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  1. People who think the customer is a barrier to their daily work rather than the reason for it.
  2. Half measures. The St Helens pie butty is a steak pie sandwiched between two meat and potato pies.
  3. Clapper your proverbial in his coffee mug for a few moments then when he makes a brew quietly sit back and be proud.
  4. Just say "there are two sorts of people in this world those interested in RL and the less fortunate".
  5. Sounds South London and Chav. Maybe just an element of that Jamaican patois that inveigles itself into white Yooof culture.Certainly not a smattering of anything Northern.
  6. Squirrel traps are usually designed to kill them. If it is chewing through a barrier you could daub some Bitrex on it to keep them away.
  7. I just love a Twiglet, bought 16 Christmas branded tubes going cheap. Result for all Marmite enthusiasts
  8. Mrs Calthrop says I can't sleep with the bedroom window open tonight. Certain indicator of the onset of snowy conditions.
  9. Its bifurcation introduced the title Union. Its original rule book was titled Rules of the Rugby Football Union, separate to that of Rugby (school) football which of course existed alongside the Union code. Colloquially it was probably referred to only as football in those early years as much as anything.
  10. Note the guy in the Wigan Norweb Jersey, in the crowd. 0.26. Big fish little fish cardboard box.
  11. They work well for fogging but ice and snow on all the windows......... you still have to use a scraper. Even de-icer refreezes
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