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Today, 09:16 AM

How many of those would count in a game if RU, i.e., how many did SB tackle where he was the only tackler and the tackle resulted in a PTB?

Well the stats dont show that. for SB you'd have to watch the game Mind there is an assumption that RU compiles its stats like along those lines. The BBC show it seems players tackled for RL rather than tackles because  OPTA definitely compiles actual tackles by players for the same games. RL also has missed tackle stats for each player presumably those that don't result in ptb. Even going on anecdotal evidence there is no doubt SB will have less erosion on his person

In Topic: Sam Burgess Interview today

Yesterday, 09:23 PM

How many tackles in total are there in a RL match would you hazard a guess at? Not per player but in total during the entire match. 

The last Sam Burgess game South S R v Roosters had 586. SB putting in 33.

In Topic: Sam Burgess Interview today

Yesterday, 06:44 PM

Not sure, I wouldn't be surprised though. 





Maybe because it simply isn't relevant? We already know that comparing tackle stats is misleading due to the different way they are counted. A player called Brad Barritt who has played quite a few times for England at 12 is a phenomenal defender but I daresay if you looked at his stats you'd rate him very highly at all.

relevance isn't even a remote consideration in the on message world of RU advertisement through the media.  There isn't a RL voice in mainstream media that could write and get published any other message as a counter.

The only skewing of tackle stat compilations I have seen is in to the misrepresentation of RL on the BBC's stat's for the CC. This is where they clearly compile players tackled under the title of number of tackles. You know otherwise?

In Topic: Sam Burgess Interview today

Yesterday, 05:07 PM

Wasn't Carling offered a contract by Leeds? Which obviously he didn't accept (if it actually happened)

I don't think he actually was, but it was a story put around.

In Topic: Sam Burgess Interview today

Yesterday, 05:06 PM

Nothing wrong with less collisions, means the game flows faster. Mind you, there is nothing in RL (or just about any other sport for that matter) in the world (bar international strongman events) that compares to the force placed on a RU props neck and shoulder region during a scrum. It is extremely attritional.  

Less collisions doesn't mean less of the things that make a game flow slower. The scrum is a restart, attrition at the restart says it all. 

There is nothing wrong with a professional player saying less collision make for a longer career while maintaining a big wage so long as that is the message. that gets out. But this isn't the accompanying message with SB not in any nationally broadcast sense.