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  1. Townstrip 13 - No I am not a Haven fan. Unicorn 106 - I do give, as you put it, a dam about Town, Reds and the sporting future of Allerdale. I have enjoyed spectating at both venues and will also watch sporting events at the new stadium if it is built. I also want any decision to be made on figures that Joe Public are given freely by those planning the new facility before a FINAL decision is made, and the potential affect this may have on Council taxpayers. Is this wrong, or should large sums of money be borrowed with little scrutiny or with large pieces of information withheld? All I am asking is for someone to spell out, without redacting large pieces of information how the finances can stack up? From what has been "allowed" to be shown the figures of 7500 and 2600 are what it appears finances based on. My figures above remain (allowing for a small reduction from 7600 to 7500 for Town's attendances). In addition hospitality spend is based on 50% of the 7600 and 2500 crowd spending on average £8 a head. This means over £606,000 per annum between the 2 clubs. Again what are the figures for the 2 clubs just now? If these fanciful figures are not achieved will the shortfall have to be made up by the shareholders/members of Town and Reds in the 1st instance? If the 2 clubs cannot make up the shortfall what will happen to them and their leases? If the 2 clubs cannot make up the shortfall and the council taxpayer has to stump up, what affect will this have on the Allerdale tax payers annual bill? £10 per person, £50 person, £100 per person? I do not think the above are questions that are disrespectful to Town, Reds or anyone who will use the facility, but valid points and questions that need to be answered.
  2. Sorry meant 6000 x 15 x £15 pr ticket, not 600.
  3. Been closely studying all the pros and cons re the stadium finances and have a question. If as has been stated the finances are based on Town averaging 7600 spectators within the next 6 years, and keeping that attendance, what would position and responsibility for Town be, if say attendances only doubled to 1600? Going on shortfall of 600 fans times say 15 home matches times average of £15 for ticket then you have a shortfall of £1.35 million per season. Would that shortfall fall on Town to cover or the Reds or the tax payers of Allerdale?
  4. Disappointed in Rochdale physio today. When Dalliemore was away to take kick at goal she was moving about field, in his field of view handing out drinks to the Rochdale side. I thought rules were you had to stay still?
  5. Think what intrigues me is Radio Cumbria’s sports team thoughts on the new “investors”. No searching qustions just acceptance that this is good. I think haven fans and shareholders need the following questions answered; 1. What money has been put in to date by the new investors? 2. If nil are they going to take over haven for £33k? As this seems to be what they are going to contribute. What share in the club are those who have raised the monies to date going to get? 3. Mr Harvey says he is going to be full time at the club next season. Is he going to be paid for this? 4. If he is going to be full time does that mean Amanda Hewer is going to be made redundant? 5. Why was Mr Harvey’s consortium turned down by Stockport County. 6. What sort of sums are being budgeted for being spent over next 3 years and what sort of crowds are being planned for. Are the funds being invested by the consortium as “Directors Loans”, that they will want back if things do not go well. 7. Where is the increased income coming from if gates do not improve? Barrow is a much bigger town than Whitehaven and even in the league above and with much more locals in their team they only average 1200. How are haven going to average 1500? There are so many other questions like these still to be fully answered but a deadline has now been set by the consortium before the whole proposal has been fully debated and reviewed.
  6. I notice that a new director has signed a letter of intent re joining the board of haven. He has/will inject substantial funds into haven. I am assuming these funds are coming from his personal resources as his company appears to have a deficit in shareholder funds from the last balance sheet published at companies house!
  7. I really hope this works out for haven but why do “investors” from, I believe, Norfolk and Suffolk want to invest in a club that does not own its ground? What does the 3 year contract signed at meeting mean for the Rugby club? Finally and has been mentioned before who are the other investors? From companies house info there does not appear to be major funds in the companies Mr Harvey is a major shareholder in.
  8. I see Karl Foster is ratcheting up the nonsense as he is quoted in the Whitehaven News as follows "It'll be typical Barrow, they will be thinking it's an easy game for them. We'll let them do all the talking. We're not too fussed about them as long as we've got our game plan sorted. Don't think it was Barrow that said the above! Cresta is on record as saying anyone can win it. Lets just enjoy the fact that 2 Cumbrian teams are in the play off final. Leave the wind ups/psychology to Premier League Football Karl.
  9. It does appear (if the rumours flying around are true) that there are major financial issues at the club. With hopefully 2 big home matches over the next 2 weeks imagine difference it would make if everyone who normally goes to the games could take 1 extra/new supporter with them. If not already taken I will offer to sponsor the match ball.
  10. Is this something that we as Barrow fans should be worried about? Financial Situation/Update!
  11. Well I take no pleasure in putting this down in writing but I fear it will be the same as last year for the Raiders. Lots of talk before games but then on the park, like rabbits caught in headlights. Josh Ward may well be a god player in the future but his decision making is poor. We throw the ball about like it was sunny dry weather. Take wrong options all over the park. I know the Board have faith in the Coach but the 1st real test this year has surely set alarm bells ringing. I hope I am wrong but I feel the raiders will be lucky if they finish in the top 5.
  12. Not sure if they realise it or not but commentary/background noise already on line!!
  13. Good to see that the boys can get back to training at Craven Park but with the Thunder now playing at Kingston Park will Barrow be able to have a run out on an artificial pitch similar to Kingston Park before they pay the Thunder?
  14. Thanks John. I will be there on Sunday with money in my pocket ready to spend! Can you put an XL aside for me please?
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