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C H Calthrop

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In Topic: RFL rule changes for 2015

Yesterday, 05:42 PM



Positive moves in trying to eliminate the joke scenarios we get with video refs & obstruction and for player protection regarding concussion.  Did they miss anything

The VR ruling is a step backward. The NRL rules are a mess. 

Common sense regarding concussion.

In Topic: Wasps To Coventry

Yesterday, 05:09 PM

I think most countries did have different rules to the RFU.  In Wales and Scotland (for example) there was no problem with union players playing Rugby League as amateurs.  I played for the Scottish Universities team in the mid 90s, and there was absolutely no fallout, threats, expulsions or anything.  I can't really answer the rest of your question, as I simply don't know.


Regards the second answer, I was really wanting to know how people like me are supposed to behave with regard to keighley's post about union being 'the enemy'.  Are people like me (who have become Rugby League supporters having already followed union) supposed to treat union as the enemy?

A case study of playing in the mid 90's, post 95, probably doesn't count as far as reflecting an official approach to RL in those countries in the preceding 100 years.


Unless you see yourself as "Union" then if the hat doesn't fit don't wear it. Union is absolutely the enemy of RL but there is no need for any approach but your own.  Like I said "union" isn't a person many see it only as a game and have dual affiliations. 

In Topic: Wasps To Coventry

Yesterday, 03:49 PM

I can empathise with your feelings, but have a couple of genuine questions:

1 - who are trhe enemy?  Union?  If so, is union in Scotland, and Ireland, and Luxembourg and Canada the enemy, or just in England?

2 - What about people (like myself) who are RL supporters, but come from a union background.  RugbyLeague is my favourite sport, but as a Scotsman, I grew up with union not RL as a kid, and so do not have a hatred of the sport as a whole - in fact I am actively involved in union.  It doesn't mean I don't prefer Rugby League.


FWIW - I can't abide the RFU or the england union team(s).  Part of the reason for this, is english union's treatment of Rugby League.  I am no lover of england, and would not support them in virtually any sport - BUT.... I am passionately behind their RL team, have travelled to games to support them at RL and have often been stood literally screaming at the TV when they are playing the Kangaroos.  However, my hatred of union doesn't really extend beyond the boundaries of Twickenham (i can't stand the Aussie union types either - for the same reasons - their snooty attitudes towards RL etc etc).  I fully understand that someone who has grown up with Rugby League, in a Rugby League area may feel differently, but would be intrigued as to how you would answer my 2 questions above.  

1) Did the RU in Scotland, Ireland, Luxembourg and Canada have different rules. Did they pass to one side the cynical methods to reduce acceptance as well as participation in RL in those countries or where they the silent, moderate majority that were led by the nose by the extremism from Twickenham. 

2) Unless you are Stephen Jones or John Inverdale RL's hatred of Union is not personified.

In Topic: A media mention of RL

17 December 2014 - 04:31 PM

Most comments refer to newspapers. So my starting point is what would I do if I was the decision maker for a newspaper as to what sport to cover, if any sport to be frank as most newspaper majority of sports sections is soccer and horse racing with occasionally other topics thrown in.


Now I have no idea of the numbers of people that are interested in RL, nor more importantly how covering RL would attract them to reading a newspaper and even more important buying said newspaper.  But I am surely correct in assuming that not all RL interested people that purchase a newspaper buy the same newspaper. Nor that another newspaper covering RL more that they would change to buying that newspaper. I would guess that when you breakdown numbers it would not be many readers or more important purchases increase of interest in that newspaper.  


Somebody says, lots of interested people in RL across the country.  The question is how many of them buy a newspaper, how many of them would buy a particularly newspaper and why and hence would they change to my newspaper if I started covering it. Not many I would suggest.


I guess a staring point of those RL interested maybe the fan that attend the ground plus Sky viewing figures.  Now I would assume a lot are teenagers and children and they don't generally buy newspapers. Another large section would be women and generally they are not the one's that buy newspaper.  So that leaves in the main men.  Now not many of them I suspect buy newspapers nowadays. Now divide them amongest the overall number of newspapers and it ain't many per newspapers. Even less of those would change their regular newspaper if another started covering more or at all.


It seems a "no brainer" to me, that any newspaper with a sound commercial mind would be worried about covering RL. Not until the RL newspaper readership expands significantly or we all agree to read one newspaper title to make it worth there while and even then it wouldn't make commercial sense with the numbers that would entail.


Their are lots of other ways of communicating and getting news out their than newspapers nowadays. If it is traditional media and their like my wife they would be better at putting articles in a magazine that women read which is a large proportion of our fan base.

That is a huge amount of assumption about RL readership to base anything on.  

In Topic: BBC Sport - Burgess love in

16 December 2014 - 08:54 AM

Which you wouldn't know they had, because they never mention it.

I didn't see any mention of either of the league or union games on BBC, but then I don't spend hours desperately trying to prove some kind of evil plot on behalf of the beeb

Its all over the i-player and advertised on their RU home page. And I don't watch BBC around Britain i suspect they promote the games in the home nations daily BBC  output. You don't have to spend hours merely be alive and watch the BBC for any reason over time.  T|hey are even advertising playing RU for youngsters on their BBC RL home page.