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  1. leighminers


    See what score is after first game before we agree on that 😂
  2. leighminers


    Should give it to the club who as won it the most times 🙃
  3. leighminers


    Anyone any idea when the fixtures are out?first round of the challenge cup draw? And will there be a conference challenge trophy this year?
  4. leighminers

    End of season play offs

    Hunslet are going to take some stopping, to go through the entire season unbeaten is some effort especially in the prem. i wonder what odds you would get though for a west hull v thatto Final!
  5. leighminers

    Ncl charity shield

    We played it over two games in 2016 against wath brow with the team with the best aggregate score over both league fixtures taking the trophy, not sure why Siddal and mayfield didn’t play for it last year or who it is down to for organising it
  6. leighminers

    Another weekend of postponements?

    Waterlogged pitch we are told, looked at the forecast for Dewsbury over the next couple of days and it don’t look to clever.
  7. Is it going to be another weekend where the weather gets the better of us? Shaw Cross v Miners already postponed. What’s chances of other NCL fixtures going ahead this weekend?
  8. leighminers

    Games Off Saturday 3rd March

    Won’t be surprised if most ncl games get called off this weekend, probably best chance of getting a game on will be at leigh east with the 4g pitch
  9. Was the ncl awards last night? If so who won the awards etc? As there is nothing on social media about it
  10. leighminers

    Premier division play offs

    Can understand Mayfields frustration at the game being called off & if it was just a normal league game playing on a different pitch would be fine in my eyes, but you can't blame Wath Brow for not wanting to give up home advantage in knockout rugby.
  11. leighminers

    Fryston Warriors

    Fryston & Hunslet are obviously very good sides but I don't think that at present would be good enough to beat the current Siddal side.
  12. Yeah Scott as retired now, his mrs is expecting twins next year so the boots are being hung up for now!
  13. Scott O'Brien as been nominated again but I'm sure Garrod will get it this year, especially with Siddal winning a league and grand final double
  14. leighminers

    Thoughts on sundays grand final

    Congratulations to Siddal on their victory yesterday, from start to finish this year they have been the best side so full credit to them. It was gutting to lose the way we did and in the end it was a game to far against a very good Siddal side. If I'm being honest us at Miners have probably over achieved this year in making the grand final considering the amount of changes that we have had from the 2015 treble winning season, when you get to a final you want to win it but unfortunately it wasn't to be and hopefully that horrible feeling we felt after the game can drive us on to more success over the coming years. Well done Siddal
  15. leighminers

    Relegation for 2017 season

    Should be 2 up 2 down, for me 3 up 3 down would be to many with 12 in each league.