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  1. He says the same rubbish at every forum, bet if one of his grandkids wanted to come he'd be chuffed it was free.
  2. Start with a big un to get some subscriptions in
  3. If your carer drops you off there's a cinema and a coffee shop next door
  4. At least it's an easy drive to get to for an away day
  5. Great to hear BOH has signed again, will be fantastic if he can keep fit.
  6. I bet you love being right all the time
  7. Think we've got some high earners off the wage bill, and let's face it, if you're looking for a club and you have a look round York, and the club's facilities.....
  8. Bloomin eck. From having no one that could break a tackle we've got 2 in a matter of days.
  9. Surprised Coolio didn't tell us about this last week, and who's replacing him
  10. Same place that said Danny ward was taking over from fordy
  11. Very good and very poor in equal quantities All the best
  12. I was gunning for Batley, them maybe Coolio will ###### off to super League
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