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  1. Has Matt Applegarth left the club or has he retired from the game?
  2. Looking at the squad at this moment we are very light in the forwards and if any team has ambitions to compete in rugby league needs a good set of forwards to lay the platform for the back 7.
  3. Great news that the take over is complete and hopefully supporters who were dissatisfied with the old owners will now get behind the new team and new owner.☺Happy days.
  4. Not looking good at the moment, but at least was have a coach and 20 players who still believe that YCK will still have a team next year. Again poor local media coverage from Radio York on the future on the only professional rugby league club in North Yorkshire, maybe there think that we are not newsworthy anymore.
  5. Sad times for professional sport in York at the moment,hope we have some good news regarding the Knights this week.
  6. We can't really look to next season till JG makes a statement to the supporters on what his intentions are for the club. As far as I know he has no ambition to Carry on been involved with the club?.
  7. Maybe that is aim to make sure there is nothing left of the club and then just walk away. Does JG own all the shares?
  8. After showing both comments made by Simon & Gary to work colleagues, there also had no idea what had been going in the last 2 years with yourselves & JG.Like I said if the local media have not been reporting on this subject how will the supporters no about it?
  9. Looks like the first of many who will playing there rugby else where next season. I like to wish Jack all the best for next season and will be a big miss next season if we have a club?Come on JG and pass the club over to McGill and then we can move on as a club.
  10. After reading both Simon's and Gary's comments about what has happened to them in the past,i and like a lot of supporters didn't realise how much abuse you taken from JG,and how it must have impacted on their life's and family. So why has the local media ie:Radio York and the Press not come out against JG and asked him to explain why he has personal issue with goth of you? Surely after what has gone on in the last 2 months no supporters or local media will believe what JG Say's anymore and if the local media look at this forum and see what Gary Hall & Simon Hall have said on this subject and don't go and ask why he had a personal think against both of you JG must have something over both of them?Like I said at the beginning I like many had no idea what you have been through.
  11. Can't the supporters club arrange a meeting to see if we can save this club,and is Gary Hall still involved with it.
  12. At least we have scored.
  13. Maybe JG should have stuck his hand up to play and given a bit back to the players who stayed with the club?
  14. I'm surprised the players and the coaching staff didn't walk away from the airport yesterday if only 12 players turned up at the airport.
  15. Looks like Barrow or Doncaster will be travelling to Toulouse next week as only 13 players could get time of work .