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  1. Saturdays Grand Final

    Its made my year 😂
  2. Possible dropped points ahead?

    Jeese gi mi a rope.
  3. M.O.M. Rovers v Rochdale home

    Thacks Lockwood Hardman
  4. M.O.M. Rovers V Oldham

    1.Carlile . Class game . 2 Davies . A machine 3.Ulugia. made up for last week well.
  5. 2017 Featherstone Rovers squad.

    We had one ,hes at Wigan now .
  6. ex and current dewsbury players

    Owning our own stadium and a nice bit of land is a nice start .not to mention 16000 coming in for our last 3 home games ,and a top 4 money pot ,not a bad position i reckon.
  7. ex and current dewsbury players

    Definately ,Dale is not coming to Fev .
  8. Huddersfield match

    Thank god Brough and Broughton didn,t play.
  9. Huddersfield match

    Put it this way in my opinion if we would have been on a bonus like last few games to get into the top 4 ,i feel we would have given them a game .
  10. Huddersfield match

    We certainly wont be getting better for the experience so far believe me .
  11. Huddersfield match

    Agree we play a SL side low on confidence and winless in 4 games no main playmaker and finisher, and what do we do play dumb from the start ,gift possesion early every set through constant child like errors,kick pathetically ,then fold again under pressure ,mainly put upon ourselves .
  12. Huddersfield match

    So does playing a SL team mean you cannot catch or get past the first tackle without silly errors .
  13. Huddersfield match

    We seem to have gone back into self destruct mode again today . Turning the ball over constantly through schoolboy errors ,poor kicking options ,generally giving the opposition an easy route to hammer us .Dont know if im moaning for the right reason ,but we seemed to play the basics and play with shape when the money was on .
  14. Huddersfield match

    4 points away from home and a bottled chance to win at homes how far weve been behind Leigh in the last 2 attempts.
  15. Handicap v Loiners

    Think were a definately a good winger short for this one ,with the only real options ,using Duckworth or Misi to wing .id prefer Hardman staying at full back and using craven with ellis in a lot faster than usual game .Not seen much of Duckworth but id be reluctant to move Misi to wing for what will surely be an aerial bombardment . Could use Walters in centre but that still leaves one wing problem .