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  1. Obviously we can't compete financial with the above teams,but seemed to be enjoying his time at the knights and was a crowd favourite with the supporters in his short spell at the club.
  2. Great signing for us as he has probably been our best forward this season.Hope we can resign 1.6.7&9for next season.
  3. 3 games in 8 days means we will have to rotate the team,so sounds a good signing and has already played first team rugby for Hull.
  4. paul

    New stadium

    Hopefully the Stadium will be ready for the start of next year's Knights campaign?
  5. I thought Jubb and Brining were playing were playing really well at the moment and with Carter as back up we seemed to be strong enough in the hooker position,but nether less welcome back Andy
  6. Been a midweek game and a home game on the Sunday shows great thinking by the Knights to attract a big crowd to the game.Well done JF.
  7. Agree with the above comment,but obviously 2nd or 3rd choice for where he plays,hope he finds a club as he will be a good signing for them
  8. According to the Press today there will be know rail transport between Peterborough and King'cross on challenge cup final weekend ,meaning supporters will have to go by car or bus to get to the game.
  9. paul

    Tim Sheens

    KR won't get relegated and a lot depends on if we make top 5 and what happens next season with the players budget he has at his disspossol.
  10. Definitely more than 800 at yesterday's game,would have said closer to 1500supporters,but only 2 games from Wembley
  11. Sheens has left Hullkr with immediate effect,hope there don't come calling for Fordy.
  12. Have the Knights sold many tickets for Saturdays Summer Bash?
  13. I presume his agent would have offered Edwards to the Knights first and would have been a good signing for the rest of the season and it would have given a rest to some of the Forwards up top.
  14. paul


    Would rather drink Lager than Smith's.Maybe issacpoad could do a York City beer like the Knights ale and sponsor both teams for next season
  15. The reason Fordy is asking the board to back him.is that a lot of the players are running on empty or are playing with injuries.but he is not in a position to rotate the squad and give 2 or 3 players a week off to recover from there injuries.
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