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  1. Haven't missed Benny so much in recent weeks, I think Connor and Liam have dovetailed brilliantly. He's taken the pressure off Connor to do everything himself. A squad with no real Superstars, which in turn makes them all just that.
  2. I spoke to a swinton fan walking back to the car after the game and he said we were the best team he had seen there this season. I thought cam Scott looked a great find.
  3. If Fordy's been chasing him, he'll be good.
  4. Or lie in the reports.... 'Yeah Tony, Juniors nowt flash but can we keep him till end of season cos Perry Whiteley likes playing with him'
  5. Played well, although they all did against a poor team that looked done after 20 minutes. Next week will be a better gauge of where we are.
  6. I meant as in he hasn't played for weeks, usually water boy, I thought he was playing really well until his omission. Just wondered if he's injured or just out of favour.
  7. To be fair there won't be many!!
  8. Will be interesting to see what a turnout we get on a Saturday, hope we get a couple of thousand there.
  9. Are you a Bradford fan in disguise?
  10. We're doing great business with Hull KR all of a sudden. Wonder why??
  11. Liam Harris rang rings round us at Donny last year. Welcome return.
  12. Give Norris the Knight a squad builder bucket
  13. Anyone know how the injured are shaping up? Saw Joe Porter before the game yesterday and he said should be back next week, Matt Chiltern can't be far off, any news on the others? Cheers.
  14. Shall we all take those little plastic windmills.....
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