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  1. Dual reg

    Interested to see what Fordy has to say about the comments coming from the Rover's camp about the DR for the forth coming season?
  2. Tonight's game

    Saxton is a good ball carrier and makes yards, but his he quick enough to play wing or center.
  3. One to look out for

    Have we not got enough back rowers at the club already?
  4. Tonight's game

    What are the admission prices for tonight's game?
  5. Jubber

    Great signing and with 3 quality hookers on the books it is only going to benefit the Knights.
  6. New kit

    Will the new home and away kits be out before Christmas?
  7. Squadbuilder help Knights get Horne-y!

    On paper we must have the best back row in the league, let's hope our next signings are a prop and a half-back which is looking a bit light in depth at the moment.
  8. 2018 Fixtures...

    For what ever reason It is a shame there can't draw crowds to support them at home, because there always bring a good following to York.
  9. 2018 Fixtures...

    Great first game to have at home, but some tough games in the following weeks so will have to be at our very best to be at the right end of the league table after game 6.
  10. Launch Night

    Are the Knights having a night for new merchandise for the coming season?
  11. H.K.R. DUAL REG

    If used the same way as last year it will benefit the Knights.
  12. Bristol RLFC

    Would make more sense for a new Division to be made for the expansion clubs,which in turn would make them stronger and hopefully generate more people turning up to support them.
  13. Exits.

    Good player and would have signed him for next season
  14. 2018 Squad

    Got to agree with MIck why didn't we put a bid in for Harris and signed him on a long term contract?
  15. 2018 Squad

    Didn't reckon much to Aldous the other week,but certainly would be a good signing.