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  1. Lets just hope the incident was an accident and hope the bloke makes a quick recovery ,i also need to say that i am absolutely sick of hearing all the blame put on the featherstone fans , the fire incident was the second of its kind to come from them as stated on sky tv and the goading and approachment of our fans was their doing and at first looked like a pitch invasion and attempt to get at us the way they made towards us, when the entite pitch near their own seated fans was available to them, on the way back to our coach we saw a mini bus full of fax grown men starting on a group of young fev lads which had to be sorted by dog handlers ,and all the way back to our bus with our 14 year old son we were constantly goaded and abused ,
  3. Its fevmas eve , better sort some cans out so i can sleep tonight .
  4. Thats only thing theyl win or a long time
  5. That would be funny , theres some funny suggestions on here mate are we taking a choir to sing some of em ,
  6. It would be nice , i know quite a few are still looking for coach travel and ive noticed that tickets and travel have been taken off the official online store now ,
  7. And a lot more still wanting coach travel,but think that 15s all the club can get ,know a few who couldnt get on this morning
  8. the way its going, well all have to show no emotion that offends anyone , no booing ,no jumping up when we score , and only sing to lyrics wrote by the producers of in the midnight garden
  9. Nick it off hull kr ! we were singing that in the bullock shed many moons ago
  10. 4 nil would be nice about 7 ish hopefully
  11. The quote back to back finals "this time its ours" on their website suggests otherwise
  12. No worries on us being out numbered or out sung - cos quite simply it aint going to happen ,
  13. Yeah help Sheffield , hes no where near as good as Zak or Tommy
  14. That would be the best bet or well be split up all over the place
  15. Have em made by nike ,show the muppets at rl that weve "ticked" another box lol
  16. Behind the sticks for us , i phoned club and they said all details for tickets / travel due early next week
  17. As they have a rights to , they may have in the past ,like many that now do 3/4 games a season been regulars in times of lesser achievement
  18. I think we like a quick tempo too though ,when weve been slowed down weve lost our only 2 home games
  19. Halifax are making a big thing of coming here creating an atmosphere that they think will ride them through to the final , lets all make sure their just drounded out by creating an atmosphere like the good old days and make the stand sound like the old bullock shed did .
  20. Rovers 38 halifax 20 att 3078 first try Zak mom Briggs
  21. 34-0 now strange score this one
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