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  1. Agree with all this. We must be the easiest team in the league to defend against. First or second man, inside pass from the half back, runs and no dummy runners pose no questions whatsoever of the opposition and will not succeed in the Championship. Also, it won't do much for the confidence of our threequarters if they can't be trusted with the ball, as the game plan each week seems to be to keep the ball tight in the middle.
  2. Distant Dog, we're staying at Hotel Kyriad centre, next to the Canal du Midi.
  3. Thanks Roger T. Saves us messing about beforehand.
  4. Does anyone know if you can pay on the day rather than buy tickets in advance? Perhaps fellow RL fans from other clubs, who have already savoured the Toulouse experience, can help.
  5. I thought that meself when I saw the article.
  6. Although Spencer was a deserved MOM, I thought Dickenson made the difference when he came on. Running with pace and power, he got us on the front foot and we never looked back. Honourable mentions too to Egodo, who, I'm sure will become a firm fans favourite, and Langtree. Good first win, with plenty of room for improvement, but better than anything we produced in pre season.
  7. Results pre season don't mean a great deal, but performances do. This was worse than the Swinton game. One out rugby, especially in our opponents 20 metre zone, asks no questions of the opposing defence and will never succeed at Championship level. We were out enthused today (how many times does this happen against Hornets?) and seemed flat and uninterested. A lot of work is needed over the next 2 weeks to avoid being in for a long, hard season.
  8. I see Josh Johnson has been released by Huddersfield. Played on DR a couple of years as a 2nd row. Could he do a job for us?
  9. Got me Moore and me Marshall mixed up. Senior moment, I'm afraid.
  10. Agree about Bailey and Cox, but here's another one to throw in the ring. For years, we've needed a ball playing prop. Halifax have just released Richard Marshall. Could he do a job for us?
  11. Given last season's success, and the good recruitment so far, it seems likely that there'll be a greater demand for season tickets, both from those who've never had them before or not had one for a few seasons, including myself. I'd therefore be grateful, when the details are announced, if someone could provide a link to an easily printable application form. Thanks in advance.
  12. He's a centre, but can play second row, according to Wikipedia.
  13. I've never believed in a magic wand and, if the club were to be reformed under new management, there may be, for a few years, a significant step backwards, But, I believe that a new organisation would give us what we currently don't have and that is hope for the future. That's my opinion anyway.
  14. Hear, hear.
  15. Off course I understand the connection between lack of funds and stayaways, but what some don't or don't want to understand are the reasons why former species, including myself, are not attending games. These have been well documented on this message board over time and all point in the one direction, the man in charge. With the current incumbent, this club's future is bleak, in my opinion, and I refuse to contribute any more money in support of his clinging to power, which seems to be his only ambition. That is my choice. Others may act differently and have different opinions.