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  1. paul

    Cup final on Sunday.

    Is Main Stand all Ticket or is first come first served on Sunday?
  2. What a farce the RFL have put the 2 clubs into by the loser of the Playoff Final has to play the bottom club of the Championship and also on a toss of a coin to get home advantage.
  3. I thought that the club's were voting for the overall package and not just scrapping the Super 8's and 1 up and 1 down.
  4. paul

    Today’s/tomorrow’s vote

    What if the Super League clubs don't get what there want at Tomorrow's meeting,are there going to resign from the RFL and go there own way,and what happens to the TV contract with sky because I presume that belongs to the RFL and not the Super League clubs?
  5. paul

    York away

    It might not have been one of the most entertaining games this season,but give credit to both teams who never gave the other any easy yards and the game could have gone either way.If you play like that next week against the Bulls you are not going to be to far away.
  6. paul

    Noise needed

    If we can repeat the backing like we did against Hunslet and increase the volume before the game and let the players know we are right behind them before the game starts.It would be great if the supporters get to there feet and cheer Fordy when he his going to his seat to sure our apreation what he has done for the Knights.
  7. paul

    Player of the year.

    Just give the reward to the whole team.
  8. paul

    Final run in

    I certainly have faith in Fordy and the team and maybe nerves do come into it,but all I was saying we are not playing Hunslet this weekend and Oldham need to win as much as we do.
  9. paul

    Ben Cockayne

    Ben has been outstanding this season and deserves a new contract.
  10. paul

    Final run in

    We are not playing Hunslet this weekend and if we think that Hunslet can do the double over Oldham so should the Knights,but it never happens like that.This is a new game and Oldham need to win this weekend to stay in the playoff position and like Andy said it will be just as tough a game as last weekend against Workington.
  11. paul

    Coventry at home

    Looks like your 2 wingers make big yards when ball in hand?
  12. paul

    Final run in

    We don't want to get ahead of ourselves.we still after beat Oldham this weekend who like the Knights have got to win this weekend to stay in the playoff picture.Looking at Oldham's points against record this season there only conceding 13 points a game so which is only 2 try's a game so we will have to be at our very best to beat them.
  13. paul


    Sounds like a great advert for League 1and hopefully the Knights can go on to win the league.If we do win the league i hope you beat the Bulls in the playoff game.
  14. paul

    Ding dong

    Watched first half and a very tight game,but did not see the second half or listen to the commentary,but what a result.Why did Radio York cut of before Fordy give his after match thoughts because if it had been York city the programme would have carried on,surely it does not cost the BBC any extra money 💰or is Andy only paid till 5?
  15. paul

    Workington away.

    I would certainly start with Marsh at Full -Back and move Batch back into the forwards and recall Whiteley at center and It would be a toss up between Mazive or Oakes on the wing.