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  1. paul

    New prop

    Fordy has been impressed with his work rate and attitude in training and will get game time at Bradford on Boxing day.
  2. paul

    Mid table finish

    As long as we finish out of the bottom 2 and stay in the Division will be a successful season,but Fordy and the players will have other ideas where there can finish in the Division.
  3. paul

    Reserve grade for next season

    Could you not team up with a local amateur team on D/R so the players not getting game time keep up with match fitness.
  4. paul

    Bradford Bash?

    The new stadium at York won't be ready for the Summer Bash and is to far out of town for supporters.
  5. paul

    Shopping List

    Has Jordon Walne found a new club yet after been released by KR as he could be a great signing for the Knights.
  6. paul


    Are the new shirts going to be ready for Christmas?
  7. paul

    Shopping List

    Certainly not been impressed with Lee the last couple of times we have played Hunslet and would be a backwards step for the Knights if we signed him.
  8. paul


    Are the Knights having a launch night before Christmas like last year?
  9. paul

    2019 Season

    Have Leigh actually got any players signed on for the forth coming season?
  10. paul

    Kriss Brining

    Would certainly be a great signing for the Knights and we would have 3 top quality hookers who would all bring something different to the team.Is ED Smith still injured or has he retired from the game?
  11. paul

    2019 squad

    Thought it was Edwards.but might mistaken,just remember him coming off after the tackle.
  12. paul

    Good luck in the championship.

    That was always the issue with supporters saying it was not easy to get to if you didn't have a car as the bus service was not great on a Sunday.
  13. paul

    2019 squad

    Osbourne is certainly a talent who showed up well for us when on loan.remember Edwards smashing into him at Bootham Crescent when he played for Doncaster.Have heard we are after Danny Tickle which would certainly give us the experience we need in the front row for the Championship next season.
  14. paul

    2019 squad

    Have got to agree with the jayemm this is the best signing so far for the Knights as Tim is a leader of men on and off the field.
  15. paul

    2019 squad

    Is JBF still contracted to Toronto or is he a free agent?