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  1. The uncomfortable truth of it being a little bit relevant....... especially in a promotion rather than a retrospective
  2. If soccer fans were taking an interest in its underfunded sport's attempt to sell itself, vitally important exercise that it is, then I think they would object. Especially if Moore, Pele, and Best had a high profile migration to another sport as soon as the opportunity presented itself and their inclusion lent it self to an impression of a lazy search through a Soccer library of clips to make up a promo vid. Having said that it still isn't clear that this vid isn't some in housevid made public
  3. Protective reminded me of the sign in the Wigan dressing room " look after your testicles". JR isn't current. It is a relaunch of the "brand" ( aka top flight British Rugby League.) in the now. If Boston was in then that would have cemented so idea of heritage, but he wasn't that's why I think JR's inclusion shows a lack of care for the content.
  4. Robinson hasn't been relevant to RL for how long? It just may give an insight into the video's intended audience that the clip mining that makes up most of the content it isn't up to date. Now there may be a theme of heritage although only the pop up words seem to hark back to RL's past, 1895 and mentions of the George Hotel but I don't think the game clips were meant to illustrate that. The word "protective" is highlighted on screen, what does that even mean?
  5. Equally though this is a forum with a lot of grown men and I suspect very few of young and impressionable age and while context and humour doesn't always transfer well from brain to page there is a thick line between abuse, uncivil, nasty, sardonic and everything in between.
  6. I would say it is a presentation video maybe for potential sponsors but it is low brow if anything else. There's even a clip of Jason Robinson in there.
  7. Is someone saying that wasn't an trade video, surely it isn't for public advertisement.
  8. Love the comments, a resounding success among the fans.
  9. People who think the customer is a barrier to their daily work rather than the reason for it.
  10. That's absolutely true and any signposts that listed their other sites.
  11. I have "Ninja's tackle" that is you have to look really closely to see it as it stays well hidden.
  12. Not a good sell by Alex Simmons when he describes the Toronto players as footballers / athletes who didn't make the grade.
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