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  1. Been told October restart for a regional competition
  2. Tony and Chris Hilton Rochdale Mayfield and Rochdale hornets
  3. Toronto only have 23 players with 5\6 injured there's not enough to go round its a publicity stunt
  4. Mayfield at the start season of last would have won at home be harder this year after hornets have signed 8
  5. Your right Your right what your saying but who wants to sign for a club that can't win an argument Your playing for losing money every week let's see how his squad is next season
  6. Wayne Bennett couldn't turn that squad round its s###e wait till he has his own squad in place before you start giving a hard time
  7. Come and support mayfield it's only 2•50 in as well
  8. There's the blue pits to left and the Midland to the right blue pits probably the best
  9. All these people slagging the facilities at Mayfield can't have been It is a small stadium a hell of lot better than nearly every amateur side and is owed by Mayfield more than both you so called pros side have
  10. Gone to Swindon in a swap deal Will that release his wages for more signings ?
  11. Matt took over at Rochdale and signed our 2 second rows hooker and loose forward think any team might take a while to recover
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