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  1. Merry Christmas!

    Good un that, Dave. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
  2. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Brooksy, if memory serves me right, Jack Holmes came to us as a stand off, so there's the cover.
  3. Best end to a game you've ever seen?

    Rochdale v. Oldham in the 2001 Championship semi final at Spotland. Oldham losing 32.14 with 12 minutes to go, needing 18 points just to draw level. We scored 4 converted tries and a dropped goal for an amazing comeback win. By the end of the game, I thought my heart was coming out of my chest! The following week, back down to earth when we lost to Widnes in the final at the same venue. Another worthy of mention was the 1990 Old Trafford 2nd Division Premiership Final against Hull KR, when we were 29.8 down a minute into the second half and came back to win 30.29. I didn't get my voice back until the following Thursday!
  4. The Watts incident - Hicks was the referee, nuff said. You should never give a child a whistle. Touch judges - for all the use they are, I'd charge em to get into the game.
  5. Off topic this, and could have been asked and answered before, but, with the Toronto team packed with mainly English players and very few local players in their squad, how are they complying with the overseas quota, or do they special dispensation?
  6. Coldest ground

    Waterhead Park, which is next to where Watersheddings (not being pedantic, but it's never been the Watersheddings) used to be, is known locally as Pneumonia Park. I don't think it's because of the heat waves thereabouts!
  7. Coldest ground

    Seeing as how Watersheddings seems to be the most popular choice, can I take this as an Oldham win, cos we're a bit short of them this season!
  8. Coldest ground

    Remember going to a 7's competition at Watersheddings 20 odd years ago in July and it was that cold that they ran out of hot chocolate in the canteen!
  9. Toulouse player stats

    Neither Smith nor Wood are in the Huddersfield 19 for this weekend's match, so fingers crossed.
  10. Toulouse

    Gutsy, characterful performance today. Special mentions, in addition to the above, for Sam Wood and Daniel Smith, who both put in real shifts, and the young prop from London, who was devastating near the end. A minor downside for me is the idiot on the tannoy, with his make some noise, get behind the lads shouting, which I find really patronising. Somebody please have a word with him about sticking the mike where the sun don't shine!
  11. Bradford

    Agree with all this. If we only play what's in front of us, and not according to the position on the field, once or twice a game, at least it gives the opposition some uncertainty as to what we're going to do. An 8 year old could plan the opposition's defence against what we throw at teams. It's incredibly easy to read. As a final thought, I've watched Oldham for well over 50 years and I've seen better and worse teams than the current one, but they have to qualify as the most boring side we've ever had in my time.
  12. Hull KR

    Totally agree, Clifford. Brave, gutsy display and I thought we were a bity unlucky. No team will fancy coming to Bower Field. Bottle this for the rest of the season and we'll be fine.
  13. Dewsbury Sunday

    I know we won there in the RL cup in 2008, and scored over 50 points, but can anyone remember when we last won at Dewsbury in the league?
  14. April

    Just analysing the season so far, we're doing ok. 1) Home wins against Sheffield, Bradford and Swinton, away win against Dewsbury and a draw at Rochdale, 2 point defeats at Featherstone and Halifax, and at home to London. 2) Expected defeats at Hull KR and Toulouse, although we may have hoped for better margins, and our only really bad display at Batley. That means we've played the expected top 5 once and done ok, we've only had 4 games at home, so we've only got 4 away games to come (London, Swinton, Bradford and Sheffield), 7 at home plus the Blackpool bash. Without tempting fate in terms of form and injuries, if we can stay strong at home, we should be safe and, hopefully, avoid the last day drama of last year. Fingers and everything crossed.
  15. The season so far.

    Agree with all this. We must be the easiest team in the league to defend against. First or second man, inside pass from the half back, runs and no dummy runners pose no questions whatsoever of the opposition and will not succeed in the Championship. Also, it won't do much for the confidence of our threequarters if they can't be trusted with the ball, as the game plan each week seems to be to keep the ball tight in the middle.