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  1. Almost finished this magnificent book, which throughout perfectly matches Oldham the town, Oldham the rugby team and what is going on in the outside world at a dreadful time, at the same time pointing out some really compassionate and humane acts. Very well done to Michael Turner and everyone who contributed to this memorable social history.
  2. RunItOffAfi

    Dave Parker

    Totally agree with that. The classiest loose forward I can ever remember playing for Oldham. RIP Dave.
  3. RunItOffAfi

    2019 Squad and signings

    Would Santa have a Claus in his contract! I'll get me coat!
  4. Could the weather in Toulouse have an effect on this game? Current BBC forecast shows 28 degrees at Saturday kick off time. Think TO may be more used to the heat than Widnes.
  5. Not sure of the validity of this, but the tale I heard years ago was that post padding was first introduced after an Oldham player suffered a nasty injury, hitting his head against a post, in a match at Watersheddings some time in the 1930s. And I bet it was cold that day, too!
  6. RunItOffAfi

    Halifax in the Cup

    That's got to be the performance of the round, given Halifax' status in the Championship.
  7. RunItOffAfi

    Challenge Cup 4th Round Draw

    I remember when I played for Ferrantis in the early 70s, we played Pilks at home in the Lancs Cup, about 18 months before they lost in the Challenge Cup, by the odd point in 49, to a very good Cas team. We produced one of our best performances of the season, tackled like demons, but were outclassed 24.7 by a super side. At the end, we just had to acknowledge that we'd given our all but had been beaten by a far better team.
  8. RunItOffAfi

    2018 Squad and signings.

    Ben West, 21, winger, ex Siddal (McComb's wing partner), has signed a one year deal. Chris Barlow and Harry Maders have not been signed. No news on the fifth trialist, Joe Martin.
  9. Just a word of warning to those tipping Oldham to win. I stand to be corrected, but I think we've won once at Whitehaven in the last 30 years, so I'm not holding my breath, but hope springs eternal.
  10. RunItOffAfi

    Gene Ormsby

    Clifford, Oldham's NOT part of Manchester, no more than Ashton and Rochdale are part of Oldham, even though they have Oldham post codes.
  11. RunItOffAfi

    Merry Christmas!

    Good un that, Dave. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
  12. RunItOffAfi

    2018 Squad and signings.

    Brooksy, if memory serves me right, Jack Holmes came to us as a stand off, so there's the cover.
  13. RunItOffAfi

    Best end to a game you've ever seen?

    Rochdale v. Oldham in the 2001 Championship semi final at Spotland. Oldham losing 32.14 with 12 minutes to go, needing 18 points just to draw level. We scored 4 converted tries and a dropped goal for an amazing comeback win. By the end of the game, I thought my heart was coming out of my chest! The following week, back down to earth when we lost to Widnes in the final at the same venue. Another worthy of mention was the 1990 Old Trafford 2nd Division Premiership Final against Hull KR, when we were 29.8 down a minute into the second half and came back to win 30.29. I didn't get my voice back until the following Thursday!
  14. The Watts incident - Hicks was the referee, nuff said. You should never give a child a whistle. Touch judges - for all the use they are, I'd charge em to get into the game.
  15. Off topic this, and could have been asked and answered before, but, with the Toronto team packed with mainly English players and very few local players in their squad, how are they complying with the overseas quota, or do they special dispensation?