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  1. Hodgson got to play hooker only cam smith better than him
  2. Mayfield will bring a near full strength side no excuses if we get beat ,but to be honest I think we will win
  3. No problem with it being called off but the rfl had arranged for kells pitch to be used in case of it Being called off , but wath brows coach refused to play it there Why? Hornet
  4. My predictions for this week ends games Thatto to beat siddal by 6 Mayfield to beat wath brow by 7
  5. Is that the same game were hunslet warriors fans attacked Mayfield players Warriors deserved all they got it was shocking I've never seen anything like to try and blame Mayfield for getting throw out is ridiculous
  6. Yep all Mayfield fault again daveo5, I watched this one young hooker butted then elbowed right in front of the touch judge than why thatto had 2 sent off a brawl happen that why Mayfield had a lad sent off And by the way every Mayfield game st home Is recorded and if you coach wants a copy its sent no problem
  7. 2 from thatto one from Mayfield sent off young Dec Sheridan got butted and elbowed on the floor so it went off thatto went to pieces Mayfield run riot
  8. Mayfield the new fryston warriors Not there so can't said much it's,a tough game and setas not like that he's not done something for nothing
  9. Mayfield won with a golden Point penalty in extra time great win upon Cumbria
  10. Mayfield 8/1 going to have a couple of quid on Good young players pushing though from last year's u18s to go with last year squad should be in the mix at the end of the season
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