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  1. Round 7 West Wales Raiders

    Hope we can put in another good performance in this Sunday against the Raiders who weren't becoming to make the numbers up,again another great idea to hand vouchers out at the end of the Catalans game for this weekend's game.
  2. Press Coverage.

    It is great to see that the Knights are going out into York to try and promote the game of Rugby League in the city.but the best possible way of getting people to the games is telling your friends and work colleagues how well they are playing and how much there put into each game.It's a pity Martin Gray and his players won't at the game on Sunday to see part-time players take on a full-time team and push them all the way which as certainly been lacking on a Saturday afternoon this season?
  3. 7 wins in a row...

    I think any of the top 8 teams can beat each other on the their day,but we have been up to the challenge so far.Looking forward to next week where all the pressure is on the Catalans.
  4. Hope it’s true

    Obviously the move to Toronto has not worked out as well as he thought and been loaned out to Bradford he has decided to come back to the Knights,which is one area we are a bit short.
  5. Knights v Catalans live on BBC Sport!

    Certainly will put the Knights on the map,hopefully we can put in a good performance for the cameras.Will the Knights receive any money from the beeb?
  6. Round 6 London Skolars

    I wonder if Fordy will rotate his team for next week against London and give some game time to those who have not had much playing time recently.
  7. Newcastle Away

    Another tough game this Sunday.but if attitude is spot on we must fancy our chances of coming away with 2 points.See we have 3 Dr players available this weekend,hard decision to leave 3 out from the Doncaster game.
  8. On the up!

    How do you contribute to the squad builder fund ?Why don't their do a bucket collection before the next home game so supporters can give towards the squad builder fund.
  9. Doncaster game

    Great credit to James Ford and the players on another great win ,and without any D/R players.
  10. Today’s game

    Scratchy performance today,but not helped by Keighley slowing the game down at every opportunity,but a win is a win.
  11. Cup draw

    Nice to see Coventry or Pilkington get a good draw at a Super League side.
  12. Cup draw

    Glad It is on the Sunday and is the BBC showing any live games from this round?
  13. Cup draw

    Great draw for the Knights and for the city of York.
  14. Swinton sunday

    Sounds like a very good performance by the Knights and hopefully we will get a home draw against a Super League side which will be just reward for yesterday's performance.
  15. Swinton sunday

    Seemed a little premature to call City's game of on Friday with Southport,surely a pitch inspection could have taken Saturday morning,or did City not fancy taken on Southport who are in good form at the moment.