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In Topic: Should RL look at going to four quarters?

Today, 12:45 PM

4 quarters is not British. RL has little to gain in this. In OZ where commercial revenue from RL is much higher quarters are maybe worth tinkering with, at least by the suits in the game but here it isn't valid. We don't have the partners or the profile and giving more opportunity when the current opportunity isn't taken up won't stand RL in good stead. Besides having a break every 20 minutes is poor sport. 

In Topic: What Are You Listening To - The Reckoning

Yesterday, 09:44 PM

In Topic: Grand final and Eng v Uruguay....RUFC WC

Yesterday, 05:16 PM

We should offer a ticket exchange for any Uruguayans who turn up at Old Trafford. 

In Topic: I quite like that Stuart Maconie chap

Yesterday, 01:09 PM

I'd rather Rugby League just got treated with the same respect as other sports, so this 'chippy northerner' stuff could be ditched forever.


Maconie actually states: "Rugby divides along social strata. League is northern and working class, union is middle class and largely southern."


So that's it then. Back in your box. If you're not northern and working class, Rugby League isn't for you.


It's utter nonsense.

But the active disrespect for RL is as stated in the article from received wisdom and prejudiced assumption isn't going to be tackled by rational tutorials. I wish it could be but it won't.

In Topic: Uninteresting Trivial Facts

Yesterday, 11:19 AM

I strongly believe the road maintenance crews on British roads are unqualified, inept and responsible for untold woe and whoever signs off on their work needs to be fired and prosecuted. It is a race to the bottom for these salary robbers.