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    Tickets for Bradford

    We don't all have smartphones Bob
  2. Bi11

    Yorkshire cup tickets

    I don't know about the rickets and plague; but the spam certainly came in tins in those days.
  3. Bi11

    Yorkshire cup tickets

    Now you are talking proper money; especially the old silver half crowns.
  4. Bi11

    2019 bulldog shirt

    Thanks for the clarification Ernie, I don't know how the tie up between the Bulldogs and Ravensport works (that is to say whether we buy the shirts and sell them on or whether we just take a commission on sales). As you know, usually it's the retailer that pays commission as an inducement to buy from themselves or to buy online rather that in the shops. What would the inducement be for Ravensport to join the scheme? I doubt that they would sell more shirts. Goodwill perhaps? Or a possible saving to them if shirts are bought online rather than through the club?
  5. Bi11

    2019 bulldog shirt

    Would it not seem a little silly the club giving BISSA money which is then given back to the club later in the year?
  6. Bi11

    Pre-season Yorkshire Cup

    I feel more affinity to Keighley than any other club except our own and our "friends" over the hill. Happy memories of a Keighley fan sharing coffee with me on the long terrace on a cold winter's day, when both teams were struggling, of standing in pouring rain watching in a packed Lawkholme Lane a game that saw us hammered and the Cougars win the league and still managing to enjoy the occasion, and piggy Parkinson's famous " Cougars? Pussy Cats" in one of our wins against them during the Cougar mania era. They have similar problems to us with changes in the local ethnicity no doubt affecting their fan base (a reminder of how well we have done in difficult circumstances). I hope that the ground is "safe" and that they can be resurrected in the near future. (Sorry to drift of thread somewhat)
  7. Bi11

    Challenge cup and New 1895 cup

    Bite bite...........It would be lovely BSJ. And wouldn't it be great if we went on to win it and hence the first winners of three different trophys. (Ok, OK, so what if there were only three winners of the Transpennine trophy....makes it special, doesn't it?).
  8. Bi11

    Batley Bulldogs

    One thing for sure........he will play with great enthusiasm and give 100%.
  9. Bi11

    Reditch bulldog

    How do you convert a unionite? Kick him over the crossbar! (sorry, couldn't resist, although the jokes older than me).
  10. Bi11

    Dave Scott and Michael Ward

    A bit of light training might have been the best bet.
  11. Bi11

    Mo money

  12. Bi11

    Mo money

    To be fair, Batley has managed to attract more youngsters in recent years and must be doing something right. The biggest problem, as discussed before, is that the local area no longer contains the white working class families that provided the fan base. There have been some excellent initiatives on the club's part but so far we have not been able to attract young support from the immediate area. I don't know whether we can make the club more inclusive; less of a beer and bacon sandwich culture and more appealing to all-comers. It is interesting to note that the Bulldogs in Australia, faced with similar problems, have managed to attract a large Arab/Lebanese following. Obviously I am not comparing like with like, our Australian counterparts were already a more glamorous club than ours and had the advantage that RL was the number one sport in the area. Also I suspect that there is more cultural diversity around their ground than around ours. Still, there might be lessons to learn and ideas to borrow from them.
  13. Bi11

    Mo money

    I first supported them in my student days BSJ. As I recall, if you wore your college scarf then you paid half price at the turnstiles. And no, before you ask, I didn't continue to wear it for the next 50 years. Oddly enough I can remember the price of a pint of beer but not the admission price to The Mount back in those far off days.
  14. Bi11

    Mo money

    Police looking for gang of OAPs after lynching at Mount Pleasant. Now I was always taught not to try and improve my lot by pulling someone else down. Besides, I would say that having paid full wack for 40 - 50 years oap's deserve a discount. If my old age pension of £644 per month is anything to go by then those who rely solely on their old age pension need all the help that they can get. Those that deserve the most help, though, are the people who bring children to the match. It must be made as affordable as possible for families imo.
  15. Bi11

    Bulldogs V Lions shield game MOM thread

    Jouffret Scott Day
  16. Bi11

    Bulldog inbound Jack Downs

    Don't you think that Farrell is looking a bit thick set for the "hooker's" role these days Phil? Like you I am sorry to see him leave but Farrell is out of contract and can go where he likes.
  17. Bi11


    More than a couple by the sound of things.
  18. Bi11

    Bulldogs v Eagles MOM thread shield game

    Very difficult choice, but for getting them on the front foot in the first place I'll go Davey Brambani then eeniy meeny miny mo Day. Which seems unfair on Manning, Cambell, Galbraith and others.
  19. Bi11

    Club statement

    Apparently it was a secret ballot.
  20. Bi11

    Batley v Rochdale

    Fair comment RPH.
  21. Bi11

    Batley v Rochdale

    Gates such as we had on Sunday are not conducive to keeping players or attracting new ones. The BOD and those of you that work hard behind the scenes for the club deserve better. I hope we see quite a few more faces at the Eagles game.
  22. Bi11

    Batley V Rochdale MOM thread shield

    Brown Cambell Scott
  23. Bi11

    Big day tomorrow.........

    I have mixed feelings because it's good to see quality players playing in our division and I am glad to have seen players like MaGilvary and Minikin turning out for us. You make some decent points though and loans seem to be a better option than DR albeit that I wouldn't restrict them to just season long loans.
  24. Bi11

    Big day tomorrow.........

    Ainscough and Cowling were injured hence Minikin was invaluable to us. Mariano also played at centre, against Dewsbury, when Minikin was not available, as well as a few games in the pack.
  25. Bi11

    Batley A

    Faz was walking away I believe, but certainly played his part in the incident. I don't know if it's supposed to be a straight red for kicking but I was content to see a yellow card in the circumstances.