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  1. York City Knights v Featherstone Rovers 8pm Ref G Hewer TJ C Dean TJ C Hancock RR M Beadle MC S Cross
  2. The M62 / M18 / A1 / M1 'triangle' has a lot of Stobarts on it due to the fact they are Tesco's transport partner (for now). As they are only wrapping the hard side temp control trailers for s/l then the doncaster area may be your best chance as that is where the chill warehouse is! Just an idea.
  3. sidnee

    Pub for Oldham Away

    Is this one part of the cultural tour Gaz??
  4. sidnee

    Oldham friendly Just seen this on the Oldham forum, no mention of it previously and its only 1 week before we are due to play them at their place in the NRC. It says 1st team, but is it their 1st v our reserves??? Any ideas??????
  5. sidnee

    Match Photos: Rovers v Toulouse

    A good 1 of professor Scoffins! Did the 1 you took of Robin in his, erm, 'attire' not come out due to massive over exposure?
  6. sidnee

    DeJa Vu Well, we never saw that coming did we!!
  7. sidnee

    o/t who's law

  8. sidnee


    Now that Pro star are a thing of the past, do we have a replacement sponsor for the main stand?? Have Macron taken over that honour or is it still up for grabs (not that I have enough sheckles lying around to create 'The sidnee stand' for 2011 ). btw, why is it called a stand when you sit down?
  9. sidnee

    New Shirts

    The new strip is on display this Thursday for sponsors at the open evening, but when do we get to see and buy it?????
  10. sidnee

    SL Licence News

    Widnes it is then
  11. sidnee

    Championship Awards Night

    My chest is bursting. Its swelling so much with pride Again, well done to everyone.
  12. sidnee

    Fan of the Year from Fev

    Well done Gaz, but you couldn't of managed it without your mate Bob
  13. sidnee

    celebrity team

    Tha gets worse!
  14. sidnee

    Grand Final DVD

    Maybe include everything from start to finish, players arriving at the club, their prep for the day etc, right through to the party in the clubhouse afterwards and players and fans celebrating together. A lot of work involved but would be worth it
  15. sidnee

    Super League Picks

    Does that mean chair shots will be legal then???? Think Tonka will need a 3 piece suite Featherstone Rovers and DFS........ A winning combination