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  1. I see Josh Johnson has been released by Huddersfield. Played on DR a couple of years as a 2nd row. Could he do a job for us?
  2. Got me Moore and me Marshall mixed up. Senior moment, I'm afraid.
  3. Agree about Bailey and Cox, but here's another one to throw in the ring. For years, we've needed a ball playing prop. Halifax have just released Richard Marshall. Could he do a job for us?
  4. Given last season's success, and the good recruitment so far, it seems likely that there'll be a greater demand for season tickets, both from those who've never had them before or not had one for a few seasons, including myself. I'd therefore be grateful, when the details are announced, if someone could provide a link to an easily printable application form. Thanks in advance.
  5. He's a centre, but can play second row, according to Wikipedia.
  6. I've never believed in a magic wand and, if the club were to be reformed under new management, there may be, for a few years, a significant step backwards, But, I believe that a new organisation would give us what we currently don't have and that is hope for the future. That's my opinion anyway.
  7. Hear, hear.
  8. Off course I understand the connection between lack of funds and stayaways, but what some don't or don't want to understand are the reasons why former species, including myself, are not attending games. These have been well documented on this message board over time and all point in the one direction, the man in charge. With the current incumbent, this club's future is bleak, in my opinion, and I refuse to contribute any more money in support of his clinging to power, which seems to be his only ambition. That is my choice. Others may act differently and have different opinions.
  9. Feared at the start of the season that we were going with too small a squad. We needed size and experience, particularly in the forwards, and we now need it more than ever, to refresh a squad which is knackered. And for those who say we have no money, then don't complain when the relegation which is looking and more and more certain each week actually happens. And you know who to blame, don't you, but, no doubt, the leader will blame the stayaways, luck or anything else but himself. No responsibility and accountability. And, to anyone who complains that I'm being negative, I would say I'm being realistic.
  10. Some people don't get it, do they? My complaints about Sunday are nothing to do with the team's performance in Blackpool, disappointing though the result clearly was. I've followed Oldham for over 50 years, so you learn to live with disappointments. My beef is with the image the club is projecting, when we can't even put out a team with the right shirt numbers on. To say it doesn't look good is a massive understatement. On another topic, R34 talks about the money CH has put into the club and how much he is owed. How does anyone other than CH know anything of the financial details of the club? No one else has ever been allowed to see the books. Or is this one of CH's statements that people are prepared to believe, cos it shows him in a good light, whereas his unfulfilled promises from the meetings last year do not. Also, in my opinion, when CH talks about outside investment, his idea of investment isn't what the rest of the world understands. I believe that investment, as far as he is concerned, is a big bag of money left on the pitch at Bower Fold, Whitebank or anywhere else we may pitch up at!
  11. Any so called negativity of mine, which I believe is realism, is not related to the team in any way but to the overall running of the club and the direction it's going in. I have chosen not to financially support Hamilton's club over the past 2 seasons and will continue to do so as long as he is still in charge. Maybe cutting off my nose to spite my face, but that's my choice and I'm not alone in doing this. And, to those who believe the propaganda that no one else is there to take over if CH were to leave, how about Rugby Oldham? I'm sure they couldn't possibly do a worse job than at present if called upon.
  12. So, facts are negative, are they? I thought I was just being realistic. With the present set up, this club has no future and, more importantly, no hope.
  13. As well as yesterday's defeat, caused by several factors, poor second half attitude, Palfrey not passing to support when he was held up, missed touch finder and Wardy not making more of an attempt to touch down, instead of trying to con the ref (it was on TV for goodness sake), one thing showed up this club for the shambles that it is. Tom Spencer was forced to wear Jon Ford's number 3 shirt, and, if my eyes didn't deceive me, we seemed to have 2 players with the number 14 shirt. Good job the ref didn't discipline or put on report our no 14. What sort of a club have we got that can't get the basics right and on TV as well? An amateur club would be ashamed to show themselves up like this. Then again, should anyone be surprised at another example of the ongoing Hamilton pantomime?
  14. I thought Holdsworth had said that he penalised the Oldham winger (Paul Lord) because he was in front of the Oldham forward (John Cogger, I think he was referring to) who kicked the ball when we all know it was Mike Ford who put the kick in. So, a clear case of mistaken identity by the man in the middle. I knew people, at the time, who freeze framed the video, used a ruler across the screen and assured me that Lordy was dead level with Fordy, therefore, behind the ball, so the try should have stood. I was going to say that, on such fine margins, futures are decided, but, according to the ref, it was no such thing. What chance have we when the ref cannot even identify players correctly! And, as for the touch judge, don't even get me started on that. For all the use they are in most games, I'd charge them to get in! I could carry on, but rant over.
  15. I'm not intending to knock the team and club while it's down, but, if we were relegated, would we be allowed back at Whiteback. We received dispensation from the RFL to play there, and that lasted for five years, during which time almost nothing was done to upgrade the tip. We would need to reapply to play there again, and, given the number of clubs that detest the place, would we be allowed to move back? So, maybe there's the nightmare scenario of relegation, coach and players leaving and nowhere to play. Oh, joy. But, never mind, the most important thing surely is that Hamilton would still be in charge! Let's all rejoice! Incidentally, if Geoff Cooke, in an earlier post, is right about Latics wanting £5k per game rent for using Boundary park, if my maths is right, that works out at about 350 to 400 species per game. Is that not what we're losing at Stalybridge? Playing out of town never works and Hamilton, for one, should know that. We found that out at Hurst Cross in 2002, when the numbers of species lost per game (between 800 and 900) roughly equated to the extra rent Chris Moore was trying to extort from us for playing at BP.