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  1. paul

    R15 Toon on Tour

    Just applies to DR players and when does the transfer window shut?
  2. paul


    I said this a while ago that the expansion clubs should make up a new Division with 1 team only promoted to the next Division,because at the moment there getting no benefit been in this league.
  3. paul


    Nothing in Press about him leaving and will be a big loss to the Knights.
  4. paul

    R14 The Cougar Cauldron

    I suppose Lingard won't be getting a Christmas card of Fordy this year after his comments after the game!
  5. paul

    Dual reg

    Obviously by the thread there have a second club to send players to if we do not require any players from them.Wonder if the Knights were informed of the decision by K.R ?
  6. paul

    Dual reg

    Is that mean the Dual Reg with Hull KR has come to a end?
  7. paul

    Tommy Saxton

    Obviously lost his pace,but always give everything on the field and always made good yards with ball in hand.
  8. paul

    York City Knights Away

    Town just didn't create anything today and were always on the back foot.I like a lot of Knights fans were disappointed with Moimo today.Still got to come to your place which will be a lot tougher than yesterday.Good luck for the rest of the season.
  9. paul

    Next up: North Wales

    Thought Kelly had his best game for the Knights yesterday.
  10. paul

    Sunday's match

    Great to see the supporters get behind the boys today from the beginning.Forwards again laid the platform for the Half-backs do there stuff.Still short of 1or 2 players in the backs.didn't hear the interview after the game with Fordy.but was the question asked about any imminent signings.
  11. paul

    Sunday's match

    Was Moss made available to the Knights for the rest of the season ?
  12. paul

    Sunday's match

    Is this what it is coming to see who has been left out of the Hull.k.r squad and hopefully made available for the Knights this weekend?What is going to happen if the Knights are involved in the playoff game to win promotion and no players are made available for the game and we are struggling to get a team out due to injuries in the squad are we allowed to sign players for that game or is it just tough luck and have to get on with it.
  13. paul

    Haven sunday

    Do the Knights have to pay Hull.k.r for the players who turn out for the Knights when there play for us?
  14. paul

    Haven sunday

    Obviously Fordy has made a Halfback a priority by the article in the press today but it will come down to one who will fit into the squad and if he fits into the playing budget.Also Jake Nommington was left out of the team against Catalans when he was playing well and was not replaced by a Dual Reg player. O
  15. paul

    Haven sunday

    The dual reg with Hull.k.r last season worked really well last season due to Hull.k.t having not many injuries to there squad,but this year there are having a hard time with injuries meaning that the Knights are not been offered players every week from Hull.k.r,and at the end of the day Hull.k.r will look after themselves and not the Knights.And like Deano said you then struggle to fill the gaps with a small squad.