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Today, 07:02 AM

Do you remember the coverage?


Did t seem sympathetic?


In the next couple of years, may people thought rugby league was no longer played as much of the media suggested it was moribund.

Yes. For a start the BBC didn't just cover the Eng games and the final in 2000. And we had newspapers with RL sections and writers all of which is more sympathetic than nowadays where we see them removed. We definitely can't get full coverage of internationals when people will have to look under the bed to find out what is happening. The most comprehensive coverage we have had recently was over the Ben Flowers punch and the Sam Burgess transfer. 

In Topic: Attack Analysis

Today, 12:18 AM

If you think things are worse than 10-15 years ago, you were not there. 


The only time our game gets full coverage is during internationals.  Was the 2013 RLWC that long ago?

15 years ago our RWC had more coverage than the one in 2013. And I was there for both of them. 

In Topic: Attack Analysis

Yesterday, 05:22 PM

But the evidence is that they don't. 


In 2004 (?) I remember ITN having features on their news about the Tri-Nations Finals when GB looked like going well in the Final.


In 2013 there was some excellent coverage in newspapers and media sites that are not interested otherwise.


We may not get as much coverage as some other sports, but the media does cover serious internationals even in RL.

That's rather selective evidence. The ignorance of RL now is now a formal policy from some media sources which it wasn't in 2004.

In Topic: Attack Analysis

Yesterday, 11:48 AM

The sports that get all sorts of coverage have major international competitions.

 Those who want to ignore RL will find it just as easy to ignore our  internationals too.

In Topic: Attack Analysis

Yesterday, 10:39 AM

I remember as a kid I had an RFL coaching manual, think Mike Gregory may have had something to do with it, although it may have just been that he was the model used in the photos.


I used to spend hours looking at the diagrams that they had showing set pieces, moves, runarounds, dummy runners etc. I find this part of the game fascinating, and it depresses me that even a simple game like Football gets far more detailed analysis than a technical game like RL.


Even simple things like the battle for territory could be explained so much better, or tackling techniques etc. 


In our game we are just interesting in shouty simple things, like the ref cam, player mic (which I like), try tracker, margin meter etc.


This goes right down to player features, you read cricket, football and RU articles about players who are made to look intelligent, articulate and interesting, in RL we play up to the Northern stereotypes. Features like the Burgess brothers in the RLWC were a breath of fresh air, yet we have gone back to nothing due to England not playing over here for two years. Why would the newspapers invest in building interest in a sport that does not try?

Because it isn't all about a few internationals.