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  1. Anyway it's an easy start Toulouse, Bradford, Leigh, fax, London Fev....
  2. 1 point each for a draw and an extra point from golden 5 minutes.
  3. 15 quid for a friendly, not going to encourage people to come along for a look is it.
  4. Apparently John Kear said it was York's fault....
  5. Has it got a Leeds badge on it?
  6. Good to see joe Batchelor and cam Scott there, would like to see them both back at York next year!
  7. So has Thomas Minns, oh hang on....
  8. Not easy for our part time squad with possibly 2 away games in Canada, most of the lads will have full time jobs
  9. I thought the game was summed up in one incident. Wellington Albert going full tilt at Jubby, one of our smaller players, Jubby jogged backed to the line, Wellington went off holding his ribs and only returned near the end of the game. That's why York won, week after week they turn up for each other.
  10. Was John Kear commenting??
  11. What a game. What a win. Another one we've ground out. Thought Fev looked a bit short of ideas towards the end, because we never give up. What more can you say about the knights. Fantastic.
  12. About time they put that useless old thing out to grass. what? Oh sorry thought you were talking about Kear....
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