 1966. 6 tackles implemented NSWRL 1971, RFL 1972.