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In Topic: The Plastic Bag Charge

07 October 2015 - 01:18 PM

The vast majority of local councils that employed street cleaners have sacked them to save money, thanks to the feckless government.  Where I live, the local Parish Council organises monthly litter collection groups of locals, the local 6th form school even gives pupils extra credit if they join in.  We used to have a street cleaner, paid for out of local taxation, he did a great job to the point that there just was no litter, the council sacked him and told us we had to do it ourselves.  Didn't get a cut in our council tax though, did we?


Whenever I see truly daft comments like that one I really wonder if people have just swallowed the whole "lazy public employees" thing without engaging even a single brain cell.

Or perhaps I have a modicum of observation skills and when observing scruffy, unclean council workers ponderously mooch around the high st leaving ###### which is slightly out of reach or would require them to bend over to remove I say to myself "hello a feckless worker". I would then follow that up by, an understanding of local politics aside, some people rob a living while doing a 3rd rate job and that goes for those who preserve their jobs in management by trimming those beneath them.

Whenever I see moronic comments I just assume the writer doesn't know what they are talking about, hasn't been bothered to understand the context of the comment and I assume nothing about their understanding on local council funding on street cleaning. 

In Topic: The Plastic Bag Charge

06 October 2015 - 09:17 PM

Where carrier bags are concerned I think the issue is more the destruction they cause to wildlife (causing choking and entrapment and other injury) than anything else as well of course as their unsightly presence in trees and bushes and pretty much everywhere else in our towns and cities.  I'd have banned them outright in stores of all sizes myself as I think they've been a blight on our lives for years.

Not really. What you are talking about there is a disposal issue. And in that plastic carrier bags have no reason to be singled out. And govt led, retailer backed use of taxation to promote environmental issues is more often than not window dressing that sees the consumer making token gestures. There will be plenty of people who will consider themselves "greener" because of this while buying a pack of Mr. Kiplings to go in their bag for life and creating 9 separate bits of packaging litter while doing so. The reason they blight the environment it the way you observe is because the feckless council employees can't do a full days work tidying the streets.

In Topic: The Plastic Bag Charge

05 October 2015 - 06:07 PM

It is of course an environmental nonsense. The amount of packaging contained within the carrier bags is easily ten fold their value and there is no serious attempt from govt or supermarkets to have a policy of packaging reduction for their products which would make a real difference. And carrier bags are most often reused from swing bin liners to covering your bike seat in the wet all of which will require the purchase of other bags to compensate. And it isn't as if we ever got the bags for free their cost and tax would have been offset in the cost of the purchases anyway. Easy environmental posturing with little substance.

In Topic: The cheesy B-Movie thread

05 October 2015 - 09:37 AM

The Big Bus (1973) A disaster movie spoof that pre-dates the 'Airplane' franchise by 4 years.


The plot: a massive nuclear-powered bus is on its maiden voyage, non-stop from New York to Denver. But an evil genius plans to sabotage the bus on behalf of the oil industry. Lots of guest stars, from Larry Hagman to Ned Beatty to Lynn Redgrave to Murphy Dunne.


The gags aren't as quickfire as 'Airplane', or as reliably funny, but it's still a lot of silly fun. And the Big Bus itself was an actual working vehicle, complete with upstairs cocktail bar/piano lounge.



For some reason I am drawn to the idea of spending lots of time in the cocktail lounge of a nuclear powered bus...... dressed in a Jason King stylee.... surrounded by big haired 70's type dolly birds. 

In Topic: Who is/was better?

03 October 2015 - 12:01 PM

Cunningham could take on the opposition alone. Many a time he's made a decisive if short break from his own 30 m line and bring 4 tacklers around him, quick play the ball and the game opens up. And from 20 yards out he attracted a disproportionate amount of attention which also led to opportunity either for himself or others. Never been a fan of the erect a statue to King Cunningham brigade but he was a presence on the pitch even when just passing from dummy half.