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#3097037 Does Liking One Code Stop You Enjoying The Other?

Posted by C H Calthrop on Yesterday, 04:22 PM

Note the quotation marks...I'm only referring to what it states in the vid..the ball is not contestable.

Call it what you want is irrelevant..."dead", "play stopped", "wait for the fella to get up off the floor, back heel the ball, and then make the ball live again". What is relevant is this uncontestable routine occurs on average 600 times per game, a fragmentation many cannot adapt to.

Infact i'll go further. Once the ball in the ruck and the opposition is not trying to drive over, the team are observing the  offside and surrendered to the fact that the ball is out of competition there is a time limit on how long it can remain in the ruck, something like 5 seconds. For this 5 seconds the ball is not being contested in union. 

#3096946 Is the Aussies "ownership" of Rugby League an issue?

Posted by C H Calthrop on Yesterday, 01:08 PM

The Johns brothers aren't renowned for their intellect or education. Mind you, their parents are from Warrington so..........

I was watching the AFL magazine show and the Street talk section with Sam Newman. I get the impression the Johns brothers in comparison with the majority of the population come across as candidates for MENSA.

#3096933 Is the Aussies "ownership" of Rugby League an issue?

Posted by C H Calthrop on Yesterday, 12:40 PM

RL as a game started in 1907-8 when the number of players was reduced to 13 and the lineouts were scrapped. Since the AUS winter doesn't cross calendar years, RL did start in 1908 in AUS.

Lineouts were scrapped well before 1908 (1897) and 13 players came in 1906. As a game it started in 1895.

#3096887 Does Liking One Code Stop You Enjoying The Other?

Posted by C H Calthrop on Yesterday, 11:29 AM


At 20:30 .."abolition of contested play the balls". It's this routine where the ball is "dead"..ie.cant be contested, that fragments the game over 600 times. It's whether you can adapt to this fragmentation or not...with those being brought up on the sport obviously having the capacity to.

Btw the YouTube link is one of two fantastic videos on rugby League in Australia. Watched both of them yesterday and was hugely impressed by the games set up there. Encourage anyone to watch them. The trophy with an image of "the gladiators" is a great story. You get a great insight into how RL really is big time there...some of the promos reminded me of the Premier Leagur here. Watching part 1 and 2 (each are over 40 minutes long) there was barely a mention of England RL...they talk about the centenary of Aussie RL and the founders of the game (being Aussies)..and it's a "uniquely Aussis game". The issue I see is the lopsided profile of the sport in Australia in comparison to England means they have greater licence to emphasise the Aussie-ness of the sport.

"abolition of contested play the balls" in accurate terms is allowing a player to rise to his feet and maintain possession in order to PTB. I wouldn't read too much into the clumsy use of terminology on that video. And it is a complete leap to assume that this means the ball is dead. If the ball is dropped it is a knock on. If not played properly it is a penalty. It is no more dead than when in the ruck the opposition have stopped trying to drive over and the ball carrying team claim possession.

Not only that but the PTB was directly contested up to 1995/6 which is well after the references made by the commentator in the video.

If the ball use still comes under the referee's scrutiny then how is it dead.

#3096381 jeremy Clarkson

Posted by C H Calthrop on 28 March 2015 - 09:06 AM

The really controversial thing here is that a full grown man turned up at an A&E with (as I understand) a split lip. 

#3093599 Does Liking One Code Stop You Enjoying The Other?

Posted by C H Calthrop on 23 March 2015 - 10:16 AM

This isn't really a point about why you do or don't like RL/RU (ie history or you just don't like it etc) but a slightly different take on it. I don't mean it for people like Shadow either, who happen to like both, if mainly one over the other.


After the 6N game on Saturday I was out with some friends who I have known for years (so it's not like I don't know them very well) and they said that they really enjoyed the England RU game. This surprised me as they are football fans full stop and I have never heard them comment on this before. I was going to go into TRL mode and lecture them at length about why I disagreed but thought better of it, (it would be like a boring muso lecturing me on why the music I like is wrong and too simple)


But the thought struck me later, maybe I couldn't enjoy it in a similar way because I can't help comparing it with RL and thinking that this or that should have happened. So what? well my point is that as much as we argue on here and think it's really important, the vast majority of the public still don't really have a strong opinion on rugby and can maybe just see things and decide if they like them or not. Whereas we have strong views and like it or not, our opinions will be tainted by them. Would I have enjoyed the England RU game if I had known nothing about it and just thought it was exciting? 


Or do you think it's better to have a strong opinion on something rather than just be a casual fan? Does being passionate about something always prevent you from being objective?

Knowledge, experience and reasoning do not taint an opinion they mostly inform one to make it of value. If the reasoning is potent enough passion can be a side effect.

The amount of things that have to be ignored for me to watch RU at face value would cause some form of embolism. If the answer to why did you enjoy this RU game is "errrr, I just did" from the general public or a litany of bullshi# from aficionados then it doesn't distract from that persons enjoyment but is hardly objective. 

I mean to say I enjoy a warms summers evening, with the smell of freshly cut grass, a cooling beverage in hand and an opportunity to acknowledge the wisdom of not spending the day creosoting the fence. I don't need to analise why this is I just accept it. But to the same extent there are many people who have no need to analise why they eat their own bogies. 

What I mean to say is that RU is like eating your own bogies, if you just go with instinct and ignore better council you can accept all manner of disgusting things. :picknose:

#3092540 Total Solar Eclipse on March 20th...

Posted by C H Calthrop on 21 March 2015 - 09:02 AM

He should be sacked, he is not fit to work in education if he is willing to stop children partaking in one of the greatest educational experiences of a lifetime.

Absolutely. Somewhere down the line religious followers and indeed those who pander to them have the idea that their beliefs are somehow equatable with scientific facts a position that civilised education should never tolerate. 

#3092537 Total Solar Eclipse on March 20th...

Posted by C H Calthrop on 21 March 2015 - 08:54 AM

Sorry mate but Old Frightful said he wondered what early man would have made of it.

Ask a modern day Yorkshireman, the significance will be the same.

#3088755 Wales v Ireland

Posted by C H Calthrop on 14 March 2015 - 06:10 PM

I must admit I found it mind numbing, but you have to admire the fitness of these blokes.  As I believe I've posted before, it looks a lot like unlimited tackle RL in the sixties. we had to change the rules to limited tackles because it became so boring. 

BTW the way to open up the game IMO would be to make the defending scrum half retire behind the rear feet of the scrum until the ball is out.

The NRFU came to the same conclusion in 1895.

#3087986 Wheelchair Rugby League - Spring Slam

Posted by C H Calthrop on 13 March 2015 - 09:48 AM

Is there any difference between wheelchair RL and wheelchair RU? They both look like murderball to me.

A huge difference.

WCRL has the opportunity for 2 non disabled players to take a chair and play along side those who have no choice.

WCRL also tries to replicate the actual game, you see them dive over the try line with the chair trailing behind them, pass back, 6 tackles, tee kick offs, conversions and they play with a rugby ball. 

#3086941 jeremy Clarkson

Posted by C H Calthrop on 11 March 2015 - 10:50 AM

Lets not forget Clarkson punched Piers Morgan full in the face. I like the man.

#3086738 England Rugby League team set targets

Posted by C H Calthrop on 10 March 2015 - 08:51 PM

i disagree. The majority of people work in jobs that is not their passion.

The best ceo's around the world dont necessarily love the thing that their business does, they are passionate about doing a good job and delivering, whether that is running a supermarket, bank, shoe shop or sport.

RL is a creative industry, an entertainment industry. The best in similar fields are creative and passionate as very often it is a forceful, driven personality that is required to counter the accountants. Wood is an accountant. 

#3086619 jeremy Clarkson

Posted by C H Calthrop on 10 March 2015 - 06:38 PM

Given the wholly unwholesome nature of the BBC Clarkson is a rightious, honourable and noble spirit in comparison. 

#3085096 Very interesting article in L'Independant

Posted by C H Calthrop on 08 March 2015 - 12:15 PM

Not sure what point your trying to make there. RL (as we know) isn't a very big sport in France, thus any French players would surely be unknown to the general public, whatever they have to say is likely to fall on deaf ears. The more French RU players (especially current ones) that come out in the public with things like this the more it will get listened to. This could do 2 things - 1. French public could realise Rugby League is a better game. 2. French public would want to alter the rules of union to make it more like league. Surely both these things are better than how it is now?

We have had these sorts of articles before. They stimulate nothing. If it was on the back pages of a French National or front page of a French sports magazine I may agree with the good for the game idea. There is however a no use whatsoever reality.

Nice article as it stands but the author even says you can't compare the two games, again a RU reduction of the issue. It is mostly accurate with a bit of  nonsense thrown in from a one time RU player. Wider impact 0%. 

#3084722 Rugby Union's rapidly decreasing try scoring, line breaks and general ent...

Posted by C H Calthrop on 07 March 2015 - 05:34 PM

Don't be ridiculous. He wouldn't be able to carry the ball as well.

He'd balance it on the flattest part of his head. Multi dimensional skill base you see.