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  1. Are season tickets valid for the super8's?
  2. Are season tickets valid for the super8s?
  3. I'll believe it when the first brick is laid.
  4. Why couldn't you perform like you did today to last week?
  5. Speaking to people at work today who are not regular attendants to the Knights games can't wait for Toronto game.
  6. Real shame he has signed a new contract at Hull. K.R,but you never know what is going to happen in the future.
  7. Great first half from the Knights, but expected more from Workington. Second half was more of a even contest ,but to nil Workington shows how much It means to to the players and it's coaching staff. Can't wait for the super8's especially when Toronto visit us. Great support today and was nice to hear from the young lads behind us getting behind the team today.
  8. Wherever we finish the season It is going to difficult to win promotion as we are to many points behind the top 3 teams.
  9. Will Hull.k.r want to release Loam Harris from his contract, and will there be a transfer fee to be paid to Hull. K.R?
  10. Would have to be Spier's and Nicholson if attitude was right.
  11. Great to see James Ford thank the supporters for there vocal support today, hope we can get behind the team next week.
  12. Trouble with Nev Morrison he is a winger not a center and is been found out by opposition teams.
  13. Poor first half again,improved when Morrison was withdrawn and London lost there 2 big forwards to injury. Thought Siddons had his best game this season. We will have to turn up next week from the start if we are going to beat Hunslet.
  14. Can we now think we can finish in the top 4.which would be a great achievement were we started ?
  15. Great to see Joe has been rewarded with a extended contract, due to his excellent start to his Knights career.